hey guys welcome back to my channel today's video is going to be I don't know maybe a bit raw I don't know but I just I'm gonna be talking about something that is I guess my personal experience but I don't think that these things are unique to me and I don't think I'm gonna be talking about body parts that we all don't already know exists I'm really not sure why it's so tough to talk about what happens to your body after you have a baby it's going to happen to not maybe the exact same things are gonna happen but things are going to happen to everybody's body you know births a child so I don't know why we're not talking about it but I'm here to talk about it I don't believe that this video is going to be too much information but I realized that it might be too much information for some people so maybe if you're family and you don't want to know these details about me or if you're a kid this video isn't for you if you're a teen it might be a good video for you it might be informational but honestly I would just ask your parents before you continue to watch this video and I say you would truly respect that like if you think that you might be too young for this content please ask your parents before you move on so this is probably a good time to click if you feel like you fit into any of those categories you can just move on and watch some of my other videos let's get started I do have some notes here with me because there is a lot that I want to cover a lot of things that I want to go through so I don't want to forget any of them so immediately after you have a baby they put your baby on your chest so for skin-to-skin and at that point you're just not even thinking about anything that just happened to your body or anything that is can you know happening to your body in that moment because you're just absorbing this miracle that is laying on your chest while it is on your chest that's when you do birth or I don't know past your placenta so that's happening while you are doing skin-to-skin after you do skin-to-skin and you leave your baby for the first time then they will have you pee and thus begins the postpartum mystery I don't know but then they will have you pee for the first time because it is real important that you do that so it is a process and they let you know that it's gonna be difficult to do it and it's not gonna be like wait what do you mean how is it gonna be difficult I know how to pee but it will be different so they have you pee for the first time a nurse brings you they help you out and honestly it takes a long time to pee it doesn't it doesn't look hurt to try it's just it takes a long time I don't know maybe because there was a lot of pressure on your bladder in that area of your body while you were in labor and giving birth that things just need to kind of like a reset so that you can do that process like you normally did before for me it wasn't painful at all it did take a while and but I was determined I was like hey nurse like I'm gonna stay here until I go because I know it's there but I just need to give my body some time to relax and be able to do its thing and she was like I'll sit with you as long as you need so I was like thank you so much but yeah it may be like stung just a tinge on that first one the weirdest part was the fact that I had a catheter because I had an epidural I had that catheter and I could tell when I was peeing that I had a catheter in me I don't know if you've never had a catheter you don't get what I'm saying but if you ever do you don't know what I'm talking about I felt that weirdness but it wasn't painful for the experience and it was pretty normal after it got started it was like oh yep been doing this my entire life so then they have you do this process while you pee so they you have this lovely lovely little carry bottle that they give you it's honestly amazing it's like a bidet in a bottle um but a lot of women I've heard use this bottle while they pee because it really it's it's things for a lot of people so they use this to like neutralize the acid that was in my experience I only used it after I was done because you cannot wipe after you have a baby I know crazy but this is how you clean yourself so you use that and then you also pat dry to finish the process after that I was introduced to my first postpartum undie pad combination thing so they give you these mesh undies that they that they give you at the hospital and then these humongous pads literally the pads that I was wearing what they sent me home with I kid you not I don't even know if I'm able to like it's bigger than what I can show you in the screen it is huge but the first so they give you these mesh undies and then on it you line a pad so the pad for the first couple of days the pad actually is a pad plus an ice pack all-in-one it is amazing people and so they have you put that pad on the mesh undie and then they put these witch hazel pads on top of that pad and they add like this cooling effect and before you put the you know you pull it all up they have you spray derma PLAs down there and so that allows you to get like numb and if you have any Ennis from like having tearing or open wounds that will help decrease that and it'll just be a good a good situation so you have all of those things in your underwear and that's what you're gonna be wearing for a good amount of time but the hospital is so good and they give you all those those those supplies so don't feel like you need to run out and get what I've just talked about the next thing I want to talk about is pooping I don't know why I know that everybody poops I poop you poop Beyonce poops everybody does but it's still like really gross to talk about but we're gonna talk about it because I had legit fear when it came to approaching this part of life I was really scared because I had heard like horror stories about what it's like to poop after you have a baby and so I had real fear and I just think it's good to talk about they do give you stool