What's In My Hospital Bag | C Section Delivery | January 2016

pale are you awake hmm she's stirring this is probably a bad idea hey guys I am finally going to share my what's in my hospital bag video this has been much requested and it's my hospital bag for delivery of my baby now I was planning on filming this before I delivered my baby but if you saw our delivery story she came a couple weeks early a bit unexpected I go and we go into huge detail up with the whole story in that video so I will link that for you guys so I'd open a card for you if you want to check it out but luckily I had already had my bag packed because we had like one sort of emergency run to the hospital that we weren't prepared for and then one non emergency run to the hospital but we were prepared to deliver that time so between those two trips to the hospital which were five is the part I had time to kind of tweak the bag in preparation for a c-section which I at that point was pretty sure it was going to have to have because I had packed the bag with a vaginal delivery in mind and the length of your stay at the hospital changes depending on what kind of delivery you had so with a vaginal delivery I think standard is two days after the day of delivery so you stay like an additional two days whereas with a c-section at least at the hospital I delivered at it's four additional days so we were there a total of five days so I basically added stuff in just we'd have enough to carry us over but anyway now I can show you how bad and tell you what I used in what I didn't because we've already done it's been a few weeks we have the baby you know so I can gonna do it all in one punch which is nice one-two punch okay so first of all I packed a smaller tote style bag severe Bradley bag it's actually Mickey and Minnie Mouse and this is the actual hospital bag that I packed all of our clothes and things in for all three of us is also a Disney Leah Bradley bag and I got both of these at Disney World at some point but I don't remember what if they're still available I'll try to link them for you guys they're super cute I like that I liked packing the V R Bradley bags because they're super light so I knew that I couldn't carry a lot being very pregnant and then obviously just having the c-section I couldn't carry anything really except for the baby and I still can't so it was nice to have lightweight bags for Dawn to kind of manage that situation okay so in the tote bag this is the bag we brought in on the 28th the second time well actually we took it both times on 23rd and 28th when we weren't sure if we were going to have to deliver that day or not and this was the bag we left everything else in the car but we brought this bag into the labor and delivery ward for our procedures so on the first emergency run it was checking my amniotic fluid levels and then I was sent home because they went back into the normal range so we didn't end up needing any of our like big haul stuff and the second time on the 28th when we went it was to check the amniotic fluid levels again and also attempt an external version and then possibly deliver depending on the circumstances which obviously we did so we left everything in the car which just seemed like the thing to do and just brought this bag in with kind of stuff for us to do during these you know wait for these procedures because we were at the hospital for quite a few hours for both circumstances so I had brought my packed my computer which didn't end up using once at all while I was there except as a charging device because I thought it was so prepared and I packed all the Chargers but I forgot to pack the Pat like the power bricks the thing that the USB cord plugs into into the wall of course but luckily I have a computer so we just plugged my computer in and then plugged the charging cords into my computer's USB port so it served a purpose but I didn't use it for anything else and we were at the hospital like I said after I delivered for five whole days but man you think you have all this time you think you would have all this time but you really don't there is no time I'd also packed a folder with some pieces of paper I wasn't sure if they were going to provide me with paper for footprints they actually did um I will show you your little footprints they gave me a couple of coffees um so I took those in there and I also had brought some of these little nametags I'd seen on Pinterest this really cute picture where somebody used a hello my name is tag for to announce the baby so I brought a sharpie and and four tags that I wrote the name on so I had four tries to get it right you can see the one I ended up using was with the heart but I just wanted to make sure that I had some um you know room for error so I brought those things I'd also brought a book this is the book I've been reading lately it's Jules autobiography never broken and both trips to the hospital the false alarm kind of Smollett and moths a false alarm a false alarm and then the actual delivery time I had time to read and I found this very soothing to have a book we had a lot of downtime before delivery and it just made me like have something else to come think about and speaking of which John bought his Kindle which he used he read a lot during our stay I didn't end up picking up the book at all after I delivered the baby but I was happy to have it before the procedure and then before the delivery now I also I packed our charging cords in this bag in case you know we needed them for the long haul of my computer charger and then two extra long they're like 10 foot USB cable chargers you know lightning for your iPhone and devices and didn't end up meeting that length but I was glad that I brought them because their color they're not white so I could really tell they were ours and then I also had