What My Stomach Looks Like 3 Months Postpartum

I don't think she wants her Bubba I think she's trying to sleep but good job that was so nice of you it is Tuesday around two o'clock and these past two days have been rough mark went back to work Monday morning bull he started his new job on Monday yesterday the girls slept in until 9:00 so I thought it was gonna be a great day they got a ton of sleep Amelia went to bed at like 9:00 the night before so she slept for 12 hours Francis only woke up like maybe twice throughout the night so I was banking on a really good day but that didn't happen unfortunately because we started the day so late Emilien didn't even take her nap until about 2:30 and that was only like a 20 minute nap and she was fussy all day Francis literally cried from the minute she woke up to the minute she went to sleep I'm not sure what her deal was she burped she ate I don't know what happened she just was literally crying all day long so yesterday was a rough day needless to say we did not leave the house we just hung out here this morning Amelia woke up at 7:00 I had my alarm set because Tuesday's is usually when I go to my workout class with her in the mornings but last night I noticed that she was snoring pretty loud so it's kind of curious to see what she was gonna be like when she woke up this morning and her nose was super runny it's pretty much been dripping her face uncontrollably since the minute she walked woked up since the minute she woke up we decided to not go to the workout class which it ended up raining anyway so I think that was a good choice but I didn't want to a take her and have her be uncomfortable or be leave her behind and I just don't feel right leaving them when they don't feel well I know they're in good hands but still I don't feel right leaving them when my kids are sick why is this fogging up because the weather is so weird today it rained a little bit this morning and now it's hot and humid and like 95 degrees outside she seems to be doing a little bit better she took a nap not too long ago from maybe an hour I finally got her to eat something before her nap all she had eaten was a pouch I finally just got her to eat a little bit of a quesadilla and some pretzels I also got her to sip on some of this Gatorade Zero I have it in that cup over there because she wanting it out of the bottle if she sees it but if she has a big girl cup then she pretty much will drink whatever is in there Frances luckily doesn't seem to be feeling anything she doesn't have a sniff you know she seems to be feeling just fine she is taking a nap she just finished her Baba I have been milk mixing breast milk and formula because I don't think my milk is enough for her she just downed about three ounces two and a half of it was breast milk and then one of it was Similac she is just chilling with no pants on because these chunky thighs do not fit in the shorts that match this shirt I put them on this morning and I don't know I don't think they're still well you can kind of see it on this leg if it'll focus that line right there shorts were a little too tight so I decided to just let her go without any pants so I do think Amelia's stuffy nose eye is a result of her teething she's been chewing on her hands a lot and she does not do that she does feel a little bit warm since she has woke up from her nap this morning I do what so this money I gave her some of this czar B's it's like an all-natural cough syrup and mucus so she took a teaspoon of this when she first woke up this morning and then after her nap I just gave her some motrin because she was feeling really warm motion seems to work better on her than Tylenol does so I just gave her a dose of this and I'll probably give her one more before bed tonight what Johnny Johnny eating sugar killing lies open your mouth but I want to show you guys this new song that she does because it's so cute Amelia watch the itsy bitsy spider No the itsy bitsy spider can you do your new song ready the itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout down came the rain and washed the spider out out came the Sun and dried up all the rain and the itsy bitsy spider went up the spout again [Applause] beautiful so basically we have just been hanging out in the house luckily I was able to get a workout in while she took a nap so I'm very thankful for that I just haven't showered which is disgusting but we're probably gonna take one more day off in the house I do want to run a target a little bit later and get her some of the boogie wipes I used to have some and then I ran out but her nose is already starting to turn red just from wiping it so much and then I also want to get some aqua for just so that her nose doesn't get like a sore on it because I know when I'm sick and I develop that it hurts so bad do you guys ever get to where you're going and just like sit in the car for like 20 minutes because you're too lazy to get out we made our way over here I got to grab a few things for Amelia and a couple things for the palace and I mainly just wanted to get the babies out because we were stuck inside all day yesterday we turned this down just a little bit Thanks so I literally just left Francis naked because it is so hot outside and she does not like to be hot she likes to be nice and cool