what’s going on YouTube it’s your boy in here and jelly and we are so freaking excited to be making this very specific video I know that everyone has been asking me beginning GM’s and emails and comments like where have the journey of pregnancy videos gone I know it’s been like a hot like 2 months or something like that since we’ve made a video this is kind of the reason why we got approached by a really awesome awesome company called the og TV also known as only good TV and they wanted to capture our story and put it out to the masses and so we really thought this was an awesome educational opportunity and we jumped on it but what that meant is that we had to stop making videos so that a professional camera crew could come in director and all that jazz and make like a very high quality video and the real reason we wanted to work with og TV is because they really highlight the positive stories only I mean we don’t even watch that much TV because it’s just gotten so negative and so crazy so we’re really excited to be part of this network that’s also highlighting other positive stories outside of art so when you’re scrolling through oh gee TV and you’re kind of looking for something to watch because there’s so many things to watch you can rest assured that you’re only going to find positive stories and that to me is golden eye I can’t ask for anything more in a TV network if the best part is we are not going to be sharing the part of our pregnancy journey that we’ll be sharing on og TV anywhere else so it’s totally exclusive coming right to your TV screen or your iPhone or wherever you’re going to be streaming it yeah we’re just we’re just excited to have this exclusive chance to share this very very vulnerable journey of pregnancy so you can hop on a GTV on any of the places you get all your streaming stuff so we use it here on our Roku you can get it straight online on your laptop or downloaded on your devices your Samsung or your iPhone or whatever if you have a Playstation you should watch it there if you Amazon fire sick you can watch it there pretty much almost any place you can download an app you can download a GTV subscribe and watch not just our journey of pregnancy but also other people’s journeys there’s a lot of cool categories the categories are inspire rescue embrace unite and then they just have like a weekly overall kind of recap of the week so it’s super easy to download all you have to do is search in any of those other platforms only good TV click on the app go ahead subscribe you’ll get like email you’ll confirm your email and you’ll be hooked up in no time it literally takes two steps hen you get a 14-day free trial which is pretty dope and you get to follow us all the way through having the baby so yes so so intense I mean we’re not even there yet and we’re excited it’s gonna be a really in-depth look with angles and shots that we can’t really get here just filming ourselves on YouTube so we’re really really excited to let everybody into our journey here to make it not just about us and our beautiful growing baby but also about community and family that’s what we really want to do with this series we want to show the world that you know there’s many different ways I have a family and this is definitely one of them alright everybody so thanks for watching we really hope that you go ahead and subscribe to LG TV in order to follow the rest of our journey we’re so excited to be sharing it with everybody so make sure you subscribe today to be a part of our family we hope to catch you there make sure you subscribe go do it now click the link below and we’ll catch you there peace bye if you’re one of the lucky few people who’ve been watching this when we first posted it will be going live today meaning these that tomorrow state Thursday Thursday May 17th at 11 a.m. Pacific Standard Time so make sure you click the link below in the description box check out our new show creation of us on only good TV


  1. So… Basically, what you're saying is that unless we pay for this TV service, were just SOL on following the rest of your journey? Those of us that have been with you since the first video about trying to get pregnant but can't afford a TV service we don't need or want, no longer get to be involved?

  2. You are excited to share it with people who can pay for it. You aren't excited to share it with everyone. And that's fine. That's your choice. But you have just created a paywall to watch a trans family come to fruition, something many people don't get to see. Good luck with your journey. I hope you at least post when the baby is born so those of us who have supported you can at least see that the baby is healthy and earthside.

  3. I’m happy for you guys! I think this is an awesome opportunity.
    It’s important for your message to reach a larger audience and this is a great way to spread it to people who may not normally seek out or care initially about trans topics. I hope this turns out well for you. I wish the best for you all, and can’t wait for whenever you can post new content!

  4. I was so excited at the beginning of their pregnancy cause that’s the life I’m looking for and now I’m really sad that I cannot watch it anymore.

    I guess I’m going to look for another couple ¿?

  5. I’m happy for you guys but also very disappointed not to see anymore of the journey
    Watching your journey was one of the few highlights in my life.

  6. Jenille is so sweet & cute 😘& hopefully yours child😍 too, but gonna miss it; feeling so bad right now. . .😭

  7. i understand some people are mad at this because not everyone can afford it BUT this is big for Aydian and Jenilee, let’s not forget he dedicates a lot of time to his non-profit online store and youtube. having a show for an app or whatever it is called, it’s big for him.

  8. This is great for you guys, but really crappy for all of us who have been with you through everything and cannot afford to pay a monthly membership through the entire pregnancy.

  9. I'm so glad you sound so happy now I was watching your first video before starting transitioning and you sounded so sad low pitch voice and slow talk and now you are all opposite fast talking high pitch and happy now glad you are better and broke out into your authentic self and doing great for your community nice work man you and your wife

  10. This is a big disappointment, all of us who've been watching and supporting you since the beginning basically mean nothing

  11. Feel good TV. Services like this have there clients sign non-disclosure agreements so they get exclusive rights to the material. That makes good business sense.

  12. It's a great opportunity to show it on OG tv! Good for you guys! Haven't heard of this app before. Unfortunately, I have a enough bills & won't be able to subscribe. Best of luck on this special journey. 🙂

  13. This is honestly the dumbest video yet and dumbest decision of not sharing it with us a platform thats free… I am so disappointed right now. If you really wanted to share the journey, there would be many ways to watch the journey not just OGTV…. Way to say thanks for the support.

  14. Good for you guys! I’ve been following you since 2009- 1st one of the group of guys I started watch. I just read all of these comments and I’m extremely disappointed in the community for not supporting you. Regardless if people can’t pay or not, it does not mean people should be frustrated. It’s your decision when to share, where to share and how much to share. And the comment about a chipmunk voice- really makes me wonder why people use their time to enter rude comments. Continue to be proud and confident in who you are and the decisions that you make.

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