packed on iPad which isn't in here anymore which he used quite a bit during our hospital stay our hospital was equipped with Wi-Fi and he's good to like look up stuff and and stay in touch with family and things so that was that was really helpful I also had my wallet and my phone in there as well and I packed a bag of pretzels which is no longer there for done as a snack I of course couldn't eat anything because just in case of surgery they don't want eating anything you have to fast but I wanted to make sure he had something and I'd heard that it's best to bring snacks that aren't smelly especially around with somebody super sensitive to scent like me at very pregnant moment um so I thought pretzels were a good thing and ended up being great because he scarf down a whole bunch right before we went into surgery because it was kind of you know we kind of knew we might have to do the c-section we would just weren't sure but it was nice that he had something to fill his belly with before you know the procedure and then the recovery was a long time after that spent and recovery it was a while before we got settled in the room even though the procedure itself wasn't very long and lastly I had my little de labor and delivery kit and this I had put together with a vaginal birth in mind now we had known that there might be a chance that we could have a vaginal birth even with a lo Mei foo reading because we were trying for the external version where they were going to try to flip the baby in which case if they did and I had the low amniotic fluid reading again then they would induce and I would you know go into labor and deliver vaginally so I wanted to just keep this as it was so some of these things I didn't end up using because I didn't labor at all but this I used a lot during the our stay at the hospital I kept this little case out on my little like rolling cart tray table thing next to me and I kept all my essentials in it so it has everything in it that I'd packed for labor and or you know for labor basically but I also used a lot of it you know for other things I have a little wet brush mini wet brush with some hair ties dn't and abusing the hair ties I didn't need to end up putting my hair up at all during the whole time we were there but brush was obviously very handy TAS would it look like a total mess all the time mini deodorant I've been wearing um just regular G owner not an antiperspirant for the past year basically um but I knew I wanted to bring an antiperspirant in the case of Labor because I just needed something that packed more of a punch so this is what I wore all last week but now I'm back to wearing my normal just regular G odorant that doesn't have any aluminum or anything in it I brought a pair of scissors I always travel with scissors you never know when you're going to need them they do come in handy a few times to like open things at the during our stay I brought a little little Ziploc baggie never know when you're gonna need that I had a little hand cream which I only used before delivery because it's actually rather scented so I didn't use that after because I didn't want to bother the baby with anything scented my favorite lip product the Smiths rosebud self love this to use this constantly it is true your lips get super chapped in the hospital even like the second I checked into labor and delivery before anything was happening before the procedure or anything I was like immediately needing this and I use this constantly throughout my stay it's my favorite lip balm I packed a little hair clip this was one of those things I thought maybe for labor didn't end up using that at all another thing I didn't end up using it all was this little cloth headband I thought maybe for labor obviously I didn't labor didn't sweat didn't eat that and then I packed them face wipes in case I had um you know want to just like feel fresh on my face and I didn't end up using these either because like I said I never got that hot and then after I delivered the hospital provided me with some lanolin which is a like a pointment a balm kind of ointment that helps with cracks and sore nipples and I just threw them in here cuz I did use it during the hospital stay but I didn't actually like it that much so my mother-in-law actually brought us a couple of things that I hadn't packed because I knew the hospital would provide the lanolin I didn't know if I I didn't know if I would need something else but I bought a different nipple butter which I don't have in here it's actually in the nursery by my nursing chair but it's by earth mama angel and it's amazing I'm still using it it works it is organic it is natural and it is safe for baby I do wipe it off anyway just I don't know I'm kind of weird about that but um it works what can I say it works the other thing I had my mother-in-law pick up for me were these lands so sue these gel pads I had a real problem with the latch for the first few weeks but especially at the beginning I have some major major nipple issues and the nurses had said they don't carry the hospital but they said a lot of people swear by these and what they are are these little gel pads they're just really really soothing and you put them on you know between feedings and they were my life Savior for like a few days until I read that it's best to let the nipple kind of have a bit more air so I moved on to my bamboo breast pads instead which I use currently but these were really really helpful were for those early early days okay so now I'm gonna take you through well I packed and I'll tell you exactly what I used and what I didn't and what I found really useful and what really wasn't at all in the main bag so after I delivered and I was in recovery Don went to the car and got our stuff things that I don't have here to show you or a pillow and a blanket