What It's Like Having a Home Birth | Baby's Birth Day Episode Ten

welcome to baby's birthday each show joins a mom-to-be and countdown to the birth of their baby reveal in all the drama laughter and tears involved in giving birth because let's be honest giving birth is never a walk in the park to help chart each birth this is the baby's birthday clock it's there to countdown to each mums due date and once labour kicks off the clock kicks in and times the birth so you know exactly how long each mom's been in labor whether it's two hours or a whopping 20 hours all the action of the birth is boiled down into a half hour show so we'd better crack on Lisa and Phil are expecting their second baby in one week they go in for a home birth but with only gas and air on offer will Lisa live to regret it [Applause] when in hospital given birth to firsts and Kenyan Lisa and Phil were impressed by their midwife Rona so much their hope and she'll give a hand to deliver their second well I've been all night I haven't I'm telling the delivery suite and then Rona turned up for her shift and she was in a class or something like that and she was straight in weren't you this is right right we're gonna get this okay let's stop you put that like that none of us you get that one you get that leg right let's go let's go and let's do it now as there were no complications with the first labor Rona has persuaded them to try a home birth the reason for the home birth anyway was to get our lab involved and so on and so forth the concerns came afterwards then right okay we've decided to we've decided to have a home bear right what happens yeah I have a visit to the doctors and Rowan has mentioned it to the doctor but he he wasn't really far on birth but it hasn't changed our mind of it still want to want to do it because they live in a terraced house they've worn their neighbors we've given them plenty of notice but we will be having a home birth so and if we hear any screaming I'm not a Karl the place yeah I'm not doing any injustice to you yeah having a child is the most natural thing in the world but with Phil and Lisa nature needed a helping hand we tried for Kenyan for two years hmm and then we found out that we won't have children that truly so we had to have some kind of facility treatment they fell pregnant with Kenyan after just two attempts but weren't so lucky the second time around you can see him building up building up and building up yeah right up to the time when she you know would be able to tell what issues out of pain when she did it was it was a big letdown Lisa was upset all consolable to some to the most because you know you're waiting for this big thing to happen and it didn't when they told the clinic I was ready to try again I actually got my check it supposed to them and it actually stood there for a long time at the post bucks thinking why am I doing this I've got a gorgeous little boy I'm getting stressed out it's the last girl no more after this and I posted the check off and um it worked another three pregnancy tests just to make sure but yeah two very special the end of the day we're gonna it's classical it's just yeah it's just I think it's definitely gonna be again Lisa doesn't but I've been very Hartmann we just think it will then complete it will just complete it's five days before Lisa's due date but she's been having contractions all day and suspects the baby is on its way this is where it's gonna happen hopefully and I'm hoping to actually give birth on the floor and know up this way I think that's going to be the best I had already for the baby bath this was a t-shirt or when I gave birth to Kenyan so the t-shirt that got to be well for the next one as well for some reason I wanted to give birth in my bun job a t-shirt being a big Bon Jovi fan so that was in my birth plan which are my friends laugh at me for but a home birth has one big advantage for Phil Champaign is ready and waiting think as long as with all the beer as well and the law sees at least I can't drink yet but she will do the baby I've just got to try and find some glasses though having a baby is cause for celebration and he intends to create a party atmosphere I think it's just the build-up you know you just waiting for it all it's a long time you know especially for not when you when your very first find out and then you you know you watch develop develop order the months it's candy deep somebody else it's the Midwife Rona here to take charge when Rona finally came at eleven o'clock I was got that she was here and it was like let's say feeling though I'm enrolling his hands [Laughter] just going to see what's happening nearly four hours ago Lisa was just three centimeters dilated how's she doing now five to six there is head she is five to six centimeters and no pain relief so far she's doing well both Phil and Lisa's mums have arrived and Phil is busy playing host cause he was obviously looking after everybody and trying to keep everybody happy but there was times when I did say I feel you need to like remember of my back no because these contractions will come in more stronger when we contractions every year it's that remember when it's not the wrong just a minute passing John is found and he's gutted because he's Nadia he's in America and no that's that's our Jason hello we were inundated with phone calls ivory addy are we going to have it when's it come in how long is it going to be on top of all that Lisa is bent over yeah booing or not hooing she's trying to be very brave because we'll heard of people around before I knew it was like midnight but people were still ringing and Phil was still ringing people telling them what was happening and no fire and I was and it was just bit unreal because it's like they've been between contractions I'm not worrying about the next one it just comes when it when it comes this key to me my name is somewhere else really on top of that Lisa's mother-in-law is keeping a running commentary going to other family and friends one in five women who plan a home bear have to go to hospital to have their baby due to complications so Lisa's dream of a home birth still might not happen but so far so good tries to to make a joke things and keep me more relaxed but I know that it was really concerned and he just wanted to take all the pain away from me really and it was just just really great I couldn't ask for anybody you know better to be there and at least have been brave this you'd put the I'm pregnant when I'm ready to have a baby on our moms and so on and so forth and it was the time