20 Replies to “When Abortion Became Legal | Roe v. Wade”

  1. Great video! And thanks for the shout out. For anyone interested in the workbook, it's available here: https://www.amazon.com/Great-Supreme-Court-Cases-Activities/dp/149058613X/

  2. She neglected to talk about her belief in Eugenics for people of color. And the population control spoken of was to, "pluck the weeds…", meaning African American peoples, the poor & of colors world wide. Step two of her plan was Abortion, because birth control & forced sterilizations wasn't doing it fast enough. Her plan was to rename/rebrand "birth control" to "Planned Parenthood". just the Next step in her plan of ethnic cleansing. Wonder why clinics are in poor neighborhoods??? ( it's Facts- look it up )

  3. Abortion = killer ,demonic influence .Please for God Jesus Christ and Virgin Mary Theotokos mother of God name stop killing children go for adoption!

  4. I know this video has been out for a while, so It's probably a long shot to hear from you, but I have been having trouble figuring out the Justices' rationale for how the right to privacy plays into abortion rights. I couldn't find a satisfactory answer elsewhere online, so I'd really appreciate one from you. Thanks, and I'm loving these supreme court briefs.

  5. Byrron White and William Rehnquist were right. Therefore, the big lie Roe vs Wade will go away, the current constitutional majority on the court will make that happen. Don't forget that Roe herself wanted it to be overturned.
    And think about that: White and Rehnquist were the only 2 justices who lived into the 3 millenium, the 7 bench-legislators died earlier.

  6. Loved the manner you presented this controversial subject. Just the chronological facts, with no bias I could see. Great job!

  7. I know it is controversial to think this but I do not believe a woman should have the choice, nor liberty, to kill her child. I know, shocking idea. Much in the same way a father should not be free to beat up their kids or what have you.

    Stating "it must be allowed because making it illegal would be going against this individual's privacy (of all things)" is rather balderdash in my opinion. That is like stating, "drug dealers have a right to privacy, let them sell drugs in peace." What does this have to do with privacy? More than anything and everything has got to do in some way with privacy I mean.

    In the state of New York women between the ages of 18 and 50 45% of women have had an abortion within their lifetime, 33% of pregnancies have ended in an abortion, on average.

    Stop using the argument of "but what if like rape", I hardly think millions of people are getting raped every year.

    Learn to live with the consequences of your actions, do not do acts which you do not want the consequence of.

    Don't want a child? Don't be a whore. Goes for man and woman, naturally, as it takes two to tango.

  8. Russia (USSR) was the first country to fully legalize abortion in 1925 which is kinda progressive.

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