Who’s More Pro-Choice: Europe or America?

American Progressives look to Western Europe
as the model of what America should be. So, here’s an area of European social policy
that Progressives will definitely want to examine more closely: Europe’s attitude
toward…abortion. It happens to be much more restrictive than
that of the United States. That’s right. Western Europeans — as progressive and secular
as they are — have a much more conservative attitude about abortion than American Progressives
do. Here is what Emily Matchar wrote in The Atlantic
magazine in 2013: “I assumed that Western Europe would be the land of abortion on demand…But
as it turns out, abortion laws in Europe are both more restrictive and more complicated
than that. Waiting periods, decried by American pro-choicers as…unreasonably burdensome,
are common…” In Germany, for example, nearly all abortions
are illegal after 12 weeks. And there is a three-day waiting period and mandatory counseling
before a woman is allowed to have an abortion, even during the permitted first 12 weeks.
That’s more restrictive than Texas. In the U.S., abortions are legal in every
state before a pregnancy has reached its 20th week. After that some restrictions do kick
in. 11 states prohibit abortions after the 20th week of pregnancy. 20 states prohibit
abortions at the point of viability, which is when a baby can survive outside the womb.
They usually recognize that as being between 23-25 weeks…3 states prohibit abortion
after the 28th week…And 7 states plus Washington, D.C. allow abortions to be performed at any
point in a pregnancy — even if the mother could safely give birth to a viable and healthy
baby. But in Belgium, like Germany, abortions are
permissible only until the 12th week. After that an abortion is permitted only if the
woman’s life is in danger. Furthermore, any woman getting an abortion must wait six
days after her first medical consultation before an abortion can be performed. Denmark is similar: After 12 weeks all sorts
of restrictions apply. Pregnant women in Finland also have until the 12th week of pregnancy
to get an unrestricted abortion, and during those first 12 weeks, a woman must provide
a compelling reason for ending her pregnancy. In France, too, abortion on demand is legal
only up to 12 weeks, after which it becomes much more difficult. Socialist Sweden allows
abortions until the 18th week of pregnancy, and bans most after the 22nd week. In that
four week “gray” period, a woman can get an abortion, but only if it is approved by
the National Board of Health and Welfare. In the Netherlands, before having an abortion
a woman has to wait five days and attend a counseling session in which she must be informed
of the different options available to her, including taking the pregnancy to term and
giving her baby up for adoption. A minor under the age of 18 cannot have an abortion at any
time unless she has the consent of her parents. And in Norway in 2014, a major controversy
erupted after it was revealed that, since 2001, 17 babies had been aborted after 22
weeks, the legal cut off point in that country. That wouldn’t merit a paragraph in a local
U.S. newspaper, let alone start a media firestorm. So why is it that abortion laws in the United
States are so extreme relative to those in Europe? Why is it that progressive politicians
in the United States work tirelessly to fight back any restrictions on abortion, even partial-birth
abortion. That’s the procedure during which a fully viable baby is almost completely delivered,
except for the head, before being killed. And why is it that what is unacceptable to
socially enlightened Europeans is fully acceptable to American progressives? Europeans seem to recognize that abortion
is a complex moral issue; that ending a life after a certain point in a pregnancy does
not reflect well on a society. Why is it so hard for American Progressives to recognize the same? I’m Elisha Krauss for Prager University.

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  1. Why? That's because American progressives have come too liberal and have no moral values. They've denounced Christianity and don't believe in a God.

  2. Women are still slave. It's their body but third or second party decide that what they should do with their body. Women is like a farmer and her body is like land. It's up to farmer that whether he want to plant seed or not. Even someone forcibly plant a dirty seed by rapists, its completely up to farmer whether it want to keep see or grow plant or not. How come other decide about women's body that who should put seed or for whose benefit plant is grown. It's completely insane brainless cruel world for weaker humans. Complete inhumanity. We do not need anymore new human bodies, planet population is already at its explosion. Their are laws for permissible pimps. It's mean any man with his use of power can sell other women's body to make money for his business. It's mean only others are going to decide how to sell, how to use, how to multiply with her body. Women who hold body has to under go pain in all situations whether pimp, rapists or personal difficulties that she cannot bear. But she is no one to decide about her body. Is women brainless animals. No most of them are more sensitive than any other type and age. It is attack on ones freedom and personal life. How these societies can call themselves free. Only sexual freedom is called freedom. Then increasing population is slavery