and I roll and I can see how much pain she was going through so it was you know me to make the manly decision even though if you can call it that to say come on babe let's go upstairs because you're not going to be able to do this anymore down here let's go and make yourself comfortable let's get ready let's get ready for our baby Wow I think it's time it's time coming up it's been a ball so far but the night's still young it's time to get serious we're back with Lisa and Phil who are having their baby at home they've got a full house little Canyon is soundly sleeping while their moms are downstairs Breton in the kitchen after sucking on gas in air you start feeling like you're a little bit drunk but it doesn't are felt with the pain she's well into labor now and the contractions are coming strong finally Lisa gets to use the gas and air your own low-pressure later you feel like oh she's brilliant in shit you know I mean we when it went out a big man we used to be on top now she's really brave and strong and you can obviously see and it's upsetting me because of what she's doing but you can't do anything you can't take that pain away in any way shape or form you can only encourage you that everything is gonna be okay that this pain that she's going through is going to be worth it at the end of the day it was all run to you yeah just unable to resist Lisa's mom and mother-in-law join her just as Rona is break-in her waters that point I think your pride nesting goes out the window you don't care who's in the room you just want to get the baby out so you know in centimeters so just the fact that it was all coming along and every time I got checked over that we'd made progress and it was all happening yeah that was all keeping me going every time they listen to the baby's heartbeat the heartbeat was still fine no distress or anything like that that was also keeping me going Yeah right so no plumber action yes you decided to have you're better than these I think so yeah okay so in every act I feel like that stronger stronger stronger keep breathing on you guys when we're delivering baby yeah I have to push down as you guys get you these yeah is it comfortable yeah and there his head comes yeah let's give little paw she's our punch yeah my baby's head say yes next contraction your baby will be delivered today and I just remember looking at rolling space and thinking I'm just glad you're here because she just made me feel safe and then Phil can tell you what you've got yeah yes you can call the card right because he's done nothing else and then straight time to you Lisa's contractions are very strong now but she's chosen a home birth so having an epidural is not an option at that point I really wanted to push and it was hard I was starting to think I'm struggling here a bit she was late tonight were you to calm down Lisa's going through the contractions and I've got Lisa's mom on one side and my mom sat behind there and and I'm sorry oh man Lisa's back they then started to get more involved in more concerned and I kept haven't stolen were you to countdown please just it's Lisa those going if we can't add just a little bit so that we can carry only what we're doing but they're fantastic with the support that they give so I could just see my mum's little face really concerned and I just wanted it to be there but I didn't want her to be there being upset so that was I was just trying to tell her others hand I'm okay they joked about waking up the whole neighborhood but Lisa's screams have woken someone a little closer to home we're all huddled around and Lisa's pushing mr. near there and then it kind of like everything stopped I can unit end up at the bedroom door and I really kind of like stopped because they panicked and didn't know what to do and then he was like whipped off his feet it was a weird place to be at that time because they say it was like one of those moments in time where the seconds just stop on the clock everybody looks around not knowing what to do Phil's mom keeps Kenyan occupied as Lisa is now ready to push here we go hey thanks and then Rona said just pants cuz ahead save and I thought already you know and it was just a big relief she's head of a look alright [Laughter] there's the final push and the baby come out and she was laid out on the floor brilliant half-hour was complete it was excited but scared you know he didn't know what to do with a little tiny baby like that he didn't know well it's a holder or to run away or to laugh or to cry or to do anything able to get into my own bed afterwards and still be sat at the side of me and my little bi as well and my little baby as well a little baby I should say it it was just really nice to be at home and not have to leave my family we were all like together thank you oh it's been a hard night's work but it's finally over and the baby is here Lanaya jane is now eleven days old and already set in a routine of sorts on early hours in the morning and continues to be awake till the early hours in the morning seven pounds and 10 ounces of fully healthy all fingers all toes with very powerful lungs little lady Kenyon is already quite protective over his little sister but now that he's got a little sister he's starting to get used to the idea he kisses a a hug saying that she's beautiful know what that's gonna be like in a couple years but certainly now is he's examined fun his knee yeah after 9 hours and 45 minutes Lisa and Phil welcome baby Lanaya into their home nature needed a helping hand but now she's here it feels like she was meant to be she's only been with us for 11 days but I feel that she's been here forever all I do you

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  1. I've had 3 natural births and 1 emergency c-section. I don't get the idea of an epidural. It's just strange to me. Every woman is different.

  2. I've had 4 babies, homebirths. Here in America if you have a homebirth, there are no pain relieving drugs, no gas and air. In fact o had never heard of gas and air until just a few weeks ago. It's a requirement that we take childbirth classes. I used the Bradley method, and it worked well for me. I need to add that o am ASSUMING midwives still practice childbirth the same way as when I gave born to my babies. They are now, 40, 37, 36 and 32.

  3. I really love these shows, I've always wanted to be a mom but birth is truly terrifying, and it helps to see the real deal. It's not pretty and it's not painless, but it doesn't have to be nightmare material.

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