hey guys and welcome back to my channel so if you're watching this and you guys should know that I have a what's in my hospital bag but that one was packed for a vaginal delivery I found out about two weeks ago that we have a scheduled c-section and literally a week so a week from now we will have our baby girls in her arms which is crazy to me but I'm super excited so with that being said I had to go ahead and repack my hospital bag because I had literally nothing in there that was c-section scar or recovery from me and I think I pretty much have everything down packed with my oldest daughter Ava had a c-section and it was a unexpected c-section because I was I thought I was gonna stay there for the duration of my pregnancy ended up having her at 31 weeks so yeah this bag is packed to perfection I would say – the last-minute stuff that I need to add before I'm also gonna go ahead give a disclaimer and that my window is open cuz it's hot as hell in here and my kids are up so if you guys hear any kids outside play or my son downstairs playing I'm a mom better I'm just trying at this video out and just because I think that is unfair to just have a hospital bag packages for a vaginal birth when I now another madness c-section that way can help any other most out there who are planning on having a c-section or having a scheduled c-section or whatever the case may be and I also have a blue another bag as well a bag that I can't carry over my shoulder I actually haven't posted videos because I went to the hospital last Thursday and I was there for 24 hours due to a pre clamps of preeclamptic scare I had preeclampsia with my daughter Ava and I started to develop it with my son and I was the main reasons why I was induced at 38 weeks with my son Ansel who will be three next Tuesday Darius I thought to go ahead and close the door just because I have a dog that's downstairs is really really loud but yeah I got about about with c-section from me that way if any all case scenario I'm able to at least roll it so yeah that's another thing that I suggest any mama's who's having a c-section to get a bad rolls just so if you have to help your partner in my case my husband is gonna have two car seats to carry downstairs and if he doesn't bring the bags downstairs which I'm pretty sure he'll bring the box with the card so that's nothing really to worry about but if he doesn't or if his hands were too full I can easily just will this bag with me so yeah and it's honestly not heavy now that I know that I'm rolling it the bag that I am bringing to the hospital is this black and white tote star bad the hack she has rollers on it which is a huge plus for me I'm pretty sure I use this bag with Hansel and I got this bag years ago so the fact that it's holding up is amazing and it is a really really durable I found this in the garage and I was like you know what I'm not gonna go out and buy a fancy bag I'm gonna use what I have and honestly now that I have all of my stuff and they're – took my last minute things which I'll put in my bag on Monday before we actually heard to the hospital it's not heavy at all when you roll it so my son was able to roll it my husband is able to roll it so that's fine with me but ya don't further do that's going to start this video let's hope and pray that it's not as long as my other hospital bag video okay guys so starting off I am still gonna be bringing my Frieda baby mom scram so you show you guys this really quick just because I'm going to and I showed this in my last video this is how it looks I use this to kind of cool off and clean myself down there I usually bleed a lot after having my babies but the fact I'm gonna be leading almost double kind of scares me so I can use this to kind of rinse myself off if need be honestly who knows how helpful it would be I know you can use it down there or you can also use it other places as well but the Frieda baby is something that I'm still gonna take no matter what so on top I still have my electronics case I'm not gonna go into in depth of everything as or show you guys everything that's in here but this is kind of sort of how it looks and I'm keeping a ten-foot iPhone charger I have two wall plugs I have wireless headphones and I have an extension cord right here and I'm gonna be adding in last-minute stuff I actually would I sticky note of all of my last-minute stuff on here so I don't forget but yeah I think the electronic pump is necessary that way all you like Tronics are all in just one place and that way everything is organized in that way if you have like your husband who doesn't know where everything is in their back you know you can just hit that pouch right there and he can just easily hand it to you another thing that I'm bringing I also added a couple things in this is my hygiene bag I have a sticky note right here at last mean I think that I need to add into this I got this from Amazon all of my links for majority of this stuff is in my other video my the hospital bad video you guys wanna take a look at that and I'll link some of the new things and the description box below but this is how it looks is pretty affordable and I love the fact that it has a hook so I can hook into the shower or hook it in the bathroom and just kind of take it with me opening I'm opening up I just have pretty much the same stuff I just have other things that I didn't talk so I have my toothbrush here I added in my face wash which is that XE Mia I don't know their picture of it above but this is the face washed on brandy and I got these little cases from Walmart there what there's silicone cases so they're reusable I have some dry spray deodorant here hand sanitizer just because everybody's gonna be using hand sanitizer before they touch my baby's hands down even though my room comes with it it's really nice