  3. Abortion in Canada is legal at all stages of pregnancy.
    Canada has no legal restrictions on abortion.
    You Can LEGALLY Kill a 9 months old "Fetus" For ANY Reason …
    So sad

  4. In my point of view, human life starts at the moment a zygote is formed. Unless you have a very good reason, namely rape or risk for the mother, I don't think people should have the right to kill the fetus. It's another human being, already, and it's quite self-centered for someone to get rid of it just because it's inconvenient. If you want to have sex and not have babies, then sterilize yourself or at least use contraceptives to reduce the chance. If you're an adult, you can access risks, so you should deal with the consequences too.

  5. Personally I don't like both pro life and pro choice they are both hypocrites
    Pro choice people call them pro choice but don't give the baby/fetus any choice.
    Pro life people are hypocrites because they are pro birth not pro life.How many of those pro life people who have blurted out 'just give the baby up for adoption' have even considered to adopt a baby?

  6. Hmmm, i noticed she didn't mention the abortion law in Norway, hmmmm. Norway allows abortions unrestricted until 12 weeks, after that there needs to be a specific health risk for the woman. ANd this reason does not have to be lfe threatening. Several other states like GB allows abortion if the pregnancy is a threat also to the woman's socio-economical status, not just physical health. Many states also include psychological health in this. The "waiting period" that this video speaks so negatively about, is the time it takes for gynecology tests etc to be done to make sure that it is safe to use the chosen abortion method. The one who made this video has clearly no insight in good healthcare. This is for the safety of the woman during the abortion, so that she will not meet complications during the abortion, and to make sure the right method is used.

  7. I think pro abortion people wanted sex freely so they throw away mercy in their heart. so they're able to fulfill their desire of sex and wanted it to be protected by law so nobody can control their desire And what they do

  8. Europe isn't a country, we have different laws in each county. The Netherlands has very low teen pregnancies, very low abortion rates, and we're socially liberal. It's all about non-religious sex education, access to reliable contraception, and safe abortion when needed.

  9. You're wrong. In the Netherlands, girls aged 16 and older can get an abortion without parental consent. Abortion is legal until 24 weeks in The Netherlands.

  10. The problem is that America doesn't have a sensible middle ground. Europe has reached it, but the US is divided between those who think all abortions should be illegal, and those who think abortion at 23 weeks is okay. Both are stupid. Also, making the issue about women's rights is stupid. What matters is if the embryo/fetus is a person.

  11. All abortions are wrong but partial birth abortion truly demonstrates that they cut off points are just for show. They really dont care about the babies life at all. The are evil and fine with killing children.

  12. I hate the bundle of cells arguement people are like fetuses are just bundles of cells . Yeah so are we, also if anything is made out of 1 cell it is a living thing.

  13. When it’s abortion, all the Europeans be like ‘you can’t compare Europe to America! They’re different!!!’ When it’s a shooting, all the Europeans be like ‘Look at Europe!!! Look at us and compare us to America!!!!’

  14. don't want to be generalazing but the person in this video and some comments here make Americans look euhm plain stupid. Like you do realize most European countries have those "restrictions" to insure a safe procedure right?

  15. "It happens to be more restrictive than that of the United states" no, it's simply not retarded. It's logical to have abortions on demand until 12 weeks. And it will be done at any hospital. No woman has to travel thousands of kilometers to get the procedure.

    You know what also those countries do – support children that are born. They have free daycare, free education, free healthcare.

  16. This has nothing to do with who is more pro-choice. You are simply looking at the legislation in regards to abortion. But the vast majority of western europeans are pro-choice (especially Scandinavians), which is why most western european countries do no have the pro-choice/pro-life debate.
    Oh, and Sweden is not a socialist country, that is simply just an illogical and empirically false claim.

