What Pregnancy Actually Did To My Body…

Oh Abbi I'm so sad because my cameras really really annoying me it keeps going in and out of focus – Oh everybody's picking up and give me a but it's obviously I read some of my instruments because YouTube recommends but mostly the bad ones for some reason like I look at my dislike ratio but like 99 to 1 percent dislike ratio 99% of the likes and dislikes are likes and 1% is dislikes which is you know a good like dislike ratio but for some reason whatever I see comments pop up by a YouTube notifications they're normally negative often let's just YouTube messing with youtubers to try and make them depressed you know it's always nice just to leave a positive message because we'll probably read it yeah feel free but the one bit of criticism I guess I've seen over the two weeks I've been trying to upload is that what's happening right now is this um autofocus thing and basically people asking me to try and get a new camera or to fix it and simple question to that is I don't know how to fix it and I tried to buy a new camera and they weren't any in stock in Paisley world which is very useful isn't it if that's there anything anymore sorry says Callum 750 de Steve niche thankful place on earth because I've got to try and fix my camera for you guys see this is commitment this is me listening to constructive criticism and taking it on board and trying to improve the quality for you I hope you guys appreciate this because it's gonna cost me a bit of money and you know peak there like you're staying here you're staying there Bella how can we actually know shall market there are fluffy bubbly socks they're really good they're stimulating how's my insight into the shop yep it's my camera and I also brought a microphone – this should sound myself Oh each guys each leave me this is really sad mum I've done as well as I can trying to fix my my camera equipment there's a new microphone so people can hear stuff there hello what go the rest of the same they talk about to use my settings my camera properly so it shouldn't unfocused as much which is nice but something better I think I'm not sure comment down below if this is better it's same go for it how was he there whether the code every race I tried to record adequately so babies like after what I'm gonna cover her nipples a microphone recorder what are you talking about tonight I'd be good intro it was my back closed your battle wounds from this little man so worth it though isn't it yeah well you know I got fat look at this mind so bad not great mana book is on fat yours are because you're pregnant yeah but then one started a bit that was baby he's wrong – cries no please me who sues you already given me two chins noise like more kisses please all know from from that angle is Isaac possess show him these bones Wow where are we I know you can copy there we go good boy there's certain scary faces push this it's just right what about this one is this okay oh wow these wow they're lovely what about the scary faces no I'm so sorry you have to see that that's what the midwife games today saying that they were good books before health well no see yesterday when I was 11 years old I let us play the piano it's been 10 years I want to see why remember once I was 11 years old I learned to play the piano and I don't know if I remember [Applause] [Applause] well we'll keep and hang the wrong keys my finger so fat hits the wrong key when I was 11 years old I don't have to do one song on the piano it's been 10 years I don't know if I remember it but I'm gonna try no I was so close [Applause] comment down below if you had a skill that you used to have and through time it's got worse and you just don't have anymore because it's like me with everything like literally everything oh yeah I guess there's those people as well I wanted to include this part in the vlog because I think it's really important and I've been getting quite a lot of DMS about my body confidence and now my body isn't gonna be the same after I gave birth but I just want everyone to know that it's okay and you should feel comfortable and proud about your body oh this is my new body it's like a pimp my ride episode it is what it is and this I can't change much about it I know that it will go back in a little bit but obviously these marks the stretch marks won't go away but this line will go away but it is really sore they will fade they don't stay back a pink color forever they do fade too like I think it's like a silvery colour yeah it takes a few years yeah so you're left with them or the loose skin from the pregnancy I think so so I'm not too sure this one I'm a scarring yeah I'm not too sure how much of this is gonna stay it was obviously I've still got to contract and when I'm breastfeeding as well you can actually feel the contractions again of your body like sort of going back into place your uterus like shrinking so not only do I have them on my belly but I have them here on my thighs I also have them on my bum which obviously I'm not going to show and I have them here on my calf map and I also have them on my boobs you can kind of see there's the Sun that life science hmm and on my thighs as well I don't know if I'd be able to get my thighs and will I I don't get you cannot be kept but what I'm recording and they are quite sore yeah quite sore and I just wanted to say that you really need to love yourself before anyone else can love you no matter what you look like everyone is beautiful it really does sound cringy but it's true you dumped me now let me find a new woman I think in today's society most women that you see is all like sort of photoshopped and everything looks so perfect about them but when in reality after post given birth this is the reality I mean you're not gonna go back to being how you were straightaway about so much so yeah without surgery or Photoshop but I'm just not gonna furnish up I'm just gonna be real and I think it's the best way to do it because it gives you guys confidence and it makes me feel happy that I'm giving you guys more confidence it's worth at the end of the day it's not perfect because I've got a beat hold on I'm proud of you that could happen is it bow tie that looks so pale and so ill I think all day we actually do thank you guys for watching the this vlog if you enjoyed drop a like comment down below what videos you want from us next unless subscribe kidding you also little bow hunter has an Instagram the link is down below check it out follow with exactly Jayde's thank us watching that piece