that I had packed for dawn very important that we brought those things the hospital provided us with a lots and lots of pillows there was no restriction on how many pillows we could have but our pillow was just like a million times nicer so I was glad that he had a nice pillow to sleep on and I packed a nice chenille throw for him because the hospital blankets are kind of thin and it's pretty cold I was running pretty hot so I didn't really need anything extra but he needed something so that was good to have another thing then not showing you in this video that I packed was my papi absolutely critical for me with the c-section because it just helps so much to keep the baby elevated above my tummy while I was learning how to breastfeed and I still use it is it every time I nurse her I use it to hold her it just helps protect where my incision is in my lower belly and also just kind of take the weight off you know I'm not supposed to be doing a whole lot right now so those things were really really important and the last thing I'm not going to show you these I don't have any more as we brought a couple of boxes of Godiva truffles for the nursing staff that we gave them when we left so we sent a box down to the labor and delivery nurses who were great and then we gave a box to the mother and baby ward nurses as well because I knew I'd wanted to give a gift of some sort but we have been advised that anything of monetary you know with a monetary value like a gift card or anything like that wasn't appropriate so we thought Oh chocolate that's appropriate for every occasion so those are things I don't have to show you here everything else I'm going to show you actually fit in this bag everything I needed for all three of us worked like a charm fit perfectly so first I'm going to go through the things that I packed for Dawn and for CeCe little Charlotte so I use of course I use my Eagle packet cubes and I used one different color for each of us and our hospital room did have a little and a nightstand with read roars so each of us had a drawer and we just popped these right in there like each drawer we put one of our little pet package cubes in there and it worked great um so for Dawn he had worn his sneakers packing his flip-flops was critically important I actually didn't think to pack his flip-flops but again I love my mother-in-law Don's mom picked them up from the house for us so that he could have flip-flops because I was advised to kind of walk around the ward once I felt up to it several times a day and it was and Don was running in and out to get water and and you know snacks and things so it was just easier for him than putting on his shoes every time to have his flip-flops oh I would I recommend that for your you know whoever's going to be staying with you at the hospital if if if possible I also packed just his favorite black t-shirts these are like by jockey I think and and I packed I think four of these because he wore the shirt that he wore you know on Monday that Monday I delivered and then I had a shirt for him every day I only have one left in here but I didn't you know that everything's in the laundry right now I'd also packed him two pairs of mesh shorts he actually only ended up wearing once that's clean and I packed him a pair of pajama pants because I didn't know how cold it was gonna get he didn't actually end up wearing those it was pretty chilly in the hospital but Don tends to run really really warm so he didn't he didn't need that um so that's what I brought for Dawn and he like I said also his Kindle and his iPhone and his iPad that we packed in the the tote bag okay first see see he had this fun print packet cube I didn't I knew I didn't need anything for her in terms of like diapers or wipes or any of that stuff Hospital provides all of that and I knew I didn't need any clothes for her during our stay there so all I did was bring a couple of outfit options for our way home because I didn't know how big she would be so I brought two different sizes of going home outfits and a couple of blankets so her little going home out but she ended up only being six pounds six ounces was one born and then when we were discharged from the hospital five days later she was down to five pounds 15 ounces so she was a little munchkin um so she she still fits in the newborn stuff this is the baby gap newborn stuff this was the little sleeper she wore at the hospital to come home in I mean that was her first outfit super super cute I think I showed that in the hall actually I also had brought a little onesie I didn't know how cold it was going to be if I wanted to double her up or whatever I ended up not needing to because we were able to pull a car basically right up to the hospital so I didn't feel like it we really needed that and I bundled her up in her car seat you know I tucked a blanket around her I also packed this little hat from Baby Gap which is sized as up to seven pounds I was going to insert a picture of my girl in this hat my five pound 15 ounce baby going home in this hat this hat was ridiculously big I don't think it would fit her head now so I don't know why this ran so big it's really cute hat from Baby Gap it matches the outfit and everything huge she swam in it I kept it on her just because I didn't want her head to be cold on the way home in the car but yeah that hat is not true to size I'd also brought a little sleet another little sleeper outfit from Baby Gap in a three month size zero to 3 months size same with a little onesie little bodysuit obviously didn't end up using those because she's a tiny little munchkin uh then I brought two blankets for going home in I knew I wouldn't need blankets in the hospital they'd provide blankets I brought one of my Aiden na um muslin blankets really nice soft cozy one did not be using Mac's