What's In My Hospital Bag? (Planned C-Section)

can you see yourself and looking at the position hi Emily I thought I'd do what in my hospital bag video and because I am days now from my due date and otherwise I probably have baby and then I've use my flag another printing video and you can tell about a really really bad cold again company bit which is great just what you need in your 39 weeks pregnant and I've got rode really horrible three cough things so that's good and I've actually got an elective c-section booked so I know when I'm going I know it happen pretty much at the last time and if you want to read about all of my sort of deliberations about the whole c-section issue and things like that then all of the videos are on the uphill Channel and all of my posts about it are on the uphill blog and unlinked both those below so let's go on this shall we hostel bad for a c-section I don't really think that what I've gotten here is much different to the hospital bags that I packed when I thought that I was gonna be having a natural straight board birth I'm doing something called an enhanced recovery program in which they aim to get you back out of hospital by two o'clock the next afternoon she's slightly concerned about not concerned but it sounds quite quick obviously if you don't feel ready they're not gonna sort of Chuck you out but it's more the second time mums who don't want to spend less time in hospital and it just lets get out there and so obviously a technical scar and a baby are okay they don't let you go if it's not safe but there's the option to sort of speed things up basically oh my god waffle waffle waffle I thought this side it's changing maggots in its size by stream and it's a gorgeous leather bag and it sort of sponsoring this big school thing and I use it a lot for traveling when we're going places with Angelica it's got loads of different sections and little pocket for business it's very handy and it can I would be quite small and you can buy a shoulder bag or it folds out into this big square something I've got it folds out and then 1/2 bits will it mum stuff never have stuff is base stuff and then in the middle just some essentials that if I really want to know where something is like cereal bars and my kindle and I'll put my phone in there's all my phone charger when I go to the hospital then I'll know in the middle so let's start with the month that just some basic top this is a really old abercrombie and fitch top that my is not lying sneaking on top and then I was going to tell me a nostalgic story behind that bits are on top and then I've got this soft stripy top from gap that's what allottee both of those are fairly non so they because it's cover your bottom which is nice and a cover your tummy and the kids I would thought that once you goes bad becoming a sort of deflated that doesn't you're really pregnant quite as well and it's being and dummy and after a c-section it's sort of preparing really uncomfortable so you don't want anything touching it that's tight I also got my manuka you can't really see them but they're like great tyrant trousers short things really soft and the waistband doesn't have any and sort of definite and I think the whole thing is really stretchy but there's no point where it would dig into your skin or anything like that and it goes right up in my buzz at the moment which means that it will stay nice and far away from the c-section and wound which is important so they're going in and just another basic hmm stretchy best talk because that you need to breastfeed in and I've got customers feeding bras they're not feeding browsers or feet brass feeding wrappings the songs from mother care and it's soft and it's got crossover look so you can just like that which is good and then the other one that I've got which is much larger and I'm not sure which of these is going to fit me the same kind of idea really soft cotton again and this is joking man baby and yeah I just at this particular moment in time the whole birthing sort of thing I feel like the whole drop-down more structured bra thing is a bit unsuitable because you just want to be your lying bad you can't set back properly you just want to get them out when you get them out you know and I've been definitely really soft and comfy loads and loads of Mukesh these are just M&S I'll put a link to them they're like big full cotton brief and they come up right over my buns at the moment so again they'll stay really far from the c-section range wrists what I want disposable breast pads is O'Lantern a ones I use them a lot last time and then these ones working the usable bamboo ones and you stick them in a wash which I switched to after a few months of breastfeeding last time I didn't really know they did but I use these if I was just at home they're no good for if you're out and about setting bulky and they show and they flip around but actually for those first couple of months where you'll just sit at home and on milky and you know in your dressing gown all the time they're actually find those ones more NIC is there and I've got feeding night dress from Sarafine which is very gorgeous just cuz I thought if I do manage to sort of get up or someone helps me get up and I can and put a light clothes on skasely and at least it makes you feel a little bit better but met rather than last time I just felt like I was sort of wandering in my own service that makes any sense Mitch what a nice feeling so this time hopefully I'm gonna be a bit more organized and a bit on top of things and I can make myself feel a little bit better while in there in flux absolute necessity although I can't imagine I'm going to use them because you're just so tuned into what your baby's doing suppose but see how that goes and then I've got some disposable nasty facts more to put maternity pads in really thin naked because you can't we get that better first bits of mass tends to be the midwives tend to do the neck is and but just you know in case I need to get rid of anything basically from the bedside these are taking up honestly about half of my hospital bag repellency pads now look these are like mattresses these ones I've got two different types that I'm testing always ultra and they're night ones and there are lots in there they've got wings they stick really well and that their needs which is