softeners at the hospital and you don't usually have to go until maybe like three to four days postpartum because your intestines were like smushed up when your baby was in there and then they have to descent and then your body like reregulate sand goes back into the process that it was always in I didn't have to until I came home maybe four days postpartum and I honestly texted my friends and I was like hey guys so I am about to use the bathroom for the first time after having a baby and I would really appreciate you praying for me I kid you not they pray for me because I was just I needed that support and I prayed myself and I just wanted to make sure that this process was not going to be traumatic and it wasn't because God is good and I feel blessed but it wasn't it was normal it was like just any other day of life it was a good thing I didn't I didn't struggle and it wasn't painful but definitely you got to use those stool softeners you have them on deck because you want to make sure that this process goes as smoothly as it can I know some women who maybe have like had got hemorrhoids while they were pregnant they're probably gonna be more susceptible to get them postpartum as well I didn't get them in either place so I think that's why I didn't I didn't have that experience postpartum but if you do just make sure you know you're on top of it and you are getting all the things that you need before going into it so we all know that like our hormones are kind of like all over the place for our entire lives our hormones are kind of always changing every time of the month our hormones change a bit when you get pregnant your hormones aren't totally totally different because you are carrying another life and your body has to undergo so many things for it to sustain life so while I was pregnant I had just I could not like eat honestly like I did obviously eat because got to live but it was such a struggle to eat just basic foods that I was eating before I got pregnant water was like the worst thing on earth for me I could barely drink any water if I drink like more than two ounces of water at a time I would feel like I needed to throw up in that moment I also was probably drinking about 16 ounces of water everyday law was pregnant and I was so dehydrated I really felt it and it really just depleted me food made me nauseous I had to eat so I had to like just stomach it and then I also had really high anxiety during my entire pregnancy I mean I think everybody has bouts of like higher anxiety but I didn't struggle with it like chronically before it's chronic the right word who knows I didn't struggle with it for long stretches of time before I got pregnant but during my entire pregnancy I have really high anxiety and right like the same day she came out of my body things were going back to normal it was the craziest experience ever God is amazing like what our bodies can do truly blows me away but my body started going back to normal that same day I was able to drink I was just like guzzling watered down and I did not feel sick at all I was drinking so much water probably making up for the last nine months where I couldn't drink water and food I could eat anything like anything that you put in front of me nothing made me want to throw up the scent did it make me feel that I ate and I felt good I felt like nourished for the first time in months after so that was really cool that my hormones went back to the way that they were before another thing I want to talk about is bleeding so you will bleed right after I don't care if you've had a vaginal birth or you've had a c-section you are going to bleed because there was a lot of blood in there that was you know surrounding your baby and providing cushion and all those kind of things so it has to come out you will bleed for me maybe for the first week after having after having her it was more like a heavy period and then for weeks two to three it was like a light period after that it was spotting and by week six I wasn't bleeding more if you do feel like you are bleeding like an abnormal amount maybe it's normal but I wouldn't even wait to find out or to test the waters and see if it's normal if you feel like you are bleeding more than you should be bleeding absolutely call your doctor in that moment figure it out because you don't want to be like at risk for hemorrhaging or anything like that but just be prepared that there will be bleeding longer then you know your average in your average period on that subject cramping cramping is also a thing that you experience a post baby so this definitely varies from women to from women to women because I didn't have a lot of cramping I really didn't experience it they would ask me at the hospital like are you experiencing cramping I'm just like you know maybe a tinge but I could not feel my uterus contracting back down to the same size the only time I could maybe feel it was when I was breastfeeding because they say that your body releases oxytocin when you are breastfeeding and that signals your body for your uterus to contract so a lot of women tend to feel it there I didn't feel it as much but I definitely noticed that I was bleeding more while I was breastfeeding because of that uterus contracting they do say that your uterus or your cramps get more intense with every baby I guess maybe because your thing it takes a little bit more power for your uterus to come back together after subsequent pregnancies I didn't really actually experience like real true cramps and tone I got my first period postpartum which yes guys I'm only almost 10 weeks postpartum but I got it back already even though I'm exclusively breastfeeding I guess everybody's body is truly different because I didn't expect that but I got it back and that was when I really experienced like cramping again let's talk about the belly so like belly's I've stretched Marcus things like that so I think when you first your first thinking about having a baby you're just like okay my stomach's