When Is C-Section the Right Choice? | Baby's Birthday Episode Fourteen

[Applause] welcome to baby's birthday each show joins a mom-to-be and counts down to the birth of their baby reveal in all the drama laughter and tears involved in giving birth because let's be honest giving birth is never a walk in the park to help chart each birth this is the baby's birthday o'clock it's fair to count down to each mums due date and once labour kicks off the clock kicks in and times the birth so you know exactly how long each mums been in labor whether it's two hours or a whopping 20 hours all the action of the birth is boiled down into a half hour show so we'd better crack on today we meet Anna Marie and her partner Steve who are having their first child together this mammoth labour isn't for the faint-hearted thirty-year-old IT teacher Annamarie and their car sales on the partner Steeve have decided now is the time to bring a baby into their lives we decided now was the right time because I just turned 30 Steve's not getting any younger either and I'm quite okay my career now and we've got our house and we've everything settled takes quite a while for Anna Marie to conceive and we were beginning to sort of think that it wasn't going to happen I took a pregnancy test I couldn't wait for Steve to get home so I did it in the morning on my own and then sends me a text message saying he was going to be a dad because I didn't know whether or not he was busy with a client or not and as it was I was secondly that's with a customer at the time and the text message came through and so they looked at it in the thought right I couldn't get away to go and sort of say like great you know and it's everything okay and you know are you sure it cetera because it means a lot to both of us really it's something like I say that we really did sit down and think about work out and plan and she was absolutely made up you're so pleased me Mom was over the moon when I told her she didn't believe me at first I actually went down to my mom and my dad's and sat there and told them but didn't come straight out with it at first and my dad got it straight away and he was over the moon and Shelton I yeah yeah and then my mom finally got it and hit me across the face by accident big issues that were happy that she jumped up and was screaming I was really excited took me a few minutes to cotton on what she was telling me but yeah how come I can't wait for the new baby really excited anamarie and Steve have planned every detail of the labor the only detail they're left in the dark about is the sex of the baby quite happy that if they have to do a c-section then that's what they've got to do to get the baby out I have informed everybody that if they have to put me out to do the c-section not to let anybody else know before I do what the baby what the sex of the baby is because I want to be the first well near enough the first is possible to know but no it's not not the labor is just not phase and you whatsoever I just he's got to come out one way or the other and if it comes out with a c-section then that's how it comes out comes out naturally then even better a day before her due date anamarie goes to the hospital to get induced because of a recurring migraine problem doctors have advised her to get her labor started early the first two days while we're in hospitals were quite boring because we were induced once in the morning and then we had to wait round six hours to see whether or not it actually worked about half of women who are given inducing gels go into labor for some these gels don't work and they have to get their waters broken time will only tell we took her for a walk ran hospital went back nothing up and within the first six hours had another lot of gel put in I had to wait again the six hours and as they were only give you two lots of gel in one day it was then acacia just waiting and reading magazines and playing Scrabble we sat there and we really encouraged nothing and then everybody left and I went to bed the next morning we had to wait again for some more gel to be used then we had to wait 6 hours for that and then during that time did start to get a few contractions because Ana Marie's cervix isn't ready she needs an application of prostaglandin gel to help soften her cervix this is usually left in place for 4 to 12 hours certainly enough time to take a wander to stimulate the baby again it was just a case of walking around the hospital trying to get everything moving mind you it was a lovely dinner so it was nice to walk outside and then come back still nothing so we all sat there and had a cup of coffee and game of Scrabble eating crisps drinking pop and generally just waiting around which was very boring and monotonous as one day ends another one starts Sheila resorts to unusual methods of coaxing the baby out I'm saying the bottles on the count against I have just finished I think the baby might just be waiting for me to finish him off and put the butler's off this is the third day we've been coming backwards and forwards and we're waiting to go back now see things have progressed all the doctors are gonna break a waters it's just to move things along a bit babies become very lazy and it says I don't want to come out I'm nice and snow it's now been 24 hours since Anna Marie had her third and final inducing gel her labor has officially started and awards have been broken and she's been put on a drip to jumpstart her contractions when the first I put the drip in we the contractions were really low and I had a rendus backache so the nurse midwife got a member my partner to get some olive oil and just to rub me back and just to try and sort of help and ease the pain and make Anna Marie feel a little bit more comfortable and that's why we my surgeon about why I was massaging about it was more in her back then the actual contractions around her stomach which is not unusual some girls got it in the back more than they do in the front and I was walking or trying to walk and move a little and leaning over the bed in