What's In My TWO Diaper Bags For A Newborn & Two Toddlers

hi guys welcome back to my channel welcome to my channel if you are new today I'm a little nervous to be making this video instead of saying I'm so excited for today's video like I do in every single intro today I'm nervous to do this video and there's comments on this video on my vlogging channel there's no comment so like I don't feel as nervous but there's comments on this one which means I could get a lot of hate for this one for today's video I wanted to share with you guys with what I keep in my bag with not only a newborn but three children so there's a lot you gotta bring but the part that is very different is I spend a stupid amount of money on the bags of my shoes shoes stupid amount of money so I'm going to show you guys two different bags and the reason being is because I use two different bags I'm very very often and I wanted to show you guys the both both the ways that I organize them so I have a big bag that I use it for when I take all the kids out and especially like when I'm going to the office to do work or something like that because it is bigger and bulkier and then I have a bag that I use when I'm not taking my newborn out so it's a lot smaller I don't bring the same things in it and I wanted to show you both things so the first one that you guys would probably see me use it's been on my nearly vlog channel this channel everything and this is my Louboutin never full I love this bag it has pink on the inside which is like my favorite thing ever and yeah so this is obviously the bigger bag this is very this is like bigger than I am and I really like it because it's kind of a bucket bag concept so inside you could just like put literally whatever like throw it in there I actually do have one of these I actually just got this off of Amazon I'll have a link down below but this is just you put it in and but a big your purse is now organized I love the bucket by concept of this but sometimes especially with three kids it can get really unorganized and then I'm shuffling through everything so I feel like that kind of adds a little bit of organization to it I try to always have water with me because I always find that I don't drink the water and I'm extremely thirsty so obviously it's just good to have water I don't mean to over explain that and then I a camera charger because obviously do log almost every day so we always need extra batteries and then I have my breast pump again I do bring this bag to work and because I am now supplementing with formula I leave the baby home but I still do give her like her bottles are half formula half breast milk so I have to pump on at work and then the rest of what's in the bag is in the little organization thing right here this pink thing that I just showed you there's nothing more on the sides there is a zipper pocket but I don't actually put anything in there which I should put like smaller things but I don't know also it's great about that is if you are putting kid stuff in your Louie Vuitton bag again they're very expensive and I feel like if you put water and snacks in the bottom of the bag and spills I would be so I would be so sad so the fact that if it spills in the little organizer it's fine it doesn't really matter it's super cheap off Amazon so the first thing I have is a dirty this is real this is a dirty burp cloth I think that's either boogers or throw-up these are the green sprouts burp cloths which I really like that might just feel like the fabric is really observant this is mainly my mommy bag so I have an extra pair of clothes for Avery I have some diapers for her actually I need to put more there's only two in here and I feel like with newborns you need like for some extra hair ties for myself and this is all and like I feel like I need to do like a clothes closet so this is all in this bigger half of it like it has like two sides some pockets and then it also has a middle thing which I keep my debit cards credit cards and like pennies and change in there and I feel like it keeps it all together so it's not spilling all over my purse but so in that one half I have an extra hat for her just in case it's cold it is becoming summer so that's not really something I have to worry about but I have one just in case and then some hair ties for myself and then I have some saline drops I don't know why but she's like super nasally and I thought maybe in the beginning she was just sick but I literally think she's like permanently nasally and and I have some desitin this is my favorite but Karina ever I really really like it and I feel like it you put it on once in the rash goes away and then I have this thermometer and thermometer and then I have these you know I've had this with all three of my kids I rarely use them so when I am at next baby I don't think that I'm gonna get it like it's one of those things that like yeah it's nice to have but it's not necessary this is like a diaper bag diaper trash basically like they turn kind of like a dog you want like you take it out and put the diaper and it tie it up put it in your person it won't make your personal it's handy it's just realistically I'm pretty close to a trash can most times so I feel like this is useful but like not make a break and then in like one of the pockets here that you can see I have a extra being he always in this Cecily and I have some headphones which is also always a necessity when I'm editing random places especially when we travel this is so nice because I don't want to hear myself talk out loud in front of people let alone the other people hearing me Tom to my blog you know I mean and then again in the middle I just have like my cards and stuff which I won't show you but this side is now empty and then these pockets headphone binky cards and then in here I keep my planner I switch planners I swear every two weeks it's really really bad and right now I'm not even actually using this planner I'm using a app calendar which I really like but it's not this I really do like this one though that's why I keep it in my purse and I also have so many notes and you know section of this for like