What's inside the IVF Box | IVF Journey

I'm gonna show today in a box all in a box first it comes in this huge box like this in front of your house and then in that box it has heads this which is four four four DS and so they have ice packs and everything everything in here to be frigerator so that came in there so actually I got to put these in there but um came with this because every needle is going to go in here so we got that you got all these medication here and there's another one that's in the kitchen that I'm taking right now comes with a million and one needle because the needle came with three boxes about it for three came with one two three four five five top of these medicines I cannot pronounce it but came five of these more injections showed you that and the the needles the little needles and then alcohol white somewhere in this mess and then this is the pen this is what a pen was in here but the pen is actually here this one didn't hurt at all this pen did not hurt at all but this journey burns it was really really burned but yeah so that fits in a box and then with the mess for the nurse day it's like little pictures of exactly how I have to what I have to take and I think that's it that's everything that was in the bog oh wait there's this too I think this is for like after the egg retrieval for vagina usual way so I guess this is for later um I should tell my shirt says I'm already a hundred and four percent tired which I am I at the other one human in this box here so there's a lot of stuff and Oh we are in a whole bunch of paper instruction it's just a lie a lot in here but we are both very excited and we can't wait no this is day one and and I'm just pumped and pop I'm excited I'm a might pump excited there is too nervous I know but we'll get through this together and um that's it that's it for now um if you have any questions pulse of posted below and don't forget to subscribe to my channel so you can see other videos not just that I am oh my god I just went blank I have IVF come see I'm tired for other things that we do in life we're top let's get this journey going and um yeah and if you're going through this let me know how you feel what what step are you at right now because right now I'm on cycle no I'm sorry day one so um alright guys that's it and then tomorrow morning gotta do the same thing again and I got through this twice a day till so set till Friday and then Saturday I go to the doctor and they're gonna tell me what's in your neck and yeah guys thanks so much for watching till next time hi

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