sort of very natural and then cotton and they're called nature hair and natural care but they're really sick and they don't quite stick as well I'm trying both out just to compare because there's too much information I know that there was certain time when a postpartum last time and things sort of sanitary towel but got the more plastic he covers on they really irritated me so the metallic has that will resource cotton I found be better but they weren't as absorbent so under their contest disguise sacrifices I make for you tell war so that's it metallic pad Lantern Oh nipple cream this is my ones and fast I round it's about just under ten pounds I think but you know I think you can any a bit it's so good little goes a long way I'd say this is the one to go for really if you're looking for a nipple cream you can't go wrong with that I've got an eye mask although I can't imagine I'm going to use it I've got my glasses Kindle I've got 70 bath I'm injecting your coffee I do drink herbal tea and I thought that you know if any one opportunity when I'm recovering I can assassin some hot water and pop one of those in and it's poked out with wings as well because you can get bit funny after you have c-section I'm the last time and then I've got about a million failure bars I've got these naked ones and I've got nutriment which I took last time as well for breastfeeding just increase milk production and things like that I don't know whether they work they did miss actually so I thought I'll try them again as well what's the harm and what from honest tablets to help the breathing and recovery of some wind up and the later I bought go to Amazon and in the baby side millions of Massey and Diesel's comes free when you get some certain stage of your pregnancy you get this pack from the rid life and it's got samples of second New Hampshire's size life and then I've got my package size to you because the baby is predicted to be quite large about hellhounds I don't know whether it will be but actually to cover both bases which is why also the clothes that I've got in here all different sizes of round now just a fasting big friend newborn doesn't it so I've got nought to three months which is up to and doesn't pound something I think and then i've got really tiny bits of pieces as well but term nothing too tiny because with Angelica I was told I was having a seven pound baby I don't know how she knew that she obviously she didn't Angelica was nine pounds 11 so none of the clothes I took lost to actually fit her and he was like squashed uh pretend eggs all sort of bunched up in the bottom of the baby grade so I'm not making that mistake this time I've got a couple of really small things that then everything else is sort of not to three months in preparation for a slightly larger baby and you know what mother Harris is round the corner from the hospital back 30 seconds away so if I need anything else what most of the pain I've got all this I discovered but I'm not taking all sides with me then we have got bit lot really dirty old hip hop and I'll tell you why because I will probably throw me that when I get home at the hospital I'm really funny about hospitals and really funny about hostage urns and the ones as all taking fluffy sinners and make your feet all night long like no way my kids might add slippers with me flip-flops you can jet spray them disinfect them afterwards and these are just really old don't really care about them anyway I bet about 12 years and I thought you just don't just flip them on but they're just a bit more hygiene you can that you can rinse them off and stuff like that just we're now really lucky one I bought them a large run from a bus the other day some fifteen quid I heard Ms League warm and I thought you know what that'll last me for the whole sort of poke past and bit until I'm back to normal and I'm finally my toiletries stuff I've got toothbrush toothpaste hand sanitizer very important even though hospitals have got those hand sanitizers things everywhere and you still want to sort of have your own little and then in this side I've got a hairbrush eye cream moisturizer hand cream and then I have got a mascara and a concealer and a little BB cream just a very very streamlined and I've got headbands keep my hair my face and hair bands and my NV organic various using moisturizer alert I've got it in this little tiny pot here just because I know you've got to have something I think that makes you feel comfortable and like home and I find is really good at setting my skin anyway so it's calming it down and stuff that yeah and I've got my cellar water and cut wolf Kendra's because I can't imagine I'm going to be counting backwards and forwards the backings do a full ending tagine mostly it's going to be done at the bedside as I said technically I should be adult and modern cloth but these and wipes for cleaning up myself the binding to you and I can't get the bathroom I'm not talking about like spoiling my fat bear by the way okay they like it so everything I think that people thing probably miss some stuff of I'm going to do another recheck later on tonight but yeah and I thought to my hospital bag to c-section I think the only difference is that I sorta chosen clothes and knickers and facets don't touch where the scar will be where the wound will be that's pretty much the only change that I think that I've made to last times and I've got a lot more knickers and a lot more maternity pads and the baby clothes are slightly bigger I've got less again with me just having this baby hat somewhere as well I haven't used a baby hat that Jenica although it looks I didn't ever put one on her maybe ever told me I wouldn't even though you as opposed to a baby hat on them I know you don't even put one on her when we left also a bit one limits heatwave so that's probably why to do it anyway that's something my hostel bag hope that you joined it wish me luck and the next time you seen your video I will have had a baby by pre-recorded a couple of things so I probably won't allude to that I will try and get back to you my cat with little time one moment nurse turning off with my and to update and hello I would stuff like that and yeah make sure you check out the baby channel as well and I'll put some it links to videos that I've done recently there for you see you later bye

