What is it like when your water breaks? natural childbirth classes

if your water breaks this can look a number of different ways it's probably not like the movies where the water breaks and she's rushing down to the hospital a baby's almost falling out or if you've ever seen the Coneheads episode with when her water breaks and they're all standing in 6 inches of water that's likely not going to be your experience either sometimes it is a big gush and sometimes it's just a trickle so you might think about having some pads on hand towards the end of pregnancy or depends that's a lot of time even easier than using a big bulky pad so it's really at to you whatever you are more comfortable with now contractions may start and they may not and both are pretty normal you might touch touch base with your care provider and find out exactly what he or she wants you to do if your water breaks but it's kind of nice to know that that sometimes it is a few hours before contractions start your body will keep replenishing amniotic fluid you will likely keep leaking and but at the same by the same token you can also drink water and that will help keep those fluid levels up

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