gonna go to here I'm like how long is it gonna take for me to come back and look like I did before I had a baby I don't know there's no guarantee that you're gonna look like you did before you had a baby so I maybe just toss out that expectation altogether but there you know your body does start to shrink like you had a baby inside of you and so when it comes out you're gonna see the difference it doesn't mean that your body is gonna be what it was before you got pregnant but it definitely will shrink it you will look like what you look like as six weeks yeah six months pregnant so whatever I look like at six months that's how I looked after I had a baby whatever you look like at six months that's how you look after you have after your baby comes out and then it significantly decreases every day after that and especially I think they say if you're breastfeeding you will see your abdomen area shrink back quicker because you are activating your uterus to contract every time you're breastfeeding your baby but it will go down I would say that maybe about like four or five weeks postpartum my stomach went back to pretty much like 90% there of what it looked like pre pregnancy I think whatever is left right now is just something that is due to the weight that I'm still carrying from my pregnancy and that would be that would have to be like intentional for me to get rid of that but my uterus is back to the same size it was before before I was pregnant the look of my belly is pretty similar then I mean but it looks like a belly that I had before I do still have the dark line that goes down the middle I think it's called the Linea nigra something like that it is still down the middle of my stomach and where you stabbed my bellybutton pierced that's smart as that spot is still dark from when it got dark when I was pregnant but the overall look is the same I would say that maybe there like the skin around my belly button might be looser but that's only you would only know that I feel like if you knew what my belly button looked like before but like even my husband he's like I couldn't tell that it was it was different until you like moved it around and like showed me and showed me the difference so look is pretty similar the feeling of my belly post-baby I was expecting it to be much bushier than it was like it was definitely like you know gooey I guess but I was the way that people made it seamless like I was gonna be able to like touch my spine from like poking my stomach which wasn't the case at all maybe other people really truly do have that experience but it wasn't for me it definitely was like just more like you can move it around more and I could tell that my abs had separated from pregnancy which is also that is something that a lot of women don't know is that your abs most likely will spread apart and you have to be intentional in bringing them back together in a healthy way so that you do have a strong core like your core is obliterated at when you have a baby it's just like you definitely have to rebuild rebuild that strength for stretch marks so I didn't get those until maybe I think the last month of my pregnancy is when I got stretch marks and when I saw them one day they just multiplied each day after that until you know I delivered her and honestly I think that they were gonna be unavoidable I don't think that that no matter what I did I could have put lotion on my body can every hour for my entire pregnancy and I think I still would have gotten stretch marks I did carry very small I didn't have a big baby people told me all the time that they thought my that they thought that I was you know weigh like less further along than I was my co-workers didn't even know I was pregnant till I was eight months pregnant so if that doesn't tell you anything I was pretty small and I still got stretch marks so I think that I was going to get them no matter what but I think it's still good to oil your body I did every day that we'll just at least minimize maybe the amount of stretch marks that you get honestly I don't even care that I have them I remember hearing people say that they don't care that they have stretch marks and I was like what do you mean how can you not care like those are visually like they change your body but now I get it I really don't care when it came when I you know chose to be induced I it was so quick like I went in I chose to be induced in that same night I was being induced in the next morning I met my daughter it was like such a quick turnaround and I feel like I didn't even get to like I don't know taking the last moments of my daughter being in my belly and it was kind of sad when I was on the other side of it like of course I was more than beyond amazed and grateful to have my baby in this world but I also kind of mr. peeing in my belly and I didn't feel like I was pregnant right after I had her I was like I was never pregnant before so those stretch marks to me are kind of like evidence that I did carry my daughter and I don't know if other moms feel the same way but that is totally how I feel so if they never go away honestly I I just I look at them with like a smile because they just I don't know they make me feel good about the thing that my body was able to accomplish for weight I think I've lost about 11 pounds and I still have about 14 pounds left to get to my pregnancy weight I don't know when that will happen I'm not really concerned about when you know and be ideal obviously to be back at my pre-pregnancy weight today but I'm not there and I'm not really like stressed about it I feel like it'll come when it comes all i care is that if i'm back to that pre-pregnancy way before I have my next kid that way I'm entering my pregnancy at a healthy weight again so your nipples and boobs will also change louis partum and during pregnancy I am definitely gonna be doing a breast feeding video where I'm gonna talk way more detail about the changes that you know that area of your body goes through