What is the Panorama Test?

Congratulations on your pregnancy! At Natera, our mission is to provide you with essential genetic information about your baby early in your pregnancy. With a simple blood test, Panorama can screen for common genetic abnormalities, as well as determine the gender of your baby, as early as 9 weeks into your pregnancy. The Panorama test is non-invasive, requiring only a blood sample from your arm, which means there’s no risk to your baby. Once your sample arrives in our lab, we use advanced bioinformatics technology to detect tiny amounts of DNA from the baby’s placenta. This DNA is then analyzed for specific genetic abnormalities. If the results are “low risk,” your baby is unlikely to be affected by the conditions that Panorama screens for. If you do receive a “high risk” result, genetic counseling and follow-up testing is recommended to determine if your baby does have that condition. Panorama cannot tell with 100% certainty whether your baby has a particular condition. But, it can estimate the baby’s risk of having certain health conditions, as well as determine your baby’s gender. And, you can use Panorama regardless of your age or pregnancy history. Ask your doctor about Panorama at your next prenatal visit.

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