hi everyone welcome back to my channel so for those new here hi my name is Jenny I'm a second year almost third year family medicine resident and I am currently 38 weeks pregnant with baby number two I get these questions all the time on my Instagram like can you eat that or can't you should you be drinking that or can you drink that so today with my medical background I wanted to discuss with you some of the things that I have chosen to eat and drink and not eat and drink during both my pregnancies so if you're interested in that keep on watching when I was pregnant with Wyatt I think the first thing I asked my OB was can I eat sushi that's the only thing I care about I need to eat sushi at least once a week and I'm not talking about cook rolls deep-fried rolls California rolls I'm talking about raw sushi sashimi style stuff like I can't eat any of the other stuff and so what the OB told me was that all fish that is served as sushi is flash-frozen when it is caught which means that that kills all the bacteria within the fish and so when you eat the sushi you're not going to get sick because the bacteria is already dead um he did tell me to stay away from certain fish that are higher in mercury content which is like swordfish shark and mackerel which I don't usually eat anyways and so I continue to eat sushis like once a week with when I was pregnant with Wyatt and if you guys follow me for a long time you guys seen Wyatt in all my videos and he's like the most adorable cute kind kid um toddler and so he's great and I continue to eat sushi so I think that's one of the things that most people are surprised about when they see this pregnant lady eating sushi yes you can do it and if you want to it's okay if you don't want to that's also okay the second thing that when I order this when I go out to eat and stuff people stare at me like I'm crazy is how rare do you cook your steak like can you still eat your steak rare when you're pregnant and I see pregnant people all the time come to the misconception that they have to get their a steak well-done so one of my friends actually asked me about this and I responded with a question and I said well what are you trying to avoid if you're cooking it all the way to well-done I guess she also thought like the bacteria and all that stuff yes there is bacteria in like you would never eat like hamburger meat rare right because it's like process and there's like all these different parts in there and then there's also might be a chance of e.coli and stuff when they grind the meat together and so you want to cook it thoroughly but with a with a slab of meat with a steak like you can still eat it rare like I have never heard people getting like diarrhea or ecoli infested filet mignon or something like that you know so I guess the the risk is that sure if it does have some e.coli you will have diarrhea and you want to stay hydrated during pregnancy so you just drink lots of water there's no antibiotics really for that um I would still cook my hamburger meat until there's no more pink in it but I think it's safe at least for me I've eaten rare medium-rare steak with both my pregnancies another thing that's very common is deli meat if you guys are familiar with venomous sandwiches there's lots of deli meat in there and I love that stuff so I was really sad if I wouldn't be able to eat it so the concern also is that there's like e.coli exposure especially if you get it straight from a butcher and my recommendation is that you throw in the microwave for 10 seconds until it's like steaming hot kills all the bacteria and then you're good to go so that's what I've done and same with like other deli meats or else I just stay away from it if I'm not near a microwave the third most common probably more like the second most common is coffee can you drink coffee during pregnancy and the answer is yes drink the coffee yes drink that coffee like in moderation you know like you can have a cup of coffee they said it's like 200 grams or 8 ounces of coffee every day is fine for the pregnancy so I tend to drink coffee like every other day sometimes every day depending on how long the day is or how tired I feel but I never drink coffee after 12:00 and that's just a personal thing because I can't fall asleep afterwards but it's fine if you want to drink coffee every day so I hope that gave everybody a little bit of stress to believe that they can still have their coffee sushi and coffee so the third thing is cheeses and there's a specific type of cheese that I stay away from usually and that's soft cheeses and the reason why is that there's a specific bacteria that grows in cheese the soft cheeses called Listeria it doesn't affect mom but it does affect baby and it can cause like fetal death basically so that's the one that I'm really worried about there was an outbreak when I was in med school in the Mexican soft cheeses so I never bought those anything that's called unpasteurized I really stay away from like unpasteurized cheeses unpasteurized like apple cider vinegar I stay away from to the firmer cheeses are fine I mean if you know that a cheese is made from pasteurized milk then that's fine