4 Replies to “What to do when your baby may be small for gestational age | Nourish with Melanie #39”

  1. my ob-gyne said my baby is malnourished and behind his age. i'm 27 weeks and his bpl is 28 weeks but his femur and ac measures 25 weeks! should i be worried? she did not advised me to eat more rather gave me vitamins for the baby's weight. i hope you respond. thank u.

  2. I’m 28 weeks baby is measuring almost 2 weeks smaller … my vitamin D was just found to be low … so hopefully taking supplements will help along with eating more fruits and vegetables. Thanks for the video. ❤️

  3. Hello my gestation is large and baby is small ultrasound give incorrect readind i m 7 week but gestation age is 8 or 11 dr says my gestation sac is large and i have to wait 3 week more they take another ultrasound i m worried is that ok last time i miscarriage at 4 month due to low lying pkacenta

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