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  1. These "women" are monsters, absolute monsters. I'd be terrified to meet whoever "raised" them. They are willing to kill babies so that the feminist movement can continue to progress. They openly acknowledge this. And these weak "men" are not much better. They seem more concerned about being politically correct on campus than being real men and standing up to evil.

  2. Murder is murder. They can spin however they want to, no matter where, when and how you state it, it is still murder. The mental gymnastics these people do to justify their stance is mind-blowing.

  3. Pro abortion vs anti abortion

    This is the debate.

    Pro life vs pro choice is a disingenuous use of semantics.

  4. Just replace ”fetus” with “slave,” and “my body” with “my property,” and you’ll have the exact argument the Democrats used the last time they tried to dehumanize human beings.
    They fought Republicans on that one, as well, and yet now they claim they led the way to abolish slavery.
    Maybe in a hundred years or so, they will claim they fought to abolish abortions.

  5. 2nd to last clip the girl says “do we say it’s a human because it has ears and a spine because pretty much every other vertebrate organism has that as well” as if the woman might give birth to a pig or something …? Lol where do these people get this stuff

  6. There's a "little people" In the womb and "little people" in the world connection somewhere. Think littlefinger.

  7. "Heterosexual white old rich males"….

    IT TAKES HETEROSEXUAL SEX TO HAVE A BABY, YOU IDIOT! What would she rather have in office? Poor black transgender lesbians?! Goodness, girl

  8. Eugenics. It's not surprising to me when people think this way when that's what they teach you in school. Remember they took God out of schools years ago. Then they put evolution in schools.

  9. Abortion is a barbaric relic of the past that continues to this day. The abortion arguments are so similar to the pro-slavery arguments of the 19th century in that both pro-slavery and pro-abortion arguments say that they have complete ownership of another person.

    In the 19th century it was said that black people are not people, and that was used to justify slavery. Today it's said that unborn people are not people so we can kill them. It's barbaric and evil.

    One day people will look back on this time and condemn these people who defended abortion. It's very interesting that we now have the technology to record people making these arguments. Future generations will use this as an archive of the evil practices that once took place.

  10. Why not mention what 9 months looks like and show pictures. Then ask them if they would abort it at that stage.

  11. Say she doesn't want to take responsibility for her actions she should have the right to kill the child, that basically sums it up.

  12. My body my choice has the same slogan used for advocating slavery, as property, so many years later…

  13. Bro you need to school these people. That girl said she didny think it was right for someone else to make a decision for the woman. Okay well what about the mother making the decision to end the baby's life?

  14. I honest feel like most people who agree it is a life, but still think it is a womans right to choose… I honestly feel they are just going along with a mainstream idea, and are not being morally honest. Otherwise they are literally psychotic if they truly believe it is a life and also that it is ok for women to kill it…. Only a psychopath would believe that and not feel like a horrible person.

  15. Guy with hoodie is a beta male coward. If you think something is immoral, you don't support it lest you inconvenience another.

  16. Every time he asked “so is it still okay to have an abortion”, after they read the stages of development, they ALL said the same stupid talking point…brainwashed zombies …”I believe it’s a woman’s choice”…even though it is clearly a human being!

    “Kind of killing a life”….”we have to define it”….sweetheart, science has already defined it

  17. Oh dear these people need a economic class, money in your pocket benefits nobody. Money in the bank benefits the economy, spending money on your child benefits the economy.

  18. Do people understand 62% of adoptions happen at the birth to year old mark as it roughly takes a out 6 months only 27% will spend atleast 3 years in foster care due to their age averaging 7.7 years old … what do they mean sit be in foster care babies get adopted very fast compared to children above the age of 3. Do they forget about sterile mothers and fathers or idk… the people they champion for that cant have babies……lbgt familys?

  19. Why are old rich white men the enemy… I'd like to be rich when I'm older but not hated because I'm white and rich….

  20. Are these people serious? They talk about a woman not wanting to bring a baby into the world, why then does the woman have unprotected sex when they know the results of that. People are wicked.

  21. Everyone there is fucking brain dead. You're alive right ,so now you're killing what's about to be born in this earth.This human life is so precious to us, we could think for hour self. The child within you has a right to live like you . Look at yourself I'm alive now I have this baby is a precious person. Who in their right mind would want to kill The unborn . What right a woman has to kill an unborn child.Babys needs love from the mother.

  22. That fetal chart is wrong. Babies can’t hear in the womb until 18 to 27 weeks. Wtf is this 8 shit?

  23. No one wants to use their natural born moral authority to speak out against something that is wrong. They divert to the cop out stance which is, it’s not up to me, it’s a personal decision, who am I to judge, I wouldn’t do it but if they want to do they should be able to. This is wrong to do.

  24. All you single women and men out there know what you are dating. These women and men who think like this are not the ones you want to date.

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