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  1. It's so weird. I'm watching this today for the second time, and now when I look at you, and you say things like "when I'm going to places with Angelica", I just realise (stupidly) you were a mom of one then, now you are a mom of two, and I don't know I have that same feeling when you look at someone before they become a mother and then after, and you realise now they are a different person with such a different life (in a good way, hopefully). Nothing in life changes you so much I think, not a new job, nothing. Maybe death, yes, but being a mother, and then having a second, a third. I'm "waffling" :). I'm 20 weeks pregnant with the second myself, maybe that's why :).

  2. Love how honest you are such a beautiful women, what a wonderful mother thank you for all you do and the misconceptions you smash πŸ’•

  3. I love this! Really great tips and things to use! I was hoping my baby would come after this video so I could see and add or adjust my own hospital bag but he ended up coming on the exact day you posted this! Ah well, still good info and Pinterest helped me out (although I overpacked)!
    Congratulations on your little one! πŸ™‚

  4. I wish you luck I had my first baby natural and the second last June c section πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯ it was not easy as I thought it would be!!!! actually the pain was even more than my first .I thought also I could rock my belly belt but no it was unpleasant the edge of the belt went into the scar πŸ˜‘ !

  5. Had the exact same thing with Allways pads after the birth. I used Vania, not super think but very absorbent and not that plasticy feeling. (Or you could try washable ones, those are great!)

  6. Hello Ruth ! I cannot help but commenting on this one ! About the peppermint tea ! I don't know if you had issues with Angelica with milk production, but just to let you know, peppermint tea can stop this process… So In case you drink it and in case your milk is not coming quite fast or quite as much as for Angelica, try to switch tea ! πŸ™‚ Good luck for the c-section ! And have a very nice meeting with your new baby !

  7. Good luck and hope all goes well for you and the baby! Thanks for sharing with us.

  8. I cannot wait to see what you will have Ruth.the very best of wishes to you,and congratulations in advance! Take care.xx

  9. Instead of the Always Night pads, try the Always Infinity! They're much softer and less plasticky πŸ™‚

  10. all the best Ruth!
    after my emergency section 9am I was up showered and home by 4pm next day. I was fine but I think it is too soon so hopefully all goes well for you.

  11. Good luck! I completely get the wallowing in ones own fluids thing, felt exactly the same after my first but I've just had my second and it was all soooooo much better. For sanitary pads I found the boots maternity ones didn't irritate at all, even the thin ones

  12. Best of luck Ruth….lovely, lovely honest down-to-earth video…..all your "YouTube" Team…are all thinking about you and hope all goes wonderfully well for you, Mr. AMR, Angelica….and the home team of dogs/cats…..you are surrounded by a worldwide coterie of women wishing you well. Love from Melbourne, Australia xxx

  13. Good luck Ruth! Need to get all this ready sooner than later….a few more months and it will be my turn!

  14. Love this, you're so chill =D I'm wondering about something though – how does it work with vaginal bleeding and discharge when you have a c-section? Is it the same as with a vaginal birth? And also, are you still sore and have to wait with sex? Sorry if this is a bit invasive to ask – I'm just curious =D

  15. Oh goodness. It's been a long time since I had my babies but this brought back so many memories. Best wishes xx

  16. You will, you will make yourself feel better !! I chose a v bac and actually had 3rd degree tears and 3litres of blood loss ! So was in a pretty bad way – but having face wipes to get myself fresh and enough shower toiletries DID help!! And those natracare pads are the best – I have a 6m old now and a 4 yr old and it's SOOOO different the second time but you are prepared better. Good luck friend xx

  17. loved your post on the uphill.come about your decision..very eye opening the ruth..may God be with u and your baby

  18. Lansinoh is a fantastic lip balm in the winter too! One of my sisters had 3 cesarean deliveries (one set of twins in there!) and I know it's a big recovery. At least you know what to expect this time. Best wishes to you! πŸ’›

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