videos and stuff like that that that's why I continue to carry it around and then I have just I don't know I have this this goes with the camera but it's not supposed to be in here so we won't go into detail and I have these goodies that these are Lola a hundred percent cotton tampons I have not yet started my period I think with leave I didn't get it for six months and then Olea I think I went like five months and right now I'm two months postpartum so I'm just not sure when it's gonna happen so I like to carry these with me at all times and fun fact I used to be really terrified of tampons I feel like they're not the greatest for your body with all the fragrances and chemicals that tampons put into your body that just seems so odd to me that you would put like perfume up there but these actually don't have any added chemicals or harsh chemicals or added fragrance nothing like that and again they're 100% cotton they're actually a subscription service so you can go onto their website they have pads wipes panty liners tampons all the good things like that and you can actually customize your box each month for how many you want how many boxes you want and then also you can stop or start or cancel your subscription they're super flexible you don't you're not like locked down to a monthly thing and so to be able to customize things like that makes it really useful and really worth your money not to mention again like it's a subscription service so it comes to your front door you don't have to start your period midday be like oh my gosh I don't have any Pam ponds or pads or whatever you use another really cool fact about this Brynn is that if you do choose to buy their wipes for instance they are biodegradable which is a huge thing because if you guys are familiar with baby wipes clothes are not and they are not flushable they're and they're not good for the environment not to mention that they are all-natural and you can get them an individual package so that you can like take them on the go you don't have a huge packet of wipes and then also something that's really unique about this brand is that tampon brands or feminine care products are not required by the FDA to disclose all the ingredients and chemicals that are in their products such as tampons which i think is really crazy to me that that's not a law for all products i think that you should have to disclose what is in every single product that you're using let alone putting in your body but Lola is so upfront they are so straightforward and they are very open and transparent about everything that's in their products so if you guys would like to check out this brand go ahead and click the link down below or go to my Lola calm and use code okay baby for 40% off of all subscriptions which is a huge discount so I do keep these in my bag and then I also have pens and pencils in the other pocket just because of the fact that I have a planner in here so that is what goes in this and then I just stick it in my purse really easy and sneaky and then it looks so organized and even though it kind of moves around like it shifts from one side to the other it doesn't make a difference and nothing spills out or spills over or anything like that so it keeps my bag pretty organized we won't say very organized but pretty organized and this is where the comments start flooding in the hate comments are rivering down i okay let me give a little backstory so when I was gonna film this I was like well I really want to show you know my everyday bag that I use for the kids and then more of like my individual bag that I use when I'm not bringing the kids but I don't want to come off wrong or I don't want to offend people or I don't want to deal with the hate comments or like what was like there was multiple things that went through my mind and I'm like do I just not show it and I really just don't want to some of you like this is so dramatic but I really just want until you put this out there that I don't want to lie to you guys and I don't want to make it seem like I I don't know I don't hide it and I don't want to lie and that's like even though I may receive hate comments I this is this is what it is you know what I mean I okay I just I feel like I'm nervous I'm over explaining so basically the main thing is I know this is ridiculous I have to Louie Vuitton purses and if you see my daily vlog channel I also have a few other leviton products and I think it makes me nervous because I people are always like oh I wish that you were what you were you know years ago when I was 18 and living with my grandma and pregnant and it's like I appreciate that people liked me back then because I didn't really like myself so I'm grateful that so many people were supportive of me back then but just because I've changed and had the opportunity to buy things like this that I always dreamed of vine does not make me a bad person or less of a person or you know I don't know so I just haven't nervous because I don't want you guys to think that like I'm ever trying to brag or throw things in people's faces or that like why would I spend my money so stupid which is so true why do I spend my money so stupid Louie Vuitton is the one brand that I always always always wanted I remember at Levi's first birthday I remember that a few people brought Louboutins it was actually been never full in a different color and I always wanted it Oscar stepmom had it and I always wanted it like it it was a big thing that signified when I grew up like what money looked like I guess I don't know how to describe this but I felt like I just always always wanted one Louie Vuitton is the one brain I'm not really into brands that much but Louie Vuitton is the one brand that I do spend a lot of my money on and I know it's ridiculous I do not think that it's not but I guess it's kind of like my okay I'm just gonna start over oh my god oh my god oh my god there's so nowhere how did this okay so the next bag that I'm about to show you guys is another Louie Vuitton bag oh I just unclip did it almost dropped it this is an actual bucket bag even though I refer to this as a bucket bag it's not this is technically