  17. Nothing has kept me up more at night than my begrudgingly pro-choice views. First, it ABSOLUTELY is a baby. Second, it ABSOLUTELY is murder. Still, I think it should be up to states, and it is a necessary evil. Yes, you have millions of dead babies in America. But, crime has done a nose dive from 1990 on. This absolutely, positively, repeatably is because of abortions. For all the death dealt out at Planned Parenthood, there is no more Charles Manson and Adolf Hitlers in the world (both had mothers who wanted to abort them).

    It is HORRIBLE that we have these Planned Parenthood murder factories. But we need them if we want lower crime rates. Yes, I understand it is a racist view. Yes, I understand it is destroying the family.

    Still it is a VERY brutal thing with no simple answers. My dad once said that I would become pro-choice the minute I heard my baby's heartbeat. Now close to being married, he may be right.

  18. In europe you can get abortions later on but a) there are less unplanned pregnancies, b) it is more risky the bigger the baby, c) In europe everything before the start of the second trimster is not considered life. d) You won't get charged with murder if you do terminate later on

  19. A new group of females has developed all over the world. They are called FEMINAZIS! These famous feminazis first conquered Asia, especially China and Japan, then Europe, with Ireland as their last trophy and now they are celebrating their death parties in the USA. They successfully establish their fetusconcentrationcamps in their wombs. Meanwhile the worldwide slaughterhouse numbers amount to a total of 60 mln fetusses per year and counting. You could almost conclude that real, sincere women do not exist in this world anymore; they have become a threat to their own children………..

  20. In this case don’t look at Europe but Brazil. Time is an irrelevant fact but; 1 – rape, 2 – pregnancy brings life treat to the mother, 3 – fetus is found acephalous are the only exception allowing abortion.
    If the woman with all apparatus available today in order to avoid pregnancy have consensual sex and get pregnant, she has the moral and obligation to care for that baby and take the responsibility for the act.
    Ps: the man who did it will have to pay too after the baby is born.

  21. Here’s what the rules should be on abortion:
    -NO taxpayer funding of PP regardless of whether or not taxes go to abortion
    -Nothing past 20wks unless life-threatening
    -Parental consent for minors should be mandatory unless there’s a very valid reason. Not wanting to tell her parents bc it’s inconvenient or “they will be mad at me” is not acceptable.
    -No sex-selective or disability such as Down’s syndrome abortions

  22. Abortion is the murder of an inconvenient child.
    Rape and incest are neither the woman's or her baby's fault.
    Aggressive and consistent prosecution of the perpetrators who impregnate women and girls is the only option.
    Bring on the hate.
    But no men. Men have no voice on the abortion issue, because every man I have ever known consider abortion a get out of jail free card.
    No womb, no voice.

  23. This is true, however, it is a very small amount of people in Europe, or Denmark where I come from, who think abortion is imoral. You guys over there do a great job in fighting it, even though the laws are not as strict as here. Keep it up. Greetings from Denmark

  24. My view on abortion is a double edged sword. On one hand I like the idea of killing babies but on the other I hate the idea of giving woman choices.

  25. When people say that we must allow a baby to be aborted to due rape, I ask "what did the baby do?" After all, that baby is of zero blame to the terrible crime committed against the mother. It would be like blaming a two year old for something that their parent did 5 years prior.

  26. In many European countries we have welfare to support the mother if she gives birth.
    There is a lot of sympathy for single mothers.
    With a welfare system, it would be better (for society) to terminate the pregnancy. Morally both abortion and a welfare system of that magnitude seems immoral to me.

  27. My problem is no one even looks at it from the man's primal perspective. If i found a woman that I loved and she loved me but she had a kid by another man why should i be forced to raise another man's kid?

  28. I hate it when USians (because America is not a country, but a continent) compare their country to Europe. Because even if we are united, we ARE NOT A SINGLE COUNTRY. It's very easy to just take the countries that go your way.

  29. Because north America as a whole does not have strong family values . Everyone is getting divorced and the gays are running our political parties. Aging parents are thrown into homes so adult children can chase the mighty buck. Grandkids go to daycare and mother's resent being mothers. Cold people. It's about the individual and narcissistic money chasing. Europe is about family. Europeans value children much more. Its about culture.

  30. In France a doctor has the right to claim the "consciousness clause", allowing him to refuse an abortion or any medical act going against his consