What Surprised Me About Pregnancy, Labor and Postpartum

hi guys it's Lia welcome back to my channel it is so hot why do I have a sweater and why do I have a sweater on I asked on my community page what the next video you wanted to see was and you guys told me in actuality it was a three-way talk – I know it was a three-way tie between this video and the to upcycle videos but my sewing room is about a thousand degrees thus here we are doing this video I have actually been raining these things down for a while I have things from his pregnancy things from Evelyn's pregnancy they're just things that I think are kind of weird things I didn't know about things I didn't know about but maybe still surprised me so yeah here they are so let's start with pregnancy the first thing that just completely surprised me even though I knew it was going to be like that because everybody says it is the just constant need to pee like immediately it was like one of the first things I noticed when I was pregnant with both of my kids I just had to pee all the time it was just like an insatiable need to pee it was so annoying and I just knew that that was a thing that happened when you pregnant but until you're actually pregnant I don't think you can understand how much it is not over exaggerated when people say that I think after having my kids that was one of the things that I was so excited was just not having to pee like everyone five seconds like before you get in your car to leave right when you get to the place you're going to five seconds after you get there and already of peed you know it's just like every time you leave the house or do anything you have to just think about is there a bathroom there cuz I'm gonna have to be yeah the need to pee the next thing that surprised me while was pregnant was my hair getting thicker and I don't just mean like the hair on my head because it did but all the hair everywhere you can use your imagination on that one but like my face okay I swear I was growing a beard both of my pregnancies like it got to the point where like my hair down here like it's not black it's blonde but all of a sudden I realized like what is going on why do I have a beard and like my chest was starting to get hairy just like little fuzzies that like I never had before it's just so bizarre but I think like the body hair was a surprise to me like just being hairy everywhere the last thing I was surprised about with pregnancy is honestly all of the symptoms you ever feel is a pregnancy symptom like okay what I mean about that is I just remember texting my sister when I was pregnant with my son with some issue and she was like every time I'm a texter about something it was just yeah that's a pregnancy symptom yep that's normal pretty much I could have said like anything like my face is turning green that's that happens that happens in pregnancy like obviously that's not not true but my point is I just felt like I was feeling I would feel like weird aches and pains and like for instance like sciatic pain back pain like sharp pains in your back like I didn't realize yep that's a pregnancy symptoms shortness of breath like feeling like you're out of breath all the time oh yeah you're not gonna have a heart attack you're just pregnant I also had one of my feet getting numb just out of nowhere when I was pregnant with Wesley just the top of my foot couldn't feel it I asked the doctor and she literally was just like yeah it's probably just because you're pregnant I felt like I could have said anything when I was pregnant and it was just a symptom of pregnancy which is like kind of comforting but also kind of scary one thing I want to mention that doesn't really fall into postpartum or pregnancy is something that happens when in labor that it surprised me and that was and I'm not sure I know not everybody feels this but for me when you're in the process of pushing your baby out for me the pushing felt good does anybody else know what I'm talking about I didn't understand I always thought that the pushing would hurt and of course it does to a point but when you're having natural labor and you're feeling your contractions 100% pushing against the contraction actually felt good and I was completely surprised by this it's kind of I mean I mean I'm gonna say it it's kind of like pushing out a big poop like sometimes it just feels good that's kind of how it was pushing out my babies when you're pushing through a contraction it just kind of like counteracted my contractions and for me that was news to me I just didn't know that that's how it was gonna be now I'm sure that's not how it is for everybody but for me and I'm sure for other people that's how it was let's get to postpartum this is kind of a long list okay so get ready the first thing that surprised me and that I was actually prepared for but still surprised me was how hard breastfeeding was the first time around the second time around I know what to expect but with Wesley in the hospital the first few that just first few days trying to get him to latch was really hard and I just didn't realize that like not only would I not know what I was doing but he didn't know what he was doing either and I just thought that like babies would just understand how to latch onto your breast correctly and it just wasn't the case I do think because I didn't know what I was doing that was a huge factor in it being hard because the second time there was just no issue Evelyn latched on my breasts you know we were gonna go but that was something I didn't know really what's gonna happen going along with breast feeding the other thing that completely blew my mind was when you are breast beating or nursing your baby milk doesn't just come out of your nipple it also comes out of your areola maybe maybe my boobs different than other people's boobs but I'm sure not your boob when you get pregnant at least for me they changed a lot and they started getting more like little spots almost like little nipple e parts all over my areola well guess what milk comes out of those parts too I didn't notice it until I wil started pumping because you don't really see what's coming out when you're feeding your baby but when I started pumping I realized those little areas that kind of I don't know came to the surface when I was pregnant getting ready for having a baby because they weren't there before I was pregnant my nipples changed drastically during pregnancy I guess that's a surprise to I didn't know that my nipples were gonna change so much they definitely changed yeah so milk comes out of more than just your nipple another thing about breastfeeding that I kind of thought maybe I was going crazy but then I googled it and Google told me it wasn't was breastfeeding can make you sleepy every time I would breastfeed my kids I would get this really drowsy feeling come over me like I just immediately needed a nap so I googled it and it's a thing here's what it says so