25 Replies to “What's happen if Meghan Markle is already pregnant?”

  1. I guess the world will end?? Who cares! Bunch of immoral, "superior" elitists sponging off willing, star-gazing tax payers!

  2. Megan will not be pregnant till they decide to have kids. Her clothing changes are not her choice but , I expect like Diana her style will emerge very soon the Queen adjusted once she will do it again !!

  3. I love them I think they are the best couple in their own little world…let us keep on praying for them…

  4. Magin an Harry it is an inheritance/gift from God, to God be the glory of great things he has done, an will continue's do in your'll life let your will be done Lord 👏💕

  5. She is attractive that's all. POOR PRINCE HARRY
    as a lady for the royal family she should not be having children so soon. Not born in wedlock. She is a fast type female. You are right that is why so Prince Harry will marry her. She is quick tricky gal. POOR Harry felt sorry for her probably. Hope the story is not true.

  6. She's not pregnant… RF is not interested in this one producing… Kate is the one that need to spit out a few Kings and Queens…. plus they're probably shitting a brick wondering what color the kid will be….

  7. I swear if I hear that computerized voice again I will die this is a literal phobia of mine please I’m not trying to offend you or your channel or any reader but if you would want to increase your subscribers (notice you have non) I suggest or recommend (whatever) to change the computerized voice and change it to one similar to the one on The Talko or The Trendy or The Richest or Bright Side (other YouTube channels) please,please do not hate on me this is just my opinion and my way of viewing things please do not get offended thank you for your time🙂🙂

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