Who Knows Each Other Better Ft. Our Lil Sister !

girl don't stress the fact that you ain't got me I'm sorry I hurt you baby miss sugar Caillou initio girl can who knows you'd set the theater okay great dream right okay what's my favorite thing to do choo-choo no wait dance beautiful no it's sleep see space you see you wanna make this so long basketball I wait where's my uh what's my favorite was my favorite random no eggs no apology no you'll lil daddy no boom Naboo see you don't tell me what I don't worry know who I don't know what I do listen to okay where's my favorite clothing brands Oh time here finger I have to you may say to my favorite to clone the marine I know tell me here figure or what you kinda what they do live no I love it at least I got one right hey okay what's my favorite color pink where's my face on my in boy I told you these the other day yep yep um so does the your phone's go good no he did the song right we got a deal like I like in 2018 1761 I don't know untouchable Wow I'm greeted Thursday somebody Clairol I did my face on my humble okay what's my favorite type of shoe things stop playing my favorite book and yeah your boy what I wanna be nothing but in be a clear or you may be let me finish on the Harley what I'm doing or you wonder what to tell me induce welding whatever it's called okay look what I want to be a nurse patience are they in what's my two favorite shoes join me Nike no I'm like no Nike Air Max yeah MX is my show well I'm like typing on my Air Max and what what do what do I do I always talk about okay besides basketball you know yeah okay my favorite food oh I never told you I know where's the passport home-cooked meal it's a side o my guruvar not hamburgers with progress let's just gotta be obvious Angela to think that won't be when I go to hear a basketball you won't play the WBA oh no you told me a doctor no that's because I'm different nurse what the thing they have is won first place yes and those are traveling nurse yep okay so you wanna be in the WNBA in a chaplain okay okay Texas really yeah I liked it well I like to go in value and you don't to my yesterday a little goodbye oh it blew by um guys try you know you gotta right together we call Mia hello

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