38 Replies to “When can one wear a postpartum belly belt? – Dr. Punitha Rangaraj”

  1. Hello maam….
    Meri delivery ko 1 year ho gya h Mera pet Kam nhi ho huaa Kya kre please bataeye…..

  2. Hi
    Now my baby is 4 month old and my tummy not get back to normal condition can I wear the belt from now please

  3. Delivery ai 5 months aindi operation aindi mam..
    Potta chala ochindi..belt tho pothundha plz plz plz rly mam..

  4. Hi doctors circle channel if you can't reply to your viewers then i think their is no use of making videos on this channel.

  5. Can I use this after the 2 month of C section… Before delivery weight is 58 presnt 45 but main problem is my stomach… Plz rply to me as early as possible.

  6. one year happen I got c section … now my weight is 65 …. I want to reduce .how should I do plz tel me

  7. I have been using an herbal tea "mummy magic tea" of secretsofte.com which I started right after the birth of my DS, glad to see that it really helped me get back to my pre-pregnancy weight

  8. Mera baby ko pure 2sall ho gaya hI but my tummy is still big as 4 month is going on can u guide me from were I will get this belt and for how much

  9. Hy I have 4 kids my last baby is 3nhalf years now but I have a belly pooch can dis work 4 me aswell pls replay

  10. Doctor enakku cesarion panni 1year agudhu.Ippo belt use panna stomach reduce aguma evlo nal use pannanum. Please
    Answer me.

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