32 Replies to “When You Become A Father For The First Time | Hollyoaks”

  1. He should remove james out of his life he dont need a pathetic Cunt in life adding more drama with jealously of a four year old child wouldn't have !!!

  2. Why do they keep doing this with GAY men? How about showing how we ACTUALLY have kids instead f throwing gay men into these situations

  3. Yet another gay cheat baby trope in soaps? Why did I think Hollyoaks would be any better than the others? My mistake I guess.

  4. So… why does it look like Hollyoaks thinks Harry is better being with white-supremacist Ste than with James? Weird. Well, actually unfortunately, not.

  5. Isaac is so cute. James.. egoist liar, i really don't like him. I Hope Starry can understand that They deserve each other!

  6. Harry is gonna be a great dad to Isaac, he is so adorable and small, they would be the perfect family because James is changing and getting paranoid for no good reason and u can't blame Harry for kissing Ste because he backed away and new what he was doing was wrong

  7. I like Harry and Isaac together, but I'm not sure Harry should be with someone right if his options are James, who is losing his mind, and Ste, who is a proud neo-nazi. Maybe just be a single dad for a bit. Tom's good at it.

  8. This storyline is absolutely pathetic! No offense to Isaac though but seriously? If Harry's really GAY then he couldn't possibly got a girl pregnant or they could've just made Harry Bisexual that would've made alot more sense

  9. This sudden out of character rewrite 2 break up Jarry is so transparent. Ste being nice 2 Harry when he never supported him through anything before. James drugging Harry when he never would hurt him. Harry being confused when it's 100% clear he only wants James. #Hollyoaks #Jarry

  10. Only reason why u gave Harry a baby in the first place was for #Jarry to raise it together. I hope once you've fixed this mess & James is in therapy that Jarry will raise Isaac together like they were supposed to. Their love for each other is too strong to go out like this #Hollyoaks

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