47 Replies to “What Pregnancy Actually Did To My Body…”

  1. I have only just stumbled upon your channel and I have to say your just an inspiration you are so chilled and understanding about what's going on with your body right now and have such an amazing partner who is supportive and praises you! You and your family are blessed and I pray that time will heal you scars for you xx

  2. Your girlfriend is so strong and beautiful. I’m so proud of what she’s saying. You’re the luckiest man on earth. 💚

  3. The Best war wounds… Idk why but i just kept waiting for him to reach over and kiss your belly… What it gave him- Beautiful

  4. You look like me too! Knowing my husband loves me unconditionally no matter what helps to me love my post pardum body. It is worth it because we made our beautiful baby!

  5. When I saw your face in the thumbnail I couldn’t quite pin why you seemed so familiar. Then I saw your channel name. Then I clicked the channels tab and low and behold MIKE FOX I used to watch him all the time a couple years back. Glad y’all are doing great and have a child ❣️

  6. Thank you for posting this, your little family is gorgeous! Your postpartum body is genuinely beautiful and tells an amazing story

  7. This is my first time on this channel but thank you so much for sharing this, omg social media I've became used to seeing moms look the same a day after birth (not that they are necessarily faking it they can be just extremely lucky) and it's so refreshing and reassuring to bodies online that react like mine

  8. Those will get so light you will hardly notice, it just takes time. I had them also and you can hardly notice them. And I always told myself it took me 9 months to get that shape so it’s going to take at least 9 months to get back to the old way your body was. Just enjoy that little angel ❤️

  9. that was only after one baby love? what about trying coco butter, or shea butter or coconut oil and aloe vera!

  10. Love your body always, but if you want to fade the stretch marks a little bit coconut oil everyday and the coffe scrub helps a lot. Try it and let us know how it worked for you!! Love from Puerto Rico 🇵🇷

  11. i had stretch mark when i was 6 years old because of my disease i had to take medrol and my body swoll up but it doesn’t make me feel dowm this is who im

  12. Your tiger stripes ❤️ nothing to be ashamed off you carried the little bundle of joy for 9 months ❤️ and you are still beautiful 😍

  13. They are beautiful. A mark of life , you brought life into the world and you have those marks to be proud of❤️❤️❤️❤️

  14. I love this video, I have similar stretch marks to you they do defiantly fade and go silver but do take a while. Your beautiful and so is your baby.

  15. You have the most incredible masterpiece which GOD gave you i and you ve been growing it up in your belly❤️ That's amazing how nature is 💕 God bless you and your baby❤️ (it's 1st time watching a vid from u)

  16. I love how open you guys are about this. Both the stretch marks and even breastfeeding on camera. A lot of people don’t like seeing women breastfeed for some reason (even though that is what us women are meant to do after giving birth and it’s natural). Abbie, you are beautiful. You’ve always been beautiful and you will stay that way rather with or without stretch marks. Keep loving yourself. 💛

  17. Don't you just hate it when you see an interesting title on your recommendations and when you click on the video it's a vlog, so you either gotta figure out where to skip to, or sit through the unrelated stuff.

  18. Our baby girl had her first smile at that book. The three dots page! Aka the gas mask!! Of all the things to smile at….

  19. Warriors body, you delivered a human baby ❤️ your body will continue to change, regardless you’re beautiful

  20. You are perfect! No matter what I have stretch marks from pregnancy and there is times I feel down about it (not a lot) but you do learn to love your new body I’m so proud you came online to show them off your such a humble little family, all the best x

  21. I have never watched your channel before, but the message you gave at the end was so beautiful. Honesty takes bravery, but it’s beautiful and so are you. You’ve made so many other women feel beautiful and proud n normal just by showing them the reality. I’m not even a mum, I was just moved by you. So, congratulations on becoming a mum – your baby is lucky to have you 🖤

  22. Abbie you’re so beautiful it’s sad that when someone shows their body after birth or just in general that’s not socially “acceptable” that you’re “brave” but you truly are brave for sharing this! I am 7 months pregnant and anticipating what my body will look like afterwards… 🤷🏽‍♀️it’ll all be worth it whatever it is. And everyone is beautiful in their own way♥️

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