a bucket bag and I know it's very ridiculous to have two Louboutins I'm I think it's stupid too I really do love this bag it's a bucket bag even though it was calling this bag a bucket bag this one is technically a real bucket bag how many times can you say bucket bag so in here um I really like this purse because it opens up like this to an actual kind of bucket and then it also cinches up I wish this camera can like capture my like all of it I like cinches like that but in here I have this is so random this is what I usually take to work if I don't bring the kid so this is these these are where the brand Ryan and Rose these are cutie clips and cutie paths I love this stuff I actually bring it to work suppose I wanted to take some cute pictures of it and post it this is a brand that I've been buying from for a while now and you really really like so I'm bringing that to work to take some pictures of it I do have my breast feeding bags because like I said as you can see my bags are kind of disorganized like usually I'm switching things from one person to the other so as you can see my breast pump is in that bag but I'm gonna move it to this bag today because I'm not bringing the kids store but I do have these this milk storage bag so at work I can put it from the bottle that I pump into into these and then into the freezer there and then I do actually have wipes and diapers in this bag just in case for whatever reason and do bring the baby or whatever you know it's just always good to have extra clothes especially at this age they have extra clothes and diapers especially at this age they have so many blowouts so it's just not worth the risk to not have this stuff so I do keep that in both bags as well it's desitin this bag is very small it is not meant for a mom so it has two sides and then a middle thing where I keep my cards like I said but this bag is so so limited and then also on the side I have memory cards and two more tampons just in case I'm using this Dagon off the other one had happened to start my period and then I have this bag and a battery so that's kind of like all shoved into it and then in this bag I have kind of smaller stuff so I don't have to like dig in my purse and this is advil I have had like chronic migraines for years and years and years although it has gotten a lot better over time I don't like the medicine that they prescribed you for chronic migraines it's like it's terrible makes me nauseous so I don't use it I just carry a delivery and then I have my lippy which I really really like and my chapstick and this you're probably like what in the world this is a pork with a screw on it the first time that we ever packaged things at the warehouse we did like a little Cheers and so the wine that we were using we didn't have a wine opener so Todd you use this like nail and somehow managed to get out so I saved it for sentimental purposes I need to not have it at my purse and put it at the warehouse like frame it or something I wanted to put it in a memory box so I put it in here so I wouldn't lose it and then also I have my chapstick and more chapstick and more chapstick because we have no me I have something wrong with my lips I have since I've been pregnant with Avery and then had her it's still not going away my lips are always chapped to the point that they're bleeding it's really bad really disgusting actually peppermint essential oil and then I have this kale plus vitamin C hydro hyaluronic acid per food firm and brightening serum I can't say I like it or not because I haven't used it much to be honest so that is all in here and then in the middle like I said I just have things like my passport my money my jazz you know so if you get made it all the way through the video which I'm sure it's a very limited amount of you because I totally rant in this video and I apologize but videos like this and just get nervous for because I don't I don't know I guess I like to see the point of view of what the haters have like when they're like oh my god why would you spend your money on that thought is too expensive like those are things that I'm self-conscious about because I know it's true so I get nervous you know like I know I know it's stupid I know just comment down below right now just like stupid I'm so sorry I'm just thank you sitting here thinking it's so stupid I can't believe I do it either oh also I forgot to add that I also have this binky again this is by the brand Ryan rose and actually they I think from what I understood from her Instagram story from Ryan and Rose is that they are I'm gonna be in Target stores now which is super super exciting as a small brand business owner I can't even imagine and like five to ten years if I was able to have that opportunity so seeing that she got that opportunity I mean I know how hard she's worked and also I'd be watched her for many years so well her Instagram she's not a youtuber but on her Instagram stories and stuff and so it's just so surreal so anyways I have one of these and it really green I love this cutie clip I'm sure some of you are wondering wait I'm confused where is your like toddler stuff because they are two and three I don't need to carry a lot them especially they're both nap potty-trained so I don't need diapers I don't oh my gosh I don't even have wipes in any of these oh yeah there's wipes didn't want and I was like I don't have wife really all I need for them is snacks and wipes and the snack that wasn't here they ate so I actually need to restock my snacks but that's pretty much all you put for toddlers I don't need to bring a lot just because they don't poop in diapers and they don't need a change of clothes most times so I don't have to worry about that but yeah that's pretty much it for this video I hope that you guys enjoyed I don't know if I just haven't made a video in a long time so I don't know how and I just don't know how to stop ranting and I don't know how to explain myself and I just need to practice this video type thing because I feel like I've forgotten how to do YouTube hello okay but I hope you guys enjoyed this video and I'll see you guys next time bye [Applause]

