25 Replies to “When Abortion Was Illegal: Untold Stories”

  1. "Silent Scream" right here on youtube.It's 28 minutes and you will not watch it because it exposes you MURDERERS for what you are….Straight up murder.If you killed unborn puppies or broke an eagle egg you WILL do time in prison if your caught….there's hell coming for this sick satanic behavior.Hide and watch.

  2. Boohoo! Do you want to hear a real tear jerker? I was just lounging around in my own little private heated swimming pool thinking pleasant thought's when the next thing I knew someone was trying to rip me appart with the pointy end of a coat hanger back in the good old day's, but today, they would be using stainless steel surgical tongs to rip my arm's and leg's off and crush my 💀 skull 💀! Now isn't this a real tear jerker? GOD is 'PROCHOICE'!!! GOD say's, "TODAY I SET BEFORE YOU LIFE AND DEATH, CHOOSE…!!! " Today you choose for two! So what is your choice? Life or death?

  3. Calling yourself pro life is so ironic because illegal abortions are gonna happen regardless and end up killing so many women

  4. I half watched half of this documentary. First I'm sorry that these women had such horrible experiences. Most importantly, these are stories that would not happen today. The shame and ridicule for becoming pregnant outside of marriage is no more. There are loving families lined up waiting to adopt children born of women who do not feel prepared to race them. Medicine and education about pregnancy is far more advanced at this point and as a result the woman who was told she would die due to pregnancy may not even have an issue with pregnancy today due to the advances in medicine. Do I think an obstetrician should go to jail if they do a d&C on a woman he will surely die without it? No I do not I think that should be a safe and legal process. I think abortion to end an inconvenience should remain illegal. I think a woman who is going to die if she does not terminate a pregnancy is a completely different thing.

  5. One man's garbage is another man's gold.
    Who can define what a "good" or :miserable" life is, or might be, or what is "best"?
    Fact is we ALL CAN & DO, but even our very best guesstimates are not "WISDOM".
    Deprivety, suffering, inconvenience, difficulty, hardship, challenging, sorrow etc…. all teach us great lessons unavailable through the school of ease and unfettered abundance.
    Believing we know what's best for another soul, is simply arrogant and presumptuous at best, criminal, unethical and immoral at worst, when OUR OWN LIVES & WORLD reflect just how little we really know about WISDOM.
    Back alley coat hanger abortions are choices just as was spreading your legs, and taking full life long responsibility for our choices are neither popular, comfortable, nor usually convenient.

  6. That woman will not be voted back into legislation anybody who voted to outlaw abortion in Alabama I can almost guarantee you will they never be voted back in not in any way shape or form or any state they fucked their careers doing this dumb shit… Who the hell are they to tell women how to live they're fucking lives… This is bad. Very very very bad that the government thinks they have the right to control a woman's body… Let one of their mistress her pregnant and they'll be shittin and a gettin to get across state lines to abort that unwanted pregnancy…

  7. Lets not forget some women have babies that are going to have miserable lives; Say they have medical issues
    Have some compassion for the women who give up their pregnancies. It’s not an easy choice either. Don’t judge when you’ve never gone through it

  8. Birth control pills and condoms needs to be available every where now.. If they are going to outlaw abortion, they need to provide birth control in public high schools… People stop having sex just is not going to happen, lowering the number of people getting pregnant could happen.. So, if they are going to ban abortion, let's prevent pregnancy.

  9. To those wailing about 'God's word'. America.Is.Not.A.Theocracy!!! Government is secular and plural, and cannot establish theocratic rule.

  10. If you participate in the act of sexual intercourse, you might just get pregnant. So therefore, don't have unprotected sex. Got it? Abortion is murder!!!

  11. Let these women kill their babies with no consequences! Forget teaching women to be responsible and accountable.

  12. Everybody is talking about options, YET NO ONE OFFERS THE OPTION OF ABSTINENCE… i understand the hurt of the people that have gotten raped and the onces that were left alone to deal with their pregnancy but adoption is the best choice for them… It will be hard, it will be a sacrifice, but everything worth doing in life requires a sacrifice and all lives matter…
    For one day we will all face the throne of judgement whether they or you believe it or not, accept it or not, it will happen.

  13. I am grateful that my kidneys did not begin to fail until one week before my due date. Had my kidney showed weakness sooner I may have had to abort. My labor had to be immediately induced. I was sixteen. Doctors said I was lucky I got pregnant at such a young age and found out about my kidney disease early. They tied my tubes before the age of seventeen.

  14. Safe for who??
    The baby being ripped to shreds?

    Don’t want kids… don’t have sex. 99% of abortions are because a child is inconvenient.. not rape.

  15. That one woman talks about how hard it was to give her baby up for adoption. Well, at least her baby got to live and be raised by a loving family. And now, with open adoptions, ancestry DNA etc, it's possible to reunite with the biological child or even see him or her as they're growing up. It's no longer such a closed thing in which you may never see the kid again. She talks about girls being expected to give the baby away in adoption like it's nothing. Well, isn't killing it in an abortion and throwing it out with medical waste treating it even more like it's nothing?!

  16. Abortion is not only about ending pregnancy is also about ending a little heart beat which is a human life! But people look at it ohh it's pregnancy and just a "baby" it already forming to a human soo basically peoppe who are getting abortion are killing a human being inside of them who can't speak for it self to live and wants a future. It is murder even if it is a baby a toddler a teen or a grown man because they're all human even in your fetus. Like how can someone end a human life ???

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