When will my period come – Hacks to survive your first period ❣❣

while many girls spend months or years leading up to their first periods learning about them in class talking with their friends wondering what it's going to be like and when it's going to happen when it actually does happen it can be a shock being knowledgeable prepared and remembering that you have absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about will help make you survive that first period one know what to expect the more informed you are the more likely you'll be able to stay calm when it happens your first period will probably be very light and may not even look like blood it may appear as bright red drops in your underwear or it could be brandished and sticky don't worry that you will be gushing blood either during an average period a woman will only lose about one ounce 30 milliliters of blood that's about the same amount of liquid as two bottles of nail polish to buy supplies the drugstore or grocery usually has an entire aisle dedicated to feminine hygiene products pads tampons panty liners don't be overwhelmed by all the choices as you get to know your flow you'll have a better idea of which product works best for you to start out look for pads that aren't too bulky or noticeable and has a light or medium absorbency three store pads in your backpack purse gym bag and locker for emergencies with all the time that you spend at school playing sports going to friends houses and doing other activities it's possible even likely you will get your period while you are away from home it may give you peace of mind knowing you always have a pad with you wherever you are just in case for notice changes in your body that might indicate your period is coming soon while there's no single indication that your period is arriving you won't really know until it comes your body may give you signs that it's preparing two men straight a stomach or backache cramps in your abdomen or sore breasts can all be signs that you are getting your period women can get their first periods as early as eight and as old as sixteen most usually get theirs around the age of eleven or twelve five do not freak out remind yourself that this happens to half the population of the world every single month think about all the women you know your teachers top stars actresses police women politicians athletes they've all been through this take a deep breath relax and congratulate yourself on reaching this important milestone six make a temporary pad if you're caught by surprise when you're away from home if it's the middle of third period and you just look down to find spots of blood in your panties know that help is not far away if there's not a dispenser in the bathroom you can go to the school nurse a health teacher counselor or a teacher you like and trust until you can get a pad wrap several layers of toilet paper around the crotch of your underwear this will absorb the blood and act as a temporary liner until you can get a pad 7 cover leaks by tying a hoodie around your waist first periods are usually very light so it's unlikely you will seep through your pants still it does happen sometimes but it's not a big deal cover your butt with a sweater hoody or long-sleeved shirt you can tie around your waist eight mark the date on your calendar while your period will probably be very irregular at first it may last two days or nine it may come every 28 days or twice a month it's important you start to track it your doctor will start asking you about your cycle and talk to you about any concerns you may have about the length amount of flow or time between your periods you can use one of many smartphone apps to track your period tracking your period will make it less likely you are caught unaware you can wear a panty liner when you know you're getting near the time of your period 9 tell your parents while you may not delight the idea of sharing this information with your mom and dad it's important they know they can help you get supplies and take you to the doctor if you have any concerns or feel that something is wrong if you have an irregular period severe cramps or acne birth control might help get your hormones in check and you'll need to see a doctor to get the right prescription now if you liked the video give it a thumbs up and share it with your friends for more health videos and natural remedies subscribe to our channel and click the bell icon for instant notification that way you won't miss any video from us also don't forget to check out our other health videos and recipes on our Channel

25 Replies to “When will my period come – Hacks to survive your first period ❣❣”

  1. This morning when i was showering i saw my underwear with blood or. And then i forgot that i am having menstration😂i just relized and i dont have a napkin and i dont have a sister only brothers and dad when i saw the blood in my underwear i was freaking out and getting excited cause im getting older😂😂. And my mom is at her work and i dont have any loed left so yeah i search this and it was really helpful😍😍.

    I live in the pilipines and im 10 years old turning 11 in may

  2. I get my period at 10 and I am 12 :/ btw I have it today embarrassing edit: if you get pimples that might be a sign too

  3. I got mine a month ago in my bathroom and i was home alone
    I wanted to die then and there

  4. I dont know it its spotting or not its light brown its really light, but i know before your period you get cramps

  5. Lol ten yr olds r panicking like 'agh i'll have my period' but no. 1, my mom had hers at nine so meh, and also, it's you becoming a woman, so it's not that bad.

  6. I got mine yesterday.. Before I got it I was very exited about it.. Now I know that I made a mistake😂😳

  7. My period can start today or tomorrow and i have PE so i can't where a pad because everyone will see it. But if i bleed in PE…. HELP

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