28 Replies to “What's In My TWO Diaper Bags For A Newborn & Two Toddlers”

  1. You're allowed to grow up! You've gone through having 3 babies, you're not 18 anymore. People projecting their insecurities on you is their problem. YOU DO YOU BOO.

  2. Hey boo! Wondering if you’ve ever had your lip issue looked at by a doctor? I have the same type of problem, literally if I’m caught without some sort of chapstick/Vaseline/balm for my lips I start to panic. I went to the doctor and they actually tested me for food sensitivities! Turns out that was the issue, BUT all this to say they gave me a prescription cream for my lips and it is a LIFESAVER. 👏🏻 maybe a doctor could help you out too! 😘

  3. I’m not shaming that she’s using Louis Vuitton bags as a diaper bag….but she just doesn’t seem like the type of girl that wears Louis Vuitton from what I see the way she dresses and stuff doesn’t fit into the Louis Vuitton “fit”

  4. Congrats on all you have achieved. You worked hard for everything you have so I see no reason for you to explain yourself. Congrats once again.

  5. Babe! Go easy. You deserve this stuff. Everyone changes and grows, your videos from the start were awesome and loved being able to kind of relate to certain situations, but the fact is, you've grown, and it's awesome to see that, from start to now how far you've come, and also remember where you came from. It's inspiring. And in my opinion, you should be able to buy these things without guilt. The fact you do have guilt shows that you are still remembering your roots etc, which is a good thing, but, accept that you've com so far. Plus another thing is you're actually using these expensive things, you buy them for a reason. Not saying that people who buy them for no reason are wrong lol, but my point is really, just do what you choose! You've earned it and most of us can see that and accept it, you work bloody hard. Love you all

  6. your nails are so pretty! i love the louis vuitton bucket bag! don't be ashamed of your bags. you worked hard for them!

  7. If you put water and snacks in LV bag 😑 don’t be dumb and use a expensive LV bag for a diaper bag common sense

  8. Not hating on the bags whatsoever they’re adorable but I feel like it was more of a purse aside from the two diapers and paci, there wasn’t snacks for the bigger kids or wipes for the baby. I’ve watched back from baby Levi and I’ll always watch and live the vlogs and videos just weird.

  9. MOMMA, you do not need to explain for how you treat yourself for the things that you want, earned and deserve. Don't be too hard on yourself. You've been working hard, too hard sometimes and you deserve everything you currently have. I loved you when you were living with your Grandma and pregnant with Levi, and I STILL LOVE YOU TILL NOW.

  10. honestly don’t feel bad for buying something you always wanted. They always said if you can’t buy it twice don’t buy it at all. You are in an amazing position where you can buy it twice and many more. do you boo❤️

  11. It sucks that you have to explain yourself but no worries girl…..we still love you….dont feel bad for being able to but stuff you want when you have worked your butt off to get to where you are now❤

  12. Girl, don’t worry about what others have to say! You worked so hard for everything you have and no one should try to make you feel bad for it! You deserve to splurge on yourself after all you do for others! I am so proud of you and how far you have come! I can tell that you are so happy with your life and that makes me so happy for you and your family! Keep up the good work and focus on you!! 💗

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