14 Replies to “What to expect after you get pregnant through IVF.”

  1. I love your videos. I'm thinking about IVF but wanted info. You are very informative & on point. I noticed you guys graduated on my bday 9/28/18🤗 Thanks & congratulations on baby😍

  2. Thanks for sharing. I remember going through this with my twin boys and am nervously looking forward to doing it again. If any of you ladies want to check out my ivf stories i have a channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFUasg0uR_CC53-qRB51lcw

  3. We did a fresh 5 day transfer on Jan 27th and got our positive beta on 2/6. Currently 4w6d and am feeling very anxious and praying to make it to the 7 week ultrasound and see a heartbeat. It's hard not to be worried. Going to be a long 2 weeks. I thought I was done with the tww lol.

  4. My fertility doc had me come in for blood tests even after graduating from the clinic to monitor my levels. When he felt everything was good I was told to get off of everything and I think it was also 10 weeks.

  5. Hi Chelsea! Just wondering if u took the baby aspirin bc of a clotting disorder or if its standard protocol for your dr?

  6. It's definitely the best feeling in the world when your told after ivf your pregnant. It took me a while to adjust and It didn't feel real. For everyone who is struggling with infertility, my heart goes out to you all, stay strong and don't give up.

  7. When your dr. appt. is only a few minutes long, that’s substandard care. You should look into prenatal care with a midwife.

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