different ways just to try and relieve the pain but unfortunately I didn't work and got worse the drip has now been cranked up to the max its effectiveness is noticeable when routine checks are carried out by the Midwife Sheila and Steve can only watch as Anna Marie copes with the increasing pain well I felt really sorry for her because I knew shed a long way to go yet and it was only the start of the labor there's always one I felt really my hands were tired I couldn't do anything for her in helix not a nice feeling when you can't actually do something for your own daughter it's very very hard very hard you just don't know what to do for the best it's just such a difficult situation to handle here at the mercy of the medical staff the midwives the doctors the anesthetist and everybody and and they very much let these things take their natural course in time all we can do is sit there and wait and and be there in the best 40 role you can possibly offer make sure that those waters had gone with a bittersweet because well at the same time again just to make sure what position this baby is in just to make doubly sure that we know where it is but it's really really difficult to do that I do send to me it's obviously after it had the first internal and after the walls have been broken and decided that I'd go ahead with an epidural because I was in so much pain and I thought it would help to relieve it and that we could actually get on with going into labor nicely without having to worry about everything so yeah I was happy with it we talked about it and we both agreed that yeah it was probably the thing to do at the time you're probably aware that you you're able to move around the bed and your legs don't feel heavy or anything with it with an epidural your legs may feel heavy you may be not as mobile as you are at the moment however you should be able to move around the bed in the bed but I wouldn't be expecting you to run up like to stay as a walk around outside okay the epidural is always given by an anesthetist who inserts the needle into the spine to numb the lower half of the body this process can be hard to watch for loved ones Steve takes a walk outside to reflect I'm feeling quite excited now something's finally happening it's been a long two days and reckoning probably between four and six in the morning that will have an addition to the family but then I'm not expert we'll see how bright my prediction is the contractions are still the same well they're not auspicious even though they are they're just bearable where is before I just don't and just couldn't call it without this weapon because it rather than at the front it's all at the back which could be where baby's lions close your eyes the old-fashioned method of using an ice cube tests whether the epidural has numbed the bottom half of annamarie's body the less sensation the better what about the contractions are you feeding than either side yeah yeah you're feeling it in the bones okay I still feeling them in the back but it's taking that noticing a job like Simon here in another four hours I still feel nothing just try and get these contractions stronger and more regular with the Cintas in on drip and just see how things go coming up if anna-marie doesn't give birth in the next 24 hours she may have to go under the knife welcome back it's been a waiting game for Ann Marie and her family it's now been a whopping 62 hours since she was admitted to hospital and for some that's far too long at first I thought that they would just be there just for a bit of support but I found really invaluable it was nice to just have two people in there that you could rely on and trust that were looking out for the best for you just what I'm drifting just such a long time and just just so long it just really hard well if some points we were bored and then another point man Anna Marie was actually doing okay and she was quite you're not gonna say chilled out we threw sat there playing cards at the end of the bed and just passing the time quite gently you know and then when she did have a little sleep and Steve I've tried to have a little sleep in the chair but it only lasted about half an hour three quarters of an hour and then everything saw like kicked off from there on and I was never allowed to sit down again with the change in shift becomes a change in Midwife and Rona hasn't come alone she's brought a male student midwife over 20 years ago men won the battle to be registered as midwives they now make a point three percent of the midwives in Britain even today not all women are comfortable with a man delivering their baby I wasn't posed about having a male Midwife because they've got to learn so it didn't really bother me no didn't even weird to me and I mean living the 21st century these days absolutely no problem he's there to learn his job and obviously under supervision but he's got to be given the opportunity to sort of do he's hands-on training if you will no problem at all to me the job of a midwife is a difficult one sometimes even the most experienced midwives have their trouble it is improving the surveys it's spinning nicely the opening to the neck of the rooms now it's poor steering which means I said that at the bank I want to got little fats with your hands so doctors nasan's limping so I've asked her to check it spot I'm just happy with the Trish respuesta Fellini's just called to give her a tough upon her epidural because of her back there an epidural is not a fail-safe method of pain relief Annamarie has decided to take it to ease her back pain but it's not always that simple didn't work basically they kept coming and topping it up and having a look see if it needed reciting and then just topping it up again now we understand now that it just didn't didn't work before Rona's long 11 hour shift ends she takes one last look at how the baby is developing she finds that the baby is back to back baby's facing the wrong way and it back to back okay baby's on your back yeah I knew exactly what they meant when they said it was back