hey crew welcome back to our channel my
name is Stacy so today we’re gonna be talking about seven things that they
don’t tell you first things first labor and delivery plan right so you
make this whole big plan about how things are gonna go how the room is
gonna be set up is there gonna be music playing handles lit or you know whatever
instant you plan to push for like seven minutes first of all you’re gonna go
into labor at 39 weeks and six days you have this whole thing planned out right
nothing ever goes as planned let me just tell you that now you can make a plan
it’s nice to have a plan so they know like that you want a vaginal delivery
whether you do or don’t want to epidural because you know once that pain hits you could be like GIVE ME AN EPIDURAL! it’s
important to have a plan. It’s always good to have one but just know that
things may not go as planned and that’s okay because in the moment you’ll want
to do what’s best for you and best for baby to have a healthy and safe delivery
and speaking of labor and delivery plans you may plan to have an epidural just
know when you get an epidural you’re going to need a catheter its just a
little tube – they stick in to your… you won’t feel it it doesn’t hurt when you get it
put in although it’s not supposed to somebody didn’t do something right if it does.
yeah so when you have your catheter in you won’t even notice that you have to
pee it’ll just you know your bladder will just empty and you don’t have to
worry about getting up and running to the restroom now before you get the
catheter in that’s another thing that happens like you’ll know when is almost
time for you to deliver because your body will want to empty out whatever is
you know the blockage for you to push and so you may have diarrhea that’s like
another thing that happens this could happen like a day or two before you
deliver another thing that happens which is the opposite of diarrhea you may have
constipation and if you have that during labor and delivery the labor and
delivery process then there’s a chance that you could go
number two on the bed while you’re pushing like because
your using everything to just push and get that baby out and so you could go
number two with my first pregnancy I was like terrified of that I was like please
I even saw my nurse I hope I don’t poop on this bed while I’m pushing and lo and
behold guess what it happened and the nurses see it all the time so they were
ready for it during the time of pushing when that happened I was like I don’t
even care like just get this baby out don’t be embarrassed
nurses are ready they see it all the time so here’s what’s next like more
feeling like you need to poop so how do you know when it’s time to push you will
feel the urge to poop like times 100 it’ll be so much pressure down there I
was hanging on to the side of the bed I don’t know if we have a clip to put in
but I was holding on to the side of the bed because my nurses we’re waiting for
my doctor to get there and they’re like don’t push you like don’t let like the
baby’s pushing itself out I don’t even have to do any work but you feel the
urge to just like bear down into your bottom and just push help this baby come
out because the baby is like knocking on the door like hey let me I’m ready to
come out I’m ready to see the world you’ve been waiting on me for nine
months or however long they don’t want you to push me because they want the
doctor to help guide the baby’s head out and tell you when you’re having a
contraction to make it easier so you don’t tear if you push while you’re not
having a contraction why are you pushing the baby’s head out or shoulders you
could get a slight tear and your doctor may tell you the degree of tear that you
have I usually have like a first or second degree which is like not that bad
and they can put like maybe two or three stitches in I know they say it’s better
to get an episiotomy which means they cut you down there and if you have an
epidural you usually don’t feel any of this they usually say if you tear then
it takes a little longer to heal but either way you get stitches they’re
desirable stitches so you don’t have to go back to the doctor
taken out or anything it’s a little uncomfortable but it usually doesn’t
hurt and my advice is to take your mind off of it you get it after the baby’s
delivered so the baby is on your chest it’s better to have that distraction so
after your baby is born you get the baby out you have that tear there stitching
it up you have to deliver something else yes the placenta has to be delivered
it’s the baby’s house what the baby’s been living in and you’d get it out
maybe like two pushes – good pushes you holding your baby it
doesn’t hurt at all it doesn’t feel anything like what you just deliver your
little bundle of joy in your hand after the baby is delivered the placenta is
deliver it you get a massage right it sounds lovely no the nurses are the
doctor push down on your stomach so make sure everything is out everything that’s
been in there the whole nine months making sure there’s no blood clotting
and that part does hurt or it is uncomfortable very uncomfortable but
it’s to benefit you hopefully you got some great tips out of this video and it
was helpful and now you know a little bit more about what happens during labor
and delivery I hope you have a safe delivery stay
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pregnancies are high risk so I have a lot of information to share with you
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  1. May not…. honey 10/10 they will NOT go as planned 😂😂 that pressure when time to push ain’t no joke!!! Girl they told me not to push and I was like 😳👀 how! And it feels so much better when you do push !!

  2. Omg girl I HATE when they push on your stomach 🤦🏽‍♀️🙅🏽‍♀️ great video because no, they don’t tell you none of that 😂😂

  3. OMG I don't have any children yet but hubby and i are starting our family, and i had no idea about a few of these especially the massage OUCH!!! thanks for the tips girl, have a good one.

  4. Great info! So many videos with these titles don't mention a lot of the things you did…and diarrhea cha, cha, cha LOL

  5. I'm only 6 weeks and I'm so afraid of labor and delivery! Thanks for all the info!! Definitely subscribed.

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