42 Replies to “What To Do When A C-Section Goes Wrong!”

  1. Gloire à Dieu ! Romains 8: 19 La création attend avec un ardent désir la révélation des fils de Dieu… Nous y sommes ! Le prophète TB Joshua est l'un des véritables fils de Dieu manifestés que la création attendait. Merci Jésus.

  2. Thank you Lord Jesus christ for healing her. She is glowing look at her. She have that joy that only God can give to her. All glory to God.

  3. Tb Joshua you remained you, people are watching you n pastor Chris, pliz don't do fake thing, better don do it if God didn't told you to do

  4. Hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah, oh Jesus you are only one healer. Thanks to Jesus, thanks to Abba Father.

  5. I have being following the response of all Nigerian victims of evil spirits now for sometime and observe a common strange pattern in relation to how they respond to their conditions, many of which were very dire in character. Most of them will only consider going to Scoan after they have finished their moneys on spiritual consultation and medical treatment. Only when these has been tried and failed, would they remember to go to Scoan as their last stop. Are Nigerian not aware that they are so much blessed to have this man of God in their midst and that people are traveling from all walks of life to take advantage of this rare anointing from this man of God?

  6. Wow all the glory and honour back to Jesus and thnk you Man of God for praying for her may God continue to bless you

  7. Hallelujah! Thank you our master healer.. LORD Jesus for Mrs Evelyn's healing and restoration.

  8. This is very painful… Thank you Jesus for the deliverance and healing of this lady. I connect my faith with you prophet TB Joshua and I know my case will be settled..

  9. Dad, thank you for your sensitivity in the voice of the Holy Spirit. As God uses you, it shows that Papa is very attentive to the voice of God. There is no one who can be used by God in this way if he is not sensitive to Him!

  10. All the glory be to god👏🏽👏🏽👐🏽👐🏽👐🏽 Amen Emmanuel god with us!! I believe that Jesus still alive🕊

  11. let us all believe in God and continue listening to Immanuel TV and things Wii be never the same again . Davie MN

  12. what a wonderful generation am in no worries for any massive problem seniour prophet TB JOSHUA is there for me….

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