again our weather was been very variable I wasn't sure how warm how cool it's going to be end up being kind of chilly so I used the Pottery Barn ShamWow stroller blanket which I love love this I also have it in a grey dot that lives downstairs this one lives upstairs and this is what I used after she was all safely buckled in her car seat I took this around her lower bits you know her lower half to keep her warm um for the way home now we have a like a cover thing over the car seats like safety-approved or whatever for a winter weather when we have to take her out to doctor's appointments and stuff and it has like a built-in blink which was great but I actually didn't think to pack that for the hospital so I was happy to have that blanket and then the last thing I bought for Cece was my little what is this called a mat I think it's the Zozo Lee yeah a little Zoli nail buffer I had read about this on Mint Arrow's website I love her blog she does great sales stuff but I really especially love her baby like product recommendations I mean this has different file attachments different age of baby and I have the newborn attachment on it's super gentle and I used this to buff her nails down so they weren't so sharp in the hospital and it's what I used to keep her nails under control at home so she doesn't scratch her face super gentle I do it when she's sleeping she doesn't even wake up it's so so gentle I mean you can fake it you can barely feel it but their nails are so pliable that it actually works and then as they get older you change out the buffer tabs to match the age of your child because their nails Harden as I get older that's everything I brought her baby the rest sista was basically for me so I had brought a robe I had I've somehow managed to stuff this really big fluffy rope into this eel Creek packet and stuff sack I don't I don't know if that's actually what it's called I mean you'll be amazed when you see how big this robe is but I was able to stuff it in here which made it just easier to pack robe was really great to have especially because I was encouraged to move around to walk around the halls and I didn't want to wear like my nightgown walking around the halls so having robe was nice now that I know how warm that I was during the entire time even in a very like climate-controlled cool Hospital next time I would bring a much lighter weight robe but I know that I generally tend to run cold so I thought I wanted something really fluffy and cozy and actually bought this special for my delivery this is from Victoria's Secret I bought it big I bought it in a large because I just wanted it to be roomy and comfortable had no idea how big I was going to be afterwards I had no idea if I was going to be able to labor and wear this while laboring lack you know nine months pregnant I had no idea so I really like this robe is so so warm though it was too warm for me I still wore it but next time you know if there was a text time if I'm blessed with another child I will definitely pack a lighter robe but I do recommend having a robe and I would bring a robe for either kind of delivery or any length of stay I also packed slippers and another smaller stuff sack these are also Victoria Secret I think these were a free free gift with purchase of pajamas a couple year years ago and there they're just you know little slippers again a little bit warm I think I would pack slightly less hot slippers in for you know future times if possible but it was nice to have something with a hard sole that I could walk around the hospital with that was comfortable that didn't require me having to like put a shoe on you know like it's nice to just have like a slide on thing I have a friend of mine who brought Crocs to the hospital which i think is brilliant and I actually have a pair of guard of Crocs that they use for gardening that I would totally pack next time I just wash them off you know really well but I think that's a brilliant idea because it's not so hot but it gives you protection so I brought those things and then the last packet cube was for me this is a purple you know everybody had their own color like I said so this is where I add added a few things I had added a few shirts and two Dawn's oh I forgot to mention in Dawn's package cube I also had also packed him underwear and socks but all those things got warmed so they're not there anymore but I packed him four pairs of underwear and four pairs of socks one for every additional day we were there so I added a few things to this when I was pretty sure I was going to probably have a c-section it was originally I just packed one night shirt and then I packed another once and we were going to be there a bit longer I bought these again these are things I bought especially for my labor slash delivery and I just read so many people suggesting a button-down night search for the hospital because that they provide hospital gowns but they're just they're not very you know they're little flimsy let's just put it that way they could drape open so I wanted something that was easy for breastfeeding that I felt comfortable in that was still easy access for the dinners just to check me I had to my incision was checked multiple times a day once a day by an OB you know doctor and like four five or six times a day by nurses so they need it easy access down there so I knew it wasn't gonna be wearing pants or anything and there's really no pants I can wear right now anyway with how my incision is so I bought these from Nordstrom there Lauren Lauren Lauren by Ralph Lauren so how you say that I don't know again I bought them big I bought a large because I just wasn't sure how big I was going to be after delivered I just wanted to be comfortable so I just you know erred on the side of caution and I'm glad I did because this kind of jersey