What’s in my hospital bag??

hi guys welcome to my youtube channel my name is Yasmine and if you don't know me I am currently 30 weeks pregnant I'll be 31 in just two days so super exciting and I'm having a baby boy um today I'll be filming a what's in my hospital bag and I'll be sharing with you what I'll be bringing and what I'll be bringing for baby my bed looks like this is in the brown Vera Bradley I like the fact that it's like quotes it and I was like flowers is super cute so in that bag I will be bringing a pair of pajamas for the hospital I got this from Target super cute it has like buttons on it so that it's easy for you to breastfeed your baby it comes with these shorts super stretchy so I love them I'll also be bringing a couple pair of underwears not so sure if I'll be needing this but I'm just bringing it just in case I have a grey one a navy blue one and up a lack one I also have a nursing tank I like the fact that you can there's like clips on it so you can just pop the strap right off and just feed your baby I also got this from rods it was only eight books so ladies do not be afraid of stopping at Ross because you can find really good stuff for reasonable price I also got this nursing bra also from Roz store for seven dollars in this tan color it also has this clip thingy I also will be bringing a going home outfit so this is the shirt that I'll be wearing to go home this is mama bear it's like a pretty long one so that it'll cover my butt because you don't want people to see you know and I'll be pairing it with these joggers that I got from H&M so I bought a lot of things in black because you'll be bleeding a lot and we don't want anything to get stained I'll also be bringing my own towel in black because I heard that the towels in the hospital that they give you it's just not comfortable at all I'll be bringing this fluffy robe that I got from Viktor secret to keep me warm and cozy I'll be bringing my toiletries so I have the bomb my toothbrush toothpaste my floss my face wash I also brought some hair ties I also brought some hairspray you know just to be a little put together after you give birth because you know some people don't look cute when they give birth after you give birth so I'm trying to look a little decent you know for pictures of stuff and I will also be bringing my makeup so I got this is also from Ross it was only like ten bucks and I was like two button we can open more right up I really like this because you can just fit it right in your bag and I'm gonna take up a lot of space I'll be bringing like my concealer mascara a couple of brushes my lip liner and the last thing we'll be bringing for myself is these slippers I got this one Ross super soft lady just really just like yeah it would they're only like ten bucks and yeah that's all I have from my bag and then for baby's bag I got this it was only like $15 cuz I know a lot of like diaper bags can get really expensive so I got a really good deal on this so this isn't a brand Columbia it also comes with a changing pads so I really like I'll be bringing him a pair of PJ's like long onesie and I only brought him like two pairs of outfits or two outfits because I know the hospital will provide you with everything so you really don't need to bring that much stuff I have this onesie it pairs with these pants they're super cute and it comes with this little beanie so I got all his clothes from Carter's I'll also be bringing socks and yeah that's about it cuz I know the hospital will provide you with like a blanket and diapers and wipes yeah so the last thing I'll be bringing is this floppy so I got this boppy from Ross it was only like 25 bucks because I know like in other stores they reason for like almost 50 dollars so I got a really good deal on this it's like this little green one with wheels on it it has this pattern in the back so yeah that's pretty much all I have and I'll also be bringing like my camera my Chargers my cell phone of course baby daddy will bring his own things and yeah if there's anything else that I need to add or I should bring please comment down below and let me know and if you like this video please give this video a thumbs up subscribe thank you bye

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  1. you’re a natural. i would bring extra clothes for baby. and don’t forget mittens. it gets pretty cold in the hospital. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

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