to have hand sanitizer remover wipes I got this from Walmart again it was no more obviously it was no more than two dollars I have my Dove soap that's it here I know that I'm gonna be on my c-section so I'm gonna be there a maximum four days so I usually would just bring my dove body wash but I'm pretty sure I can go through this within two days I like to lever up leather up so if this goes out then I have the same brand of soap and smelling scent in this travel size case right here some shaving cream I don't know if I'm going to want to shave my legs while I'm in the hospital I might maybe day three or so but if I do my husband can definitely help me shave my legs I just helped some Colgate mouthwash and I have so much toothpaste and then I just have two pads my Hospital provides really really good quality parts they actually provide the always brand so this is actually a path that my hospital provided me when I have my circle OSH place and these are high quality I use always anyways but then I haven't saw overnight pad just in case I need it so I'm really packing two cards and another thing that I don't have in this bag just because I mean I know I'm gonna be there a maximum of three to four days maybe five my mode will come in by then so I'm gonna have breast pads as well just in case my hospital doesn't provide it my honestly should ask my hospital what they provide and what they don't provide and then lastly I just have this little travel-size razor that I got for I want to thank target so up next I have this little folder right here this something that I didn't have in my previous video so I'm glad that I'm doing this video out of a folder and it actually hides my twins names on it so I don't want to show you guys this but this is so I can get handout from the hospital whether it's appointments or it's just handouts useful handouts helpful handouts and stuff like that appointments birth certificates informations and then I have each baby's name a file for each baby's name on here that way there's something to a potential one baby I can just put it in this little slot so yeah I think a folder divider of some sort is necessary when you are getting ready to have a baby because they give you so many hair belts in the hospital next is something new that I went ahead and purchased just because I don't know if my hospital provides provides it if they do great if they don't I already have it and it was really really affordable so I got this belly bands off of Amazon and had really great reviews and it wasn't that expensive I didn't want to get a fifty dog belly band but belly bands are essential for after c-section just so you can feel kind of put together and I knew after I had Ava my c-section was so rough getting up the first time you go to the bathroom and they forced you to walk and yeah it's just not fun but first the first time you get up after a c-section so a belly band is a must and I'm super excited to use this one just because it's stretchy and it it will conform I perform it'll come to my body which is really really nice I just hope that it's not too tight gotten this size extra large just because I don't really know how I'm gonna be postpartum or after I have these babies so up next I just have this little laundry bag right here I can just throw on my dirty laundry here my husband has one of his hospital bag is loved just so when we get home it's so easy instead of us having to go through all of our dirty laundry I can just say hey babe can you just do that bad laundry and the washing machine know that everything in this bag is either dirty or whatever the case may be so a single Marjorie back a laundry bag is essential because to be quite honest after I have babies I'm not I'm not like it takes me about a week to unpack my bags so just having laundry done it's so much easier one thing that I did which is really really helpful for me especially for organization is that I just put all of my I put I put that with my packing cubes just in one large packing cube it has made life 10 times easier my husband can honestly just bring me this whole thing and I know exactly where everything is but I don't depend on him to go through each and every packing key like this is a packing cube right here and yeah so I just got my juice I decided to use this the extra-large packing cube so in this packing cute I of course have my house shoes approaches these house shoes from Walmart there were 288 and I purchased a pink pair and I have like four pairs of these little slippers they are so durable they're cheap but they're durable and I did need something fancy and if they get messed over in the hospital or too dirty I can't throw them away honestly there's 288 and I can still go back to warmer and get more so I'm personally living and how shoes and then up next I just have these adidas slides these are so stinking cute I got them off Amazon and I need a new slides regardless so the fact that I can use these in the shower I can use it the walk around in they were just really really nice I don't think I'm the only thing I think I'm worried about is that I'm gonna smoke either gonna slow up my feet swelled after pregnancy for some odd reason they don't might be never men smile on my face fool it up with avenue to pre class that might be never slowed up with ansel so it hasn't a tight fit so i guess we'll we will see about these Oh before I get into the whole of the bag I just hop this little pocket cube right here I'm not gonna open it cuz it has my undies and my socks and nursing bras but I thought two nursing bras in here habit and want to have a on all the same and then I have three pairs of underwear I'm pretty sure we live and the hospital underwear so I'm not I'm not complaining about that maybe after day two or maybe one day three wear my own underwear by