to eat – oh and then it also depends on your location right because I was actually in Fresno when I was is pregnant with Wyatt my first child and on the news they said that hummus had they had an outbreak of where they found Listeria and hummus so I got super scared and then I stopped eating hummus until after why it was born so if you listen to the news and if you hear something like a Listeria listeria outbreak in whatever food I would stay away from that specific food and then lastly I think this is the most controversial thing that people talk about and it's alcohol during pregnancy and you see everywhere signs that say please avoid you know alcohol during pregnancy causes fetal alcohol syndrome and everything like that um yes I do believe that you shouldn't drink in excess in any state especially while pregnant but did you know that in Europe the alcohol limitation for a pregnant woman is actually two glasses of wine a day and so the culture is very different there and then here and I would say people in Europe are actually pretty smart you know if that is their natural practice a bit of wine during your pregnancy is fine your babies of your baby develops like its brain and its neural cord and all that stuff early on during the pregnancy like during the first trimester and when you know you aren't pregnant yet and so I think that's one of the most dangerous times to drink alcohol but later on in your third pregnant third trimester when all the organs have already developed a little like sip of wine it's not gonna hurt the baby like we go out and I actually taste stands like red wines because I'm like oh I want to taste this because I haven't tasted before and I want to know if it's good or not and so when I'm not pregnant come back and have a glass I don't drink a lot but I I do taste wines and alcohols here and during my pregnancy and I do not feel bad about it speaking of which I also think that that's important to start taking a prenatal vitamin if you're at any reproductive age I recommend just taking a prenatal vitamin because you don't know when you're going to become pregnant and so that prenatal vitamin and the folic acid that you're getting from the vitamin will help baby's brain and development when you don't know it's there oh and then supplements just the other day I was asked if you can take a probiotic when you're pregnant and I have taken a probiotic almost every day during this particular pregnancy and I've asked my midwife about it and no one has told me anything otherwise so the reason why I started taking this specific probiotic was because I was trying to gain a healthier gut in vaginal microbiome if you read the research there is different PHS in the vaginal it's like vaginal pH and when you're at a higher basic pH then you're more prone to getting the bad normal bad bacteria to overgrow well which puts you at more risk of saying like getting bacterial vaginosis or GBS during pregnancy and so during my first pregnancy with Wyatt I had I was GPS positive and so I had to get penicillin through an IV during my pregnancy and or not my pregnancy during my labor and that was probably the worst I had to sit there and it burned when I went into your – your arm and you can't move I don't know I just didn't really like it and so during this pregnancy I was trying to do something to change my normal vaginal flora into a more healthy acidic flora if that makes sense or help propagate the healthy bacteria and so the only ones I've read and there's not much research on this but is to eat or you know take a probiotic there are natural ways of doing that such as like sauerkraut or apple cider vinegar or yogurt or kimchi and then there's also the probiotic they ate a lot of yogurt lots and lots of kimchi out of the tub it's a funny fest and like hates the way it smells don't ya any sauerkraut I stayed away from the apple cider vinegar just because mine has the unpasteurized stuff in it so stayed away from that and then I took the probiotic every day so as of my 36 weeks and they took a swab I am now GPS negative so I know it's only me and like a one case study experiment kind of thing but I thought that was really interesting I could have caught and like one of those pH papers to see if the vaginal fluid was more acidic or not but I didn't end up doing that and there's also a test that you can do but then you have to pay a couple hundred dollars and I didn't want to do that long story short you can take probiotics during pregnancy and it might help with your gut and vaginal microbiome so those are the main things that I have gotten so many messages on on Instagram and through social media if you guys have any other questions about foods that you can or cannot eat leave them in the comments section I'm sure other people have the same questions as well I'd love to answer those for you if you haven't already please subscribe I do dr. mom videos talk to you guys about medicine and family medicine and just show you what work-life balance is if you're interested in that consider subscribing if you made it to the end give this video a thumbs up it really helps me out and I'll see you guys next week peace

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  1. Many people from Europe pointing out that they also recommend NO alcohol during pregnancy. Similar to the US because we are unable to determine what specific amount is considered harmful.

    “There was a Danish study of 1,628 pregnant women, published in the British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology in 2012- they found that a daily small alcoholic drink had no effect on a foetus, while a study by the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists concluded that low to moderate drinking (10.5 units or seven glasses of wine a week) showed no adverse effects on a baby’s development.”

    I wasn’t able to find the original Danish study to link but below is research article that expanded on the original study.


    Not saying we can go drink all we want. But the research shows that small amounts of alcohol is not harmful.

  2. I think with Cannabis and alcohol its not a matter of if pregnant women CAN consume/use it during pregnancy, its a matter of WHY? Why can't women restrict themselves for 9 months… Women literally argue about this so much and I don't get why? Its like a diet, temporary not forever. I would have loved if you could have touched on Cannabis but great video Jen!

  3. I get so confused with vitamins. I take Halo SHN (Tati Westbrook's brand) which has all natural ingredients. I take 2 per day, but I want to take probiotics (L. Acidophilus, L. Casei, and L. Plantarum for the benefits they have, can't seem to find one with all of the benefits they include in just one capsule) and a prenatal vitamin (Pregnacare). I was wondering if that is too much? My GP didn't really know much about vitamins and said to do research online, the internet has 50,000 different opinions and I just want one from a professional. Are you able to help?

  4. Thank you SO much for the educational video. This ease a lot of my worries. I am a first time pregnant so there are a lot of unknowns and unsure. I also been suffering from recurring BV and recently diagnosed with GBS and hate taking antibiotics. My Obgyn continues to prescribed antibiotics but I prefer to get rid of it a natural way. I will start taking probiotics/getting kimchi and yogurt!!! Thank you SO much!!

  5. I am going to be totally honest. I am an Ob/Gyn and I know that a little bit of anything wont harm a developing fetus. I craved sushi during my first pregnancy. I sipped lots of wine and champagne and at times had glasses of it. I drank coffee. I took ibuprofen a few times. My biggest regret was that I didn’t exercise, lol. Once I had my son and was breastfeeding I had lots of champagne. I would go to a restaurant nurse my baby and then have my drink, lol.

  6. In Germany the recommendation is NOT to drink alcohol at all during pregnancy.
    In Hungary I noticed that especially young women with low educational background smoke during pregnancy which is so harmful to the baby 😟

  7. Jenny, I love your channel & you’ve inspired me to continue down this path #WomenInMedicine🎉 I noticed you said to stay away from unpasteurized apple cider vinegar. Is there something wrong with drinking ACV?

  8. Jenny le and what about toxoplasmosis with the mid cooked meat? Or there in UE is not so usual as here in Spain?

  9. Love this video!!!!
    Would love to hear more info about women having babies who are 35 years old and above….risks vs benefits possibly

  10. Hi Jenny! What about decaf coffee during pregnancy? Any thoughts on the swiss water vs the chemical decaf method? Would you give the same recommendation for alcohol during breastfeeding? Love your videos 🙂

  11. I have read eating too much Pineapple 🍍 could lead to miscarriage, and in fact in ancient years they use it for tor this purpose. As it is contain norethindrone. What do you think?

  12. I craved sushi so much when I was pregnant. I believe that eating sushi while pregnant is generally safe, they don’t have such hard restrictions in Japan. But I stayed away from fully raw because I live inland, no where near very fresh sushi.

  13. Thank you so much. I have been depriving myself of a lot. I do understand moderation of course but I'm having sushi as soon as I can, it's been 7 months since I've had it.

  14. Could you please discuss birth control. Maybe what you'll be using after baby? Love your videos ♥️

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