What is natural cycle IVF?

natural IVF is where we use no drugs at all you know vote for a woman it's almost a kind of a naked cycle where no drugs are used a woman's naturally selected egg is collected fertilized with her partner's sperm an embryo is created in the laboratory which is put back into woman's uterus of the womb to help her get pregnant then there's also what is called modified natural IVF and modified natural IVF is a form of natural IVF where generally it's without drugs but a very small amount of drugs could be used just for a couple of days during a woman's cycle in order to make natural i-miev more successful but in this particular form of modified natural IVF we could get more than one egg and we could create more than one embryo generally maybe two if we collect two mature eggs instead of one mature egg but it's aimed at collecting one mature egg which is naturally selected and creating one embryo but this particular method reduces the risk of a woman releasing the egg before they can be collected so it makes it more successful for the woman you

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