William cannon he brought my own underwear so I think three is plenty enough unless you're the kind of person that wants to wear their own underwear me personally the best finder where does the job right and that way you can just throw them away you don't have to mess over your own and of course these underwear right here grandma panties or Hanes nothing fancy at all if I mess over them then I can just throw them away so up next comes all of the clothing items and I understand I did have to change a couple items for you know comfort reasons I have a lot of leggings in here so I have this one pair of striped leggings right here I'm not gonna unfold it and then I have like this spaghetti strap top that I got from Walmart really easy to breastfeed if I want I have the road bra with this if I choose not to or can wear this with the nursing bra but this is one set of clothes I think I have one two three four I think I have five pairs of clothes just in case an accident happens I'd rather be prepared just in case when my babies have to stay in the NICU or I have to say longer something happens I have extra clothing so well that's nice oh I have these pants right here and they can be hoisted if you want them to be but it's a fact that they have like this little band right there and I can put it pull it over my c-section incision which is really really nice I don't have to worry about tightness I didn't want tight tight pants because I know they can irritate your c-section incision and then with this outfit I just have a white plain white t-shirt the theme for this is all dark colors so yeah and then up next I just had a Victoria's Secret Pink v-neck and then I have some capris that I got from Old Navy these are kind of same the same type of caprese last legends that I were throughout my whole pregnancy but these are the chopped' ones or si Gotham o Navy and they're extra-large right now and if I mess over these nobody will ever know and these two go together so yeah and then up next I just have a pajama set that I got from Walmart if you want to see how this looks or how it unbuttons or whatever the case may be I have it in my other Hospital back video that's linked link in the description box as well as the cart so go ahead and check that video out calculus one if you guys are interested in seeing like a fall and out of everything I mean just chit-chatting with you guys but this video it's not going to be a Chitty chatty video text so up next I just have an black pair of leggings that go above my incision not under it and that way is that irritating it and then I just have a black nursing tank that I got from Amazon this is how it looks just in case and then of course the nursing tank it does clip Oh before I break it kanji and it just clips right there which is nice so my last piece of clothing that I went ahead and I added was this really beautiful all-black flowy dress from Amazon I'm gonna open up I show you guys since I did not show you guys this and then I have to wash I'm not gonna wash this or not I'm probably in but it's this really really long flowy dress I might wear this as a coming home outfit I don't know I will link this in the description box just because it's new I also post pictures on the screen that way you guys know how it looks and this is a black dress as I said I have a theme going if I mess over it if I leak through something you know who knows and honestly depending on how I feel the day I get released from the hospital I might not wear this dress most should be honest I might not want to wear a dress alright where some slides which with this dress I'm probably gonna wear my adidas slides like I'm not gonna be looking cute whoa no we'll see but yeah that dress is was really affordable I think it was like no more than twenty two dollars for a maxi dress at that so lastly I'm bringing just these two adult diapers I'll be wearing this on the car ride home just because with traffic or unless I don't really know what time of day I'm gonna be going home and we live an hour away from our hospital and it's an hour and some change it's an hour plus with traffic so I don't want to leak through anything so I'm gonna have two pairs of adult diapers right here these the only ones I'm gonna bring to the hospital my house is filled with them I've heard great things about them they're super comfortable and nobody really knows that you're an adult diaper which is really really nice I wore one after my cerclage and I really need laughs you're my so college but I still wore one just in case leakage or spotting or something happens but yeah super comfortable I suggest if you're gonna be traveling a long period of time to get back to the hospital with your babies I definitely suggest getting a little diapers even at home I'm talking about these to sleep if anything so everything I bring for my c-section hope this video was not long at all that was my goal I didn't want to you know do a long Chitty chatty video with you guys I just want to go ahead and put the information out just because my last video was pretty pretty darn long and I was like congee girl this is long so I didn't want to bore you guys this time around so hopefully you guys got a lot of information and yeah I am 36 weeks out of today and we'll be being our little girls in a week and it's so exciting and I'm so nervous and I'm just anxious I'm so anxious and yeah thank you guys so much for watching if you guys haven't seen my previous videos or my previous hospital video preserve before I leave all those links in the description box as well as the cult and I'll see you guys on my next video


  1. Thats so crazy a week from now (technically yesterday now) my Midwives scheduled me to be induced! Our babies could have the same birthday 🎉

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