What is the risk of miscarriage? | NHS

the risk of miscarriage is approximately about one in five women it's much more common than we actually think and a miscarriage is a natural loss of pregnancy before the 24th week if a miscarriage occurs in the first three months of pregnancy it's normally due to a problem with the unborn baby miscarriage between 14 and 24 weeks is less common it could be caused by a variety of issues mainly infection problems with the placenta or perhaps a weakness in the cervix for women who are age 45 and over unfortunately the risk of miscarriage is much higher even though you cannot to prevent an miscarriage there are certain things that you can do to reduce your chances such as cutting out smoking alcohol only drinking caffeine to recommended levels and not misusing drugs or if you are overweight it's a recommendation that you lose weight before you become pregnant there are lots of myths and misconceptions about miscarriage there's extensive evidence out there to suggest that having a stressful day at work lifting and shifting going to the gym having sex will not cause a miscarriage so if you're pregnant just carry on life as normal

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