What's in My Hospital Bag

what's up guys welcome back to my channel or welcome to our channel if you're new here it makes you look at that subscribe button cool check out all the videos all that stuff back with another video so today we're gonna be unpacking and also if we miss anything make sure to comment down below in missed because this is our first time and we don't know what to bring a what not to bring so it's gonna come below oh yeah baby's coming that's how he knows really I think he's coming like this week or next week so yeah my monkey sing same thing yeah this is next to our door right now but I think we're gonna put it in my car just in case after this videos done I didn't want to put it in there before we did this video because then have to go and get it and like that's a lot but this is his diaper bag we're just using a separate bag as our house little bag because why not it's a big knife thanks a lot so let's jump right into it why don't we yeah all he's really bringing so any dads any dads no I think up to bring anything that we don't have or missed definitely comment down below okay so this is the baby stuff so kind of so this is just a towel I don't know my only baby but I don't know if we need that or not but I expect Allah just in case I'm sure the hospital will have some but whatever so I have three burp cloths in here as well and then I have some outfits with my little dinosaur pants with either this or this big let's go with it so whichever one we feel like I'm just gonna bring clothes just in case we better have like it's better to have more than last I guess so I'm gonna bring that outfit and take to go not to go and as take-home outfit which is this little shirt it says new to the crew they're so cute I think that's a perfect table of it so I definitely want to bring that and then depending on the weather I know let me know it's like they should wear pants or not but I have these great little pants to go with it I'm not gonna put them on because it it's probably gonna be hot I don't know we'll see no true little brother I have some socks in there I have some pacifiers I know we shouldn't like so pacifiers I know it shouldn't use pacifier in right away so we probably might use those but I just have them in here just in case and then just a little onesie so that's what we have have a baby if I miss anything let me know down below what do you mean long-term I know I can feel it or maybe that does need money but either way this is an insulated pocket it's for bottles and stuff but I have like oh these are breast pads yeah there's so many but this is just one pack so I just put the whole packing there but this came off so that's what and then I have some nipple cream TMI but that's what I have that's what I do plan on breastfeeding so that's like this is a swaddle blanket that I'm gonna swaddle him with at the hospital if they probably have like swaddle blankets but this one's cute libras so I think maybe not at first like so I have mine his toothbrush because this bag I have our 12 trees I just have some deodorant and body wash I don't plan on watching my hair at the hospital I don't watch my every day I just wait till I get home to wash my hair so that's why I have in there I have some slippers they give you socks but I don't know if I weigh the socks in this or just this but I have to put it here I can't I've been wine twini's but I haven't because like I want to get the bottom dirty and then put them in the bag so I haven't worn these yeah so I have a robe in here because yes you've won this one but the guys I think if he has like a slid back and if they have me walking around and stuff out on my butt out so I have a matching it's a guys tonight down smooth for after I have the baby because it doesn't fit me right now cuz it's big a semi but hopefully I don't put me after and then I just have this little shirt probably too much clothes button and this pajama set yeah I don't know how long I'll be there but I have that and then obviously I'm gonna bring a pillow and the camera and my computer charger in my charger but yes pretty much it I see it oh man I have some traps I know I'll be pushing and my lips and jaw Chanel so yeah that's pretty much it I feel like I should be bringing more but I just don't know what then want to show you guys the nursery and we just have all little things that still need to be done around the house it's nothing major though it looks very good I just want a bassinet yesterday very next door bed that's a little weighted foot to show you guys the nursery waiting for our rocking chair rocking chairs are like oh I don't think it's called the rocking chair anyway when I come inside so excited for me to be here you have no idea I'm ready like I'm just so uncomfortable at this point and I hope he doesn't like go fast for 40 weeks I never want to make it for weeks to be honest maybe I'm gonna try to induce myself like you trying to think but like he's not gonna come out if he doesn't want to so like I'm just gonna try it to try it maybe I'll record it if you don't like it so I guys buy me a pineapple I know that help so I have a whole pineapple at my mom's house just ripening up but as soon as mad as bright as soon as that's good to go I'm gonna eat it I tried to do anything like my aunt has told me castor oil but it makes you poop I don't know we'll see maybe we'll do a video trying to juice myself because I'm ready I'm pretty sure he's ready so yeah we're just waitin baby yeah baby watchin in here but yes like I said before if we forgot anything definitely definitely yeah comment down below so that we're not at the hospital struggling to make forgot something so let me know down below and I will appreciate that so much so yeah oh my god let me show you my belly like I said he's ready oh god no oh my god I am humungous I have a watermelons running he's ready I'm ready so very soon he's coming I can feel it I don't know if I can feel it because I want him to come or I can feel it because I could feel it but either way I don't know I think he's coming soon definitely I'll keep you guys updated and we're gonna most likely I really want to not even just to like post it but does have the memories and like look back on it and you'll see how it was and see how I was so I think the only thing that sucks is that kind of working a lot so Luke rein frenzy but even if I do it my water breaks doctor by yourself yeah that is yeah it's gonna be a while until ya whoa because conjunctions have to be like five minutes I mean it's gonna work out it's gonna be fine but yeah it's gonna be very soon so I don't know if that's gonna be our next video I definitely want to it's just hard especially right now like being this big like a full-time so I will be getting my chair in the nursery soon hopefully so maybe we can do a nursery tour before the apartment or maybe all together I don't know yeah but maybe not be our next video before our breath black depending on when I go into labor yeah I guys like I always say if you are new here make sure to go check out other videos if you haven't already smash that subscribe button and definitely comment and like this video and please please please comment down below who miss anything I can't say no I really don't want to forget anything so let us know

18 Replies to “What's in My Hospital Bag”

  1. You may want to take snacks in case you have to go during the night. The cafeteria would be closed and you wouldn't spend so much in the vending machines.

  2. Don’t forget your wallet, diapers, pads for yourself, and extra clothes. I’m soooo excited for you guys!!!!!!!

  3. the most memory time of my life when I pack the hospital bag just knowing was getting close to see my baby the best thing to happen to me by the way two girls congratulations on new condition you feel the same way too

  4. Em you look beautiful, your belly looks beautiful.. Don't forget pads and wipes. Praying you have a safe delivery!

  5. Most hospitals have everything you need for baby, take a take home outfit and keep car seat near cause you have to have it for baby to go home. Your bag seems pretty much complete, so now rest, cause once you get in a place of discomfort you'll feel a sense of desperation in ready for baby to come so I can get comfortable again. Have patience, first pregnancy see how your body handles child birth. WALKING should be the only thing you should do to try to induce

  6. Don't forget your lip gloss and I mean I'll take a book to read take your computer so I can watch a movie your first baby usually takes a minute you know it's a few hours but if you're going to have a spinal block it's definitely going to take a few hours but I mean whatever you want to amuse yourself while you wait but do not whatever you do do not forget the lip gloss or lip balm whatever you prefer.be blessed if you're overdue and you want to have your baby that day drink some castor oil and walk you will have your baby that day promise.

  7. You got what you need. Pacifiers are fine. My hospital gave them to my girls. It’s cool and depends on you. Bring yourself something comfortable to wear that makes you feel good. Don’t do the castor oil please… uh yeah, not that. Walk but not castor oil 🤮. Keep watching how low your belly gets. That’s an indication of when Baby E is getting in birth position. Best wishes to y’all. 💙

  8. Start walking more. It has shown that it helps with a woman labor to come faster. At least in my family it has worked

  9. Hi guys some wet wipes nd some baby dryers is that what you guys say in USA don't know but you guys must enjoy every minute of this love all the way from South Africa

  10. Notification gang. Im ready to see the baby 🚼. He going to be beautiful. Love yall. 💙💙💙💙💙💙

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