knit one actually runs a bit tighter so it actually fits perfectly and it's so nice and soft I just rolled up the sleeves and it's really long it actually almost comes down to my knees so it's pretty well covering but like I said I wore my robe whenever I was out and about in the halls but it was just nice to have something comfy that I had washed myself that felt you know comfortable to me to wear in the hospital that was easy access for breastfeeding and then I bought this light fan plant one which is my favorite is so soft I want to buy more of these this is enormous I wouldn't buy a large now I'd probably buy a smaller medium but it's wonderful and I've been wearing both of these constantly since I've gotten home I just keep washing them so those are really really good things to buy for delivery and for my recovery it's just easy access for breastfeeding and it's comfortable I had brought the Belly Bandit um haven't worn this yet got clearance from the doctor to wear it if I want haven't wanted to wear it um I've heard lots of good things about people wearing belly bands it's especially a post c-section I think maybe when I'm allowed to be more active that's when I'll start wearing it I'm kind of waiting until after my post surgery my first post-surgery checkup with my doctor to wear because I just want to get the go-ahead to be more active before I wear this because I'm not really supposed to be on my feet that much and I feel like this isn't that comfortable to wear just sitting down so I didn't wear it but I brought it another thing I didn't wear but brought was this gown II and it's a my own hospital gown actually a really kind of viewer sent me and I totally planned on using this if I was able to have a vaginal delivery I was going to put this on after the vaginal to every you know to go up and get checked into mother and baby and stuff just to have something nice and clean to put on and that was my plan with this but didn't have that experience so didn't get a chance to wear it and I just wore my other night shirts and said I will hang on to this for future possibilities who knows the other clothes I brought were really just to come home in and some socks to wear Hospital although I didn't end up wearing socks that much because I was pretty hot I packed a few pairs of my favorite aloe slipper socks these are by is it earthworks or something I don't know you get them at Ulta these were actually gift from my mom for Christmas so I packed those and I wore them a little bit but like I said I was pretty hot I packed a couple pairs of just regular little sack Ceasar Mickey socks I wore one to come home and but I didn't wear the other pair I just didn't know if I'd want to wear socks or not I really didn't need to with my slippers because most of the time I was in bed recovering and then I also packed a couple of sleep masks we left the lights on pretty much the whole time we were there we had baby with us pretty much the whole time we did not center a nursery very often I think there was one night where we sent her where we were kind of desperate we hadn't slept at all for like 48 hours so we had sent her one night but the other nights we had her with us and I this was just something that seemed nice to have I think Don used one a couple of times I didn't end up meeting it um I was so exhausted that when I read your catch a wink didn't matter if it was bright or not but we had kind of left the light on in the bathroom in the room with the door open quite a bit so we could see baby um so I can basically so I could see the baby well and make sure she was breathing and stuff has a new mom you know the only other thing I packed was going home outfit so I packed a pair of maternity kind of lightweight Jersey sweatpants because I figured there's really virtually no waistband and that would be comfortable and then I packed this nursing top I had got ordered from pink blush really loosey-goosey nursing top lightweight easy to wear not going to rub on anything or be tight or anything and then nnedi a nursing broth and this is by as a bravado yeah bravado I like the bravado bras I'm working out for me so far and then lastly I had path ramen a couple pairs of the ridiculously huge underwear I'd bought but they cut into my belly a bit and agitate like around the scar so I just ended up wearing the hospital mesh underwear which has been a godsend I'm still wearing it I was sent home with a bunch and I just keep washing them I'm hand-washing that and they've been holding up so uh-huh I'll take it because okay comfort is king especially after surgery I know this is a lot video you guys I'm sorry there's a lot to share lastly I have some Oh not lastly I have our toiletries I packed in this bag that I got from I ordered this from Quiana a while ago a long time ago and our toiletries are in here I didn't pack any makeup or any cosmetic things like any sort I packed some Advil for Dawn just in case he needed it and then I also had my vitamins and supplements in here which I used a couple of facial Cotton's didn't and which I use some of dental care we have our toothbrushes toothpaste Listerine floss we used all of those things I did pack myself a razor because I like to shave my underarms every day it just makes me feel human so I did use that Donn's deodorant my duty I don't was in my little other case obviously I brought my combs um I brought Don's comb and then for skin care I tried to keep it pretty simple I just brought my face wash which I used in the shower I took shower every day I used I brought my little homemade toner which is 50% apple cider vinegar 50% rose water glycerin and then I brought a little mini is it Eucerin is that how you pronounce that um moisturizing cream it's unscented I just want something unscented so I didn't you know bother the baby and I basically just apply it to my arms kind of lathered up my legs because Hospital is drawing so keep that in mind and then a little eye cream and then I also had to pod it a little bit of my face cream a juice PD face cream into a little thing so that was all we really needed for toiletries I brought my own cup which I was so happy I did because while the hospital did provide me with a really big cup like this and the flexi straw and everything I didn't like the weight like it kind of tasted plasticky when you drank out of it whereas this one does not and it's been my favorite cup post you know since we've been home too because I have two of these when I leave in the nursery by my nursing chair and when I leave in the bedroom here which is basically where I've been spending all of my time since I'm not really supposed to do the stairs yet and there's 32 ounces and Don only has to fill them up you know a few times a day I go through a lot of water with breastfeeding but I really really liked having my own cup at the hospital because I like this cup I like the straw it's a nice big straw it doesn't taste weird when you put water in it like it doesn't get that weird plasticy taste so that was actually really important for me I know that seemed kind of privileged but that's that was it and then last but not least I brought the manual for our car seat even though I had studied this beforehand and practiced it um I wasn't you know I wanted to bring this just in case we couldn't figure it out we didn't end up meeting it because I remembered everything and then I also brought a spare tote bag this is a really big one all the ones I have are kind of smaller so I picked this one up at the Container Store especially for this occasion it's by Rumi we got to tell you now so it's really really big and I thought I would need this to bring home you know the little extra goodies they send you home from the hospital with us send you home with a lot of things like diapers and cloth wipes they're not really cloth and you know the extra mesh underwear and you can take home any of the pads or anything that are left over you know they'd send you home with a lot of stuff but they actually provided us with a tote bag that I put all that stuff in so I put our dirty laundry in there and that was great because I could just dump that out when I got home and not have to like sort through the bag and stuff and that was everything we brought like I said I don't know if I said this but I had packed like I have been prepping the bag I kind of like had everything arranged on our Bureau at about 35 weeks I started kind of organizing things I packed the bag at 37 weeks pregnant and I needed it at 37 and a half weeks pregnant for that first emergency run and then a 38 weeks pregnant we actually used it so I do recommend packing your bag earlier than you think I would say 37 weeks but latest if not earlier it's just better to have things ready you know things that I couldn't put in that I'd put in the last minute were just my phone and my wallet and like Don's iPad I think that was about all that we had to throw on at the last minute and I felt like we really had everything we needed and I used most everything with the exception of like the underwear and some of the socks and wishing that I just packed lighter-weight robe and slippers and Don didn't need all of his heavier things either but I was glad to have them and they didn't take up that much room and I felt like I really kind of nailed it to be honest oh and lastly I forgot to mention this other thing I had in my tote bag was my journal so if you want to like you know keep track of things that happen to you your experience with delivery experience in the hospital I recommend bringing something to write it down with because it might you'd be surprised how things escape your brain quickly when you have a newborn but anyway I'm sorry this was a super long video but I hope it was helpful to some of you um if you're interested in packing a hospital bag at some point for delivery mine's kind of c-section focused but a lot of these things I would have bought for vaginal delivery as well and I hope choose you guys again real soon I'm gonna do my best to film when I can grab a moment here and Don can hold baby for me but I hope you guys are all well thank you so so much for all of your kind words and support I just means the world to me and I will see you guys soon bye guys take care

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  1. Amazing idea to pack the car seat manual!! We struggled with ours with my oldest son. I too had a C-Section so fussing with that & a fussy baby while trying to go home with your first born was a nightmare!

  2. 2 to 4 days in hospital depending on delivery? In the UK I have had both natural and c-section deliveries and I got sent home the next day!

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  4. hi i just started following your channel and i am expecting. let me tell know one thing i have watched a lot of videos related to baby and hospital bags and stuff and yours is the best. you mentioned all practical things that i think i may also need. just want to say thank you so much for sharing your experience.

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  7. for breast feeding moms, for cracked and dry nipples… use your breastmilk… breastmilk on dry cracked nipples is amazing and works better than any cream or ointment…

  8. Ha! Two days for a vag delivery!! Here in the UK you get 6 hours if there are no complications.
    Congratulations on your new family x

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  13. hey jen you said that you will make a video showcasing the protocol of leaving winnie home alone …so please make a video on it tooo

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