25 Replies to “Where are you in your menstrual cycle?”

  1. actually, i can relate to sheldon in this 🙂 i am a transsexual born with aspergers. i was born male, and transitioned into female. growing up, i was very obsessed with studying reproduction of the sexes, especially female, because i lacked those parts. i ended up learning more about a woman's body than typical women actually know or even care about.

  2. I personally hate Sheldon. I really don't want to hate him, I love him, but he has a bad influence on my father. :S I love how smart Sheldon is, but sometimes I think he's stupid 😛

  3. He's so cute with his little bread gifts X3 Just the way he says it. "This is banana bread 😀 " "Zuccini Bread 😀 "

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