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  1. Girl, yes! I thought my legs and feet would immediately return to their normal state. I was so so swollen due to preeclampsia, but it persisted about a month pp. Honestly, I think the swelling worsened that first week. I hobbled around bc of the swelling and an episiotomy. All the nurses were shocked and concerned about it. Walking around made it even worse (and I did a lot of walking around the hospital since my son stayed an extra week). Ugh, ladies take it easy after birth, especially if it was a difficult delivery. My stitches still hadn't healed by my 6 week appointment which attests to the lack of rest I gave myself. I had pp hemmorage 2 weeks after delivery. My milk supply drastically decreased. I ended up feeding him formula while attempting to exclusively pump which led to a crazy depression-driven obsession with increasing my milk supply. We focus so much on the birth, postpartem can be really shocking. I mean, a baby who gradually grew in your abdomen for 9 months suddenly departs and leaves a physical void. Hormones go nuts! Milk comes in and your boobs are feel like full balloons. Nursing makes you gush everywhere and cramp. It's not flattering. That first poo is terrifying. Birth is very brief compared to that first month….

  2. All that you said is the real truth! Many women do not want to talk about it, but it's actually all as you said. Thank you very much for your honesty.

  3. I love this! I'm a mom to be and this is my first child, I'm tired of hearing the PG-13 version of what to expect after having my baby girl and this is just what I needed

  4. Such a usefull video but can u plz tell me which is the best maternity pads for heavy days im 34 weeks pregnant

  5. Loved this! It's not a glamorous time at all is it 🙈😂 I had stitches too.. So painful! X

  6. This video is right on point! I knew about the bleeding but I didn't know it stings as much as it did. And oh my God the bladder weakness, I was not expecting that either. To be quiet honest I wasn't expecting a lot.

  7. God Ysis you're a true gold! You're the most honest YT mum I've ever watched. All of popular youtube moms are hiding the truth about pregnancy & postpartum or are just one of those, who think about everything (even negative) "oh, it's so beautiful, it's normal". THANK YOU for your honesty. xoxo

  8. Love this! My little one is 9 weeks old today! It's funny that people don't tell you about this stuff. Oh and you bleed when feeding because your body contracts when you breastfeed and that causes you to bleed xx

  9. I'm not even pregnant but I loved this video! I'm sure it will help a lot of expecting moms! Also you look amazing! Lots of love from America ❤️

  10. Am nervous about having children a little bit now lol. It's nice to get a heads up about what to expect after though xx

  11. I wud love to have kids but all these facts that u have told me my friends have told me too and I dread experiencing it. We as women go through so much change its Gna be soo hard adapting to it 😭😭😭 X

  12. Such a fab video, I can relate to all of these! With Jasper my bladder control stayed really good but during this pregnancy I've already had a few sneezes that took me by surprise 🙈 I'm trying to keep up with my pelvic floors but I know once this baby is here I may have trouble!

  13. Oh Ysis, thank you sooo much for talking about such sensitive and important maternity topics. I am also a future mom and I found only you who is opening what is really going on, what to expect. Thank you! 🙂

  14. When you feed you contract so that's the reason for more bleeding when feeding I think 🙂 great video and I can totally relate to all of this despite my youngest Layla being three now 🙂 my son Harrison is six so but it all feels so fresh x

  15. I can totally relate to the belly issue. After giving birth I didn't expect to be left immediately with a jelly belly lol. A tip to help with bleeding which a midwife told me is to use two maternity pads to make an extra long one to try and help prevent leaks.

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