to back baby was facing up instead of facing her back that is probably why the back pain was actually more severe than what it should have been because I have read the when you've got the back to back baby because it's lying on your back it hurts even more oh good that's fine that means baby's moving round what they were saying was that the baby wasn't quite in the right position face down and more sort of a head turned sideways and looking back up towards sort of the top right corner of the womb but I was just the information that I gleaned at the times with that point no not on Julie worried at all Julie the Midwife is back on shift to the second time in 12 hours she gives Anna Marie another internal to find out whether it's worth three position in the epidural needle at nine centimeters dilated it's ultimately annamarie's decision listen do you think you can put up with his pain for another hour I don't think I would have been able to sit still to have it actually put into me back if you do have to sit really still and at that point the contractions were if I remember rightly and they were coming and every couple of minutes the pains were still there even taking the gas nerve but it did take the edge off of them I must have taken that much that I just wasn't with it or with anybody after being in labor 20 and a half hours and still being nine centimeters dilated the doctor decides that enough is enough Anna Marie has been on the CentOS '''l drip for far too long a decision has to be made she's still nine centimeters which she was an hour ago we still think the baby's in the posterior position it's looking upwards its head's a little bit D flex that's why I can feel my own little fart on that one of the top was recently she's been on the drip Blanc we've give it a good I could go the baby's not for turning in it so it's not descending they're serving since I'm boiling anymore so tickling for cesarean section was getting ready and then we'll take around when they said to mention about a c-section has relieved I was more relieved than anything because something in the back of my head was saying that me and the baby were in danger or that we had to get the baby out there and then just a question of like getting a theory is prepared administering the the anaesthesia and then I knew that a cesarean from what I've seen on TV and stuff like that I knew that it was something in the region of probably a three to five minute operation I didn't panic I was worried for both of them it because everything happened so quick and they weren't hanging around I just all I wanted to know that they were bought okay and no I kept listening to their the baby cry it was just a brilliant feeling you just look at this like this tiny little bungalow thing below me I'm a dad you know it's fabulous feeling and I didn't remember that one of the I think it was the Midwife said to me can you see what you've got and I sort of looked and I looked again and I thought I've got a double Chapman feeling really stupid if we get this wrong no no he said no she always a girl yeah yeah yeah he's a girl when I was in the operating theatre and I found out that it was a girl and and it was all over with it was really happy but unfortunately choking comfortable Annamarie can be safe in the knowledge that her new baby girl weighs in at a healthy 7 pounds 8 ounces after the baby been born and Steven the nurse bought a baby out to show me I just broke to help I could do it now because it was such relief to know that they were both okay very very proud I'm very proud of how right very proud yeah she really did work hard for that baby I don't think a marathon runner goes through that much punishment really don't it was just so long and so drawn-out and it's just one of them you know there's nothing you can do about it and oh yeah I was proud of her just yeah and I don't know what else to say I forgot everything and I'm just so pleased that we've got our little girl now and happy to have her with us after a long week recovering in hospital anamarie finally brings her home also related to bring her home and it's it's been the house is upside down with baby stuff everywhere but she's been really really good she had Lee Christ which would and at night it's four hours sleep then feed and then another four hours sleep and sometimes it's two but we can cope with that and it's just nice to be home and in my own surroundings it's fantastic Henry's home now and she's doing really fantastic and that baby's just wonderful she's the apple of my eye and I've heard outside she's neither of them couldn't do anything wrong on the Fred yeah I'm sitting brilliant bring it up miss just get on with it and you know look forward to all those happy times and all that all the things like cranky the first word and first step and you know yeah it's great after two and a half days have been induced and 22 hours of labor with epidurals drips male midwives and a cesarean section Annamarie is rewarded with a beautiful baby girl Jessica Lily the baby's beautiful and I'm so proud around I really really prayed and they're really coming on the ice oh they're at home yeah it's just a great experience you you can't explain what being a dad is and you know the experiences because you're different for everybody and then everybody takes different things from it but it just makes me very very proud of proud of Jessica Brown of Anna Marie I'm just people and going with the flow I guess I feel more complete in myself as if that's what what I was meant to do was have a little girl that I can look after in cherish and I've become more aware of things as well to protect her you

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  1. No entiendo nada, sólo se que le duele mucho, por su cara y sus lágrimas, gracias a Dios que le pusieron anestesia, es menos traumático.
    Es muy bueno que le traten con cuidado

  2. This must of been filmed in 2006 if she said she was 30 and on the band she wore it said she was born in '76

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