just like her sister I was going to leave her naked but I'm not sure if she's at the age where that would be too weird like is she too old to bring into the store Nikki I don't know let me know we made our way over to the kids section at first I made a quick pit stop and just picked out some little tank tops I'm always trying to find something nice and cool to throw on like right after my workout when I get out of the shower so I just grab these two they're like eight bucks apiece now I'm trying to decide if I want to get this breathe easy kit it comes with wipes vapor rub and drops I do have Vicks at home so I'm not sure if I should get this or if I should just get the pack of boogey wipes down there I did find these but to be honest I don't think they're even an option because she doesn't even let me suck her boogers out so I don't think she's gonna let me put drops in her nose then I also found this which is the same company that makes the medicine she took me through the death I remember reading that lavender wasn't good for girls especially with our little so I could be very wrong but I think I'm just gonna grab a pack of these way and try this out and lastly I'm just gonna grab some aqua for because like I said earlier her nose is getting pretty red from rubbing it so much just like the document the fact that all four of the wheels the suburban are inside the lines there might be a little close to the line but they're in the lines my car says it's a hundred and two the heck so I'm gonna make it this haul super fast because I have to turn the air kind of low just so you guys can hear me because I speak like a mouse we got some bully wipes we had a couple of Amelia's favorite pouches at the banana pear and zucchini baby aquaphor then the two tanks up tank tops that I showed you guys I got this mustard a yellow color and then this green color also I went into the girls section I have to I can't help it and the company I think it's called art class our class are something like that in target has the cutest girls clothes if it wasn't a bajillion degrees outside I would have walked out of there with so many outfits they're bringing out their fall outfits and like these really cute skirts and these like high two little neck shirts and there was a leather pink jacket I'll definitely have to go up and get that baby after payday no I'm just kidding Marc's having a heart attack right now watching this actually gonna pop open these suckers right now because Amelia just sneezed so I pulled over in the parking lot because guaranteed that means that there are boogers all down her face I don't know why these are so hard to open I know all right now HIV be nice hi okay hi baby look she's talking to you mama hey fanny Amelia your sisters talking to you ah you're so nice gentle gentle ah nice sister nice that's nice all right so the girls are in the living room playing with my mom I just snuck away so that I could take a quick shower but I thought I would give you guys a quick 3-month postpartum update so this is three well almost three months on the first August first will be three months this is what my stomach is looking like I still have a lot of loose skin you can see it like hanging over my biker shorts if I pull the biker shorts up it looks totally flat but I have still some to work on also I don't know how I feel about these biker shorts Marc hates them but I kind of like him I don't know I wore them just to work out today I haven't worn them like as a cute outfit but let me know what you think I'm not sure if I can pull them off or not I am kind of eating what I want kind of dieting it's not a cute angle let's put that down kind of eating what I want kind of also watching what I'm eating so I'm not a big sweet person anyways so it's really not that hard for me to eat healthy and I'm working out on average like maybe like four times a week between the mom class that I do the machine that my parents have and then mark and I run with Amelia in the jogger stroller so I am still stuck at the same freaking weight that I was like two weeks postpartum I am noticing that I'm losing like some of the extra like hip that I had right here but I'm at the same exact weight I have not lost a single pound that's three months postpartum this is what we're looking like so I'm going to take a quick shower before the girls freak out and then I'll catch up with you guys in a little bit all right so both babies have been fed and bathed and we got one in the PJs one naked because she sweats so much at nighttime that I just have been linear sleep Nikki I have showered I just roasted in myself and now I am just playing with the girls Emilia seems to be feeling a little bit better she did get the motrin maybe like six or seven hours ago so it should be wearing off pretty soon I gave her another vapor bath and then I put some before on the tip of her nose because it was starting to get a little irritated but the boogey wait seemed to be helping a lot with that so as far as attitude why she seems to be doing okay huh hey come again yes thank you for watching

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  1. Glad frances isn’t crying anymore those days are hard πŸ™ How do you like your double stroller which one is it?

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