When to Use Stretch Mark Cream During Pregnancy

Do you know when to use stretch mark cream
during pregnancy? I know there are women who would use it the
moment they got a positive pregnancy test if they thought it would prevent stretch marks. You have to start putting stretch mark cream
or preventatives in place, because you can’t get rid of scars once they form. But those
creams have to do something, because I know people who have had three kids and don’t
have stretch marks. About half of all women don’t get stretch
marks. But I won’t know if I’m in that half until
it is too late. Your odds of stretch marks go up if you’re
carrying multiples or gain a lot of weight over the pregnancy. I knew about the rapid weight gain. I’ve seen body builders with stretch marks
because they bulked too fast. Which creams should I use to avoid stretch
marks? Aloe or something else? Using a moisturizer reduces the odds of stretch
marks, and it will reduce the itching you may feel as things stretch out. Most of the creams I’m looking at have that. Unfortunately, there’s no cream proven to
prevent stretch marks, though you can use moisturizers at any time. All you can do is
hide it afterward. Or get laser scar removal. I wish I could
use effective creams like I did for acne as a teen. Do not use Retin-A while pregnant, though
it would help. That stuff can cause birth defects. What about compounds with glycolic acid or
witch hazel? Glycolic acid isn’t proven to do anything.
Witch hazel is a skin conditioner, but it doesn’t prevent stretch marks. What can I do? If you develop those scars of maternity, wear
them with pride. I’d as easily be proud of the baby’s spit
up on my shirt. So switch to a one piece swimsuit after you
have the baby or cover yourself tactfully with sunscreen. No one in real life is going
to judge you for stretch marks. You’re right. The baby fat matters more.

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