What’s the best time of year to get pregnant? TTC Tips for MAX fertility

Scientists have known for a long time
that there is a considerable difference in how many babies are born in different
seasons. Today on InfertilityTV, we are going to
use this information to show you when you are most likely to be able to get
pregnant The first thing you need to know about when your peak seasonal fertility is – is that geography matters! Women who live in warm temperature
climates have a different fertility pattern than women who live in colder climates. In warm climates, such as the southern states in the USA there are
less births in the spring. This means that conceptions in the
previous hot summer were lower The same pattern is seen in India Israel and Taiwan August is usually the hottest month in the northern hemisphere Scientists have found that in a warm climate, a hotter August produces less
babies than a more moderate August. This impact of temperature does not seem to occur in cooler climates like the northern United States, Canada or
European countries or at least it’s not as important. It is not known why these temperature fluctuations affect fertility One explanation may simply be
that couples are not having intercourse as frequently in the hot summer months Another theory points to the possibility that heat can reduce sperm numbers and
movement. So our InfertilityTV bottom line is this: if you live in a warm region concentrate your efforts on trying to get pregnant when it’s a
little cooler such as the fall or spring If you live in a cooler climate, don’t
worry about the time of year it probably won’t have much effect Obviously, there are lots of other things that will affect your ability to get pregnant If you’re trying to conceive, check out this playlist for lots of really helpful tips If you have questions or an idea for a future episode, leave it in the comments and you should definitely subscribe to InfertilityTV now for new episodes
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  1. Ive have 2 miscarriages and 1 etopic pregnancy(tube removed).
    My last miscarriage was this March.
    How long should I wait to try again?

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