so look out for that but just to give like a brief synopsis of what happens what happens is you know they get larger nipples get darker the skin of the skin not you know hold your boobs definitely I feel like gets thinner and looser mmm and these are all just the things that happened but if you're interested in more details about it definitely stay tuned for my video on breastfeeding sweating so I did not expect this I feel like everything else about postpartum I kind of heard about or I watched videos on but sweating I had no idea oh my goodness I sweat like crazy every single night I would sweat buckets guys buckets it would be like I jumped into a pool and then was that decided to lay in my bed that is I'm not even exaggerating that is how much I sweat I don't know if this is the same for every woman because I actually haven't asked other know what some of them want the moms in my support group they definitely so I think this is common but I sweat so much I was sweating through shirts each night and then also my bed I would have to change my bed my bed sheets so frequently and like put a towel down on where I slept because that's how much I was sweating and I sweat probably that intensely for the first eight weeks after having her now I'm like I kind of maybe like one or one or two nights a week I will sweat and then also you sweat in the beginning I don't sweat that like that anymore but I would sweat every time I breastfed so I guess it's just the hormonal change that my doctor said when your body is you know trying to reset itself back it just sweats a lot pain now I don't know about you I want to be as prepared as I can be for the pain that I'm experienced that I'm gonna experience like just like I wanted to know exactly what a contraction was gonna feel like and how much pain I was going to be in I wanted to know how much pain I was gonna be in postpartum so I didn't really feel the pain until about 12 hours after I gave birth that's when it kind of all set and I think the reason why I didn't feel it for a while was probably a combination of adrenaline and also my epidural wearing off but when I felt it it literally hit me like a bus like it just smacks me all at once my back was so so so sore I think it was both the epidural and the fact that I was breastfeeding and those hospital beds it blows my mind but they are not designed for people who are going to breastfeed because they never get the hospital bed never gets straight so it doesn't do it like it doesn't make a 90-degree angle it's always like this and when you're breastfeeding you need like a flat back to sit against and then you also the pillows that they offer you our paper-thin literally like just nothing so you're trying to like I don't know put all these pillows underneath you to breastfeed your child and I'm hunched over so bad so it really just made the pain in my back so much worse and then it was also you know it was kind of painful to sit down because that area of my body was swollen every I don't know it just it swells after you birth the child you're gonna be swollen so I think like you have a lot of pressure on you at that point and then also on your tailbone while you are giving birth that is the reason why that area hurts well you know you sit down so definitely make sure you ice you you ask for those ice pack pads because that will make sitting down so much easier and it will allow that area to look for that area swelling to decrease dramatically before you go home and you are kind of on your by your self to manage your pain I don't know maybe this is the information you've all been waiting for but let's talk about the vagina so not to be weird but that is the birth canal in which your child will most likely enter this world unless you have a c-section but even if you do you know there's still differences that are happening down there so let's get into it so like I said you're gonna be sore there and it shouldn't last too long but it will last a couple of days I know depending on how you know how much you tour if you tour down there you might I think some hospitals provide like this inflatable donut that you can sit on that will not put pressure put pressure down there so you can sit there and you can maybe like you know relax a little bit when you are home before I gave birth I really want to know what it was going to look like after because I knew that it was going to withstand a lot of trauma and so I really was like I wanted to know what house you're gonna look can someone just be honest with me and tell me what its gonna look like so immediately after you know it has just stretched out pretty quickly and it's going to be loose because things don't just snap back I don't know what anyone who had an experience where it's not back in that same moment that you just gave birth but it was loose I would say maybe three days postpartum it looked like it did before I ever got pregnant maybe just looked a little like no like pruney like you had been I had been sitting in water for a long time but other than that it looked back to normal maybe seven days postpartum it was like I never had a child never nothing was ever different I was 100% looking like I have always looked I didn't tear which I I am really blessed because a lot of tearing happens to first-time moms and I did not tear so the tears that I'm talking about are the tears that happen between your vagina in your butt and that space in between they consider them first-degree tears second-degree tears third-degree tears and fourth degree tears and I did not have a single chair in that area so praise the Lord thank you God because I was praying hard about tearing but I did have like some like inner skin burns um and the inside so my doctor was like usually these these are fine to heal by themselves but she put a suture in each side just to make sure that it didn't burn while I peed and also that they would heal properly so I really appreciate that it took her literally like two seconds to