What your doctor may not know about fertility and miscarriage

Hi. This is Alaya and you’re listening to Vibrational
Child, the show to explore consciousness in the area of human evolution, conscious conception,
the evolution of our species really, reproductive freedom, light beings, and baby beings. In this first episode, I’d like to share with
you the origin of the name of the show, Vibrational Child. In 2009, I was meditating and became aware
of a group of light beings above me. Far above my head, my impression was that
they were in a circle. They were sort of chirping high vibrating
tones, and they looked like little green fireflies, which, if you look at our logo, you can see
these little green little fireflies coming out of the dandelion. I hadn’t seen these beings before, even though
I do work in partnership with many beings of light. This particular group of beings was new. What they said to me was, “Your mission, should
you choose to accept it, is to help us incarnate. We’re coming in with autism. Our mothers are having multiple miscarriages
and they’re having a hard time getting pregnant, and we need your help.” So, this was a group of baby beings. I had two responses in that moment. “Of course, yes. Of course, I’ll help you. I want to help you.” Then the second response was, “Why me? I’m not a doctor. I’m not a fertility expert. I’m not a midwife or a doula. I really don’t know anything about fertility,
birth. I don’t even have kids, so why do you need
me? Why do you need my help?” They proceeded to show me, also with the help
of my guides, sort of a flash of this life. My first memory being in the womb and touching
a series of stories that I had told in my life. Just things that struck me from my childhood
that I kept thinking about as I grew and as I developed. So, they showed me this, sort of flashing
my life before my eyes and also my current work, which is I work in partnership with
a light being named Oshira. We focus a lot on soul embodiment and helping
human bio systems prepare for, be comfortable with embodying more of their own soul and
source light, and also learning how to work in partnership with big light beings in a
way that’s safe and comfortable for our human system, so that the human becomes very centered
and grounded and able to hold more energy that’s a different vibration than their own. What became clear to me was that these baby
beings are big light beings. They are an evolutionary leap. They have been coming in for a while. There was just a lot of information in those
moments, sort of beyond and space. A big download of information about why they
needed my help and why they were choosing multiple miscarriages as a strategy, which
we’ll go over in a future show. I said yes to them. What followed was quite a journey that I never
could have anticipated really or prepared for any differently than I already had prepared
for it. I’m remembering a time when I was about eight
years old and I was sitting at my school desk. I remember it as if it was yesterday. We had our little desks pushed up in groups
of four. The wooden desks that open up and you had
your pencils, and your school supplies, and your books inside of it. I heard this voice that wasn’t my own and
something that was very calm and very clear, saying, “You’re going to work with autistic
children.” I didn’t even know what that word meant, but
I never forgot it. As I was going through my studies in college,
I went to Boston College and studied biology. I asked do I need to study autism in any way? Do I need to become a psychiatrist or something
along those lines? I just kept getting no, just follow your path. Don’t worry about it. Then when this download came in, I remembered
that message that I had received. What I’d like to share with you in the show
in the journey that followed, the information that I received, the experiences that I had
with a baby being that wanted to incarnate through me, conversations that I had with
her, information I received from her, some stories about women I’ve worked with to support
them on their journey for conscious conception, working through their own embodiment of greater
light, being able to hold more light in their systems, clearing generational karma, upgrading,
sort of like getting a reboot or a new operating system in their bio systems, working with
women over a number of years, women who were able to conceive a child, some women who chose
adoption or surrogacy. There are many paths to motherhood. To me, I noticed that the shifts are really
all the same. That a woman undergoes just different forms
of that shift to becoming a mother. Then, also again, some of the women who needed
to let that go in their life plan from their level of their personality and embrace different
work or different path. This show is going to be about what I’ve learned. I just want to remind you that I’m not a doctor. I’m not a fertility expert. I’m really an expert in understanding how
human bio systems receive and integrate light. I’ve been working in partnership with a light
being for a very long time and I understand these dynamics. Well, so, what I’m offering you in this show
is perspective and experiences. They are true for me. They are real for me. I’m learning all the time and updating my
understanding of the events as they unfold, so you’re getting a snapshot in time of what
I’ve learned and I’m guided to share it with you. Come along for the ride if this is something
that appeals to you. I welcome your questions and your feedback. You can find us online at our website, VibrationalChild.com,
as well as our website, AlayaOshira.com. We do have guided meditations that you can
listen to if you’d like to experience that. We look forward to sharing these stories and
experiences with you. Again, my name is Alaya and you have been
listening to Vibrational Child.

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