I found this article on pop sugar calm there's more reputable places I'm sure but I I know this is true but this just has it all in one spot so it says oxytocin the same hormone that facilitates feelings of love and bonding is released during breastfeeding to encourage letdown besides helping moms feel an overwhelming sense of love for their newborn baby it also reduces stress and relaxes the mother and it can be interpreted interpreted as tiredness prolactin which release is released after delivery can also make women feel drowsy since prolactin plays a part in the production of milk this further explains why women are so tired when breastfeeding this is the last thing about breastfeeding I promise but another thing that made me feel like I was probably losing my mind when I was breastfeeding is a feeling of almost like depression every time I would let down while I was nursing and I know that sounds weird but only when I would nurse or when I would pump and usually around the time that I would let down I would get this feeling of almost like I would explain it like a imminent doom just like settling over me and so I googled it and yeah it's a thing it's called Deemer and actually there's a whole website it's Deemer at work and I'm gonna read you about what Deemer is so Deemer stands for dysphoric milk ejection reflex it is a condition affecting lactating women that is characterized by an abrupt dysphoria or negative emotions that occur just before milk release and continuing that more than a few minutes dysmorphia is defined as an unpleasant and uncomfortable mood such as sadness depressed mood anxiety irritability or restlessness Deemer is like a reflex it's controlled by hormones and cannot be controlled by the mother she cannot talk herself out of the dysphoria this is what it says Deemer is not Deemer is not a psychological response to breastfeeding and it's a physiological response to milk release it's not nausea with letdown Deemer is not postpartum depression or nor is it classified as a postpartum mood disorder now i'm gonna put a link to this website down in the description because it has a lot of really good information about Deemer that i think if you are experiencing this you can just read up on it and just know that you're not going crazy this is a serious physiological thing that your body is responding to the letdown release of your milk but I can tell you that that can be really hard that when you're breastfeeding your child like eight plus times a day especially in the beginning that every single time you're having this really physical like physiological response to the milk letting down and especially if you'd not knowing why you're having that feeling you can definitely you can probably miss characterize it as something else like postpartum depression so I encourage you if you're interested in reading up about that I will put the link in the description below after I give him birth I didn't realize that the contractions would continue now I totally expected that with my second pregnancy because I had already experienced it but with Wesley I didn't understand that in order for your uterus to contract back down into its normal size that you would continue to have contractions after you gave birth which is like totally unfair I mean you just literally labored for however many hours and now your uterus is still contracting and here's the kicker I've heard that every subsequent birth you have those contractions actually get more and more painful and I can attest that my postpartum contractions with Evelyn or way more painful and severe than they were with Wesley this time around I literally felt like I was still in labor like I was so uncomfortable I just had no idea that they were gonna be worse so that means if I have another baby they're gonna actually be more painful something that surprised me on my second pregnancy was that I bled postpartum for a lot longer than I did with my first and I think that that's pretty typical but I think part of it is that I had another human being to chase after and not just a eighty bitty newborn that sleeps all day for Wesley I think I probably bled like really bled for like a couple weeks with Evelyn I bled for a good six weeks or more because what would happen is that I would stop bleeding but then I would do way too much as far as activity I'd probably be picking Wesley up a little too much probably running around a little too much going on walks with the kids and that activity kind of over activity that I should not have been doing would cause me to bleed again and I just did not experience that at all with my first pregnancy so that was really surprising I just don't think I understood that you really need to let your body rest postpartum and even with my first pregnancy I just didn't even have to tell myself that because I was resting I only had a newborn so definitely the need for real downtime postpartum is really important on our bodies again something that I learned this pregnancy but not necessarily the first pregnancy is that it can take a lot longer than just six weeks to heal in general I am still now dealing with things from my pregnancy a year ago that might never go away for instance when I had Evelyn I noticed that my left thigh was numb and I told my doctor about it and she pretty much told me that it was probably from pushing you know something some sort of nerve was damaged somewhere I also told my chiropractor about it after having Evelyn both of them kind of told me that it could come back the feeling in my thigh could come back but it might never come back because maybe I just damaged a nerve during child labor and I'm just not gonna get the feeling back in my thigh I also had really back bad back pain after having Evelyn and that took a good six months to heal I had pretty bad sciatic pain with when I was pregnant with Evelyn and it just did not go away after having her I had it with Wesley too but it pretty much immediately went away after giving birth with Evelyn it didn't go away I just didn't I guess I just didn't realize that there were things that your body just might take a really long time to heal from way over the six or eight weeks that they give you and sometimes it's just going to be a little bit damaged the last thing that surprised me postpartum was how quickly my postpartum belly kind of went down and down and down if you have had a baby you know that you still look about six months pregnant after initially giving birth and I was surprised with my first pregnancy and with this pregnancy just how amazing our bodies are and how fast that uterus shrinks and causes that like little pooch to just shrink down to a more reasonable size alright you guys so those were the things that surprised me about pregnancy labor and postpartum I hope you enjoyed this video if you did give it a thumbs up and I will see you next time bye

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