♫ I loved you then ♫ I love you now ♫ I loved you when my
world was upside down. ♫ Upside down, upside down. – [Josh] Wait, Christina,
what are we doing? – Hey guys, we are doing
the whisper challenge with Josh’s mom and dad today because it’s Beatrice’s birthday and she’s gonna have to guess what her birthday presents are. – [Josh] Yeah, okay, can you hear me? Hello senior citizens. (Christina laughing) – Can’t hear you! – [Josh] Okay. – [Christina] Okay,
we’re gonna play, ready? – [Josh] Okay, here we go. – [Christina] First word. – Your favorite …
– Your favorite chocolate. – They got it! First time! (Josh laughs) – No, I didn’t get the,
your favorite what? – Chocolate. Chocolate. – [Josh] Chocolate. – Child? – [Josh and Child] Chocolate. – Chocolate! (all laugh) – [Christina] Oh, I thought she got it. – Oh, thank you very much. – [Josh] Hey. – [Nikoi] Can I have one? – Hold on, hold on. Okay, ready? Second one. – Your blue shirt?
– A blue shirt. – And a new blue shirt? Oh, I got it! – [Josh] Yeah. (laughs) You guys are good at this! – Oh, thank you! Oh I love it. – I like blue. – Thank you. No, it’s green. – [Christina] It’s a weird color. – Turquoise.
– No, purple? – [Tayden] Yep, turquoise. – No, it’s sea green – Purple. – [Josh] Go stand by grandma. – I love that, thank you. And you know I need new clothes. – Move along next. – Oh, the, wait, okay, here we go, okay. – Okay ready? Number three. Okay, just a second. – [Nikoi] Number three. – Okay William, hold on. – I didn’t get that one. – [Christina] Okay. – All I heard was grandchild. Your. – Your daddy? – I thought you said “your daddy.” (laughing) – Your … – You’re getting a new grandchild! – Aaaah! (laughing) Oh my gosh! Really? Oh! – [Christina] That’s not what I said. – All I– – [Christina] I said you’re
getting your 10th grandchild. – Oh my gosh are you
gonna be a big brother? – [Josh] All right. – It’s in mommy’s belly. (Christina laughs) She tested her pee. (all laugh) – [Josh] Hey, what do you think of that? – Are you going to have
a baby brother or sister? You’re going to have a baby brother? – [Josh] He said baby Tayden – Huh? – He said baby Tayden. – Oh my gosh, number 10! – (laughs) it makes sense. – What do you want, Will? – So when? – Boy or a girl? – Not til August. – August, you get to go
all through the summer. – Again. – Yay, ooh. – [Grandpa] What do you
think mommy’s gonna have? – Oh no, don’t put that in your mouth. – [Grandpa] A boy or a girl? – Let’s see is his birthday in August? – September. – Oh, September. – A girl?
– He said a baby Tayden. (Josh laughs) – Mine’s in April. – I can’t believe it. So what are you gonna have? – I don’t know. – What do you want? – A girl. – You do, how come? – Because there’s– – You don’t want three brothers? – No, because they’re gonna
be more boys than girls! – What about me having five boys? There were six with Grandpa and me. – [Josh] Is that why Grandma’s crazy? Yeah. – Oh, yay! We’re gonna have another baby. – [Grandpa] I’d take another girl. (Josh laughs) – So how are you doing? – Fine. – Been sick?
– How far along? – Um …
– Two weeks? – No, I’m like nine and
a half weeks I would say. – Really?