throw a suture in each side and then they dissolve on their own after that you have cervical exams so I had two postpartum exams I had one at two weeks postpartum just my doctor wanted to make sure that everything was healing right I think at two weeks they said that I was a hundred percent healed on one side and fifty percent healed on the other side but everything was on the right path and then at six weeks that's when they do the really you know more in-depth exam so that's when they do check your cervix to make sure that your cervix has closed because if it hasn't closed I don't know maybe that's cause for concern maybe they need to look into to a deeper why it hasn't closed back up yet but at six weeks it should be closed so that's when they check that they also check to see if how that if the area is completely healed if it feels like it should feel then they also check the size of your uterus so all of that goes into that process I was genuinely scared again for that because I was just like well the last time my cervix was checked it was really like the most painful experience of my entire life it was so painful because that was when I got my membrane stretched and it was traumatic so I was scared for the doctor to do that again not they were gonna stop they they weren't gonna suite me again but I was just scared for them to be in there so you know I was kind of bracing myself but right when she went to do it she was like okay start and when she did it I was like whoa oh my gosh this is not bad I don't even feel anything like this is amazing I was truly blown away at the fact that it didn't hurt and so I think I was a little bit more okay with the idea of having sex again because I was definitely scared for that as well I was just like everything is gonna hurt and all of its gonna be painful and I don't want to have pain I'm good I gave birth and I went through labor and delivery that should be the end of the pain chapter let it close right there so I'm going back into it because I feel like my cervical exam was really smooth that's when I felt like okay I could definitely have sex again if you feel like your cervical exam was painful in any way I do not recommend jumping back into things until you feel like you can at least have a cervical exam I just said that so many times I think you can have that exam done without any pain and then you can jump back into it but overall like on that topic like libido they said that that probably wouldn't return for a while or not for everybody but that could be a real thing because of their hormone hormonal changes in your body but mine returned probably like three four weeks postpartum and it's probably been higher than it's ever been I don't know I think it has a lot to do with hormones plus I just have like a deeper appreciation for my body and maybe an increased desire to express that but that's just how it's going for me and I don't know I don't think anyone should be should have Ciera like I had genuine fear I don't think you should fear going into it I think you just need to be realistic in your expectations and gauge where your body is at and know your body and know where you're at with things and take it slowly that way confidence baby blues postpartum things like that I don't think I've ever been more confident more comfortable in the skin that I'm in I am so appreciative my body and what it did and I just doesn't I literally don't care about what my body looks like now not to say that it looks bad and just trying to convince myself like hope it's okay like you birthed a baby but no I just it looks pretty similar to how it looked before I had a baby but I feel like I never really appreciated it before and I appreciate it now I didn't have any baby blues or postpartum depression which blows my mind because my anxiety was so I during pregnancy and I have struggled with depression for a lot of years so my doctors and everybody was like just trying to tell me to be on guard for what could come postpartum but I have not experienced anything if anything my mood has never been hasn't been this stable for like the last six years so praise God because that is a praise report I know that you can still get postpartum within they say like that first I don't have like six months at to a year you can still get it at any point but I'm believing that this is the way that it's gonna be I believe that God is going to see me through this postpartum journey without any postpartum depression and in general just don't fear giving birth for what your body is going to be like after you might be different things might look different but you are still you who you were before you were pregnant is who you are now maybe you're different because you're a mom now just like my husband who didn't carry a baby for ten months and didn't birth a child is different because he's a dad now like you're gonna be different yes but you're not ruined your body's not gonna be permanently disfigured there's nothing bad about bringing a child into this world and I just want to make sure you guys absolutely know that and you can believe it and you can hold on to it I do want to really like acknowledge that my process of postpartum might has been easier than other people but I know that other people have also had it easier than I've had it and it's definitely a spectrum on how you know severe certain things will be for you postpartum but there are real people who don't have you know just this traumatic sad experience after you have a baby and I wanted to share my experience if this video was helpful in any way definitely give it a big thumbs up also if you have any questions about anything that I've talked about anything that I didn't mention you can leave a comment below or you can message me on Instagram I'm happy to answer really anything but yeah I hope that was okay guys don't forget to subscribe and turn on your post notifications I'll see you guys next time


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