– You are? – We didn’t suspect anything? – [Josh] I dropped a few bombs. – Oh, not right yet. – [Josh] Because I figured Christina was probably pregnant like
during Christmas and stuff, you guys didn’t even– – She didn’t say. – I’m a woman, I should know these things. – [Josh] Yeah, I was joking,
I was being sarcastic. I’m like, “Yeah, Christina’s
probably pregnant.” I said stuff like that. – I knew mommy was
pregnant because her belly started to hurt. – What’s the day? – It’s in August, I can’t remember. – [Josh] We haven’t had our
first doctor appointment yet, but we know she’s pregnant. – Her belly’s hurting? What do you mean? Is she all right? – I knew she was pregnant
– You’re gonna get a new – Because I thought she was
– baby, Will. – going to have a baby,
because her belly was hurting. – [Grandpa] A baby Tayden? – [Josh] She said that to me yesterday. – Really? – [Josh] Yeah, she said, “I
thought mommy was pregnant because her tummy was hurting.” – [Grandpa] Will said you’re
getting a baby Tayden. – We like all the grandchildren we can get – [Tayden] An exact replica of me. and if we get another boy,
we’ll be happy with another boy. We don’t care. – [Tayden] That’d be funny. – [Josh] We just want a happy healthy baby is what we want. – We want a cute girl like Nikoi, though, if we can get one. – But not with a fake tattoo on. (Christina laughs) – Oh, not dirt? Well that was a good game. (claps) – [Josh] Yeah. (Christina laughs) – Let’s have another surprise. Yay, wooo! – That’s good. – Are you worried at all about it? You have such a hard time. – I always worry, but it’s okay. – Oooh. – [Josh] Hmm. – [Nikoi] Your belly’s big. – Yes it is. – But you know what, no it’s not. You can’t even tell. – [Nikoi] Her belly looks– – [Josh] Her stomach’s
actually getting kinda firm. I mean, not like that. No, but it’s like I can tell because … Clarification. – You better explain what you’re saying! – Husband of the year! – I touch my wife a lot. (Christina laughs) I’m a touchy feely guy. I’ve touched her belly many times and I can tell that it’s starting
to protrude a little bit. – [William] Mommy, mommy, mom. – And I can tell, I just know. I mean, this is my fourth time. I’m not a rookie here. I know how to make a baby – You’re not a rookie? – I know how to make a baby, mom. – You’re fertile like your father. (all laugh) – Yeah that’ll go by.
– You do a good job. – They make beautiful kids. – Thanks mom. – Hey, thank you. – Happy birthday. – It’s not even my birthday. – Except Grandma’s gotta (clears throat) lose those extra pounds that
she’s put on at Christmas. – [Josh] Nah. – We had too many goodies brought. I’m probably the one that
looks like I’m expecting. – [Josh] No, you and
everybody else in the– – Except I would be in the
Guinness Book of World Record if I did. – [Josh] No, I don’t think so. Oh yeah, because you’re so old, yeah. – No. – Mom, don’t have any more kids. – No, because I had surgery. – Oh. – So I can’t. – Oh, yeah. That’s true, that’s true. – You wanna try one of those– – She got fixed. – The orange one is really cute. – [Child] Grandpa, explain
the great idea now. – You guys weren’t exp– Like, thinking any thoughts in your brain, – [Grandpa] No. – Like maybe, “Christina’s pregnant.” – Josh is like, “They’re
gonna know something’s up.” – Well, I her, I, she … I could tell “grandchild” and I thought – [Grandpa] I got that one. – Could they be? – Well as soon as you said “Grandchild” I could tell you were like … – Does that, is it what I think it means? Woooo! (laughing) Oh, I like to tell people we’re gonna have more grandchildren. – [Josh] Yeah, well. – [Nikoi] But is it
gonna be a girl or a boy? Is there a testing? – [Christina] Yeah. – That makes us the leaders in my family, because Thomas and Johnny have three. Troy has two, Matt and Kensey have one. Benj has zero. And we have four. – [Christina] We can’t
get it for ten weeks. – I don’t think Matt and Kenz will try to catch up with you but … – No. (phone rings) Well, yeah anyways. – So have you told others? – Crap, we’re gonna have
to get a bigger house, a bigger car, a bigger everything. – We can’t find out until March. – Bank account, bigger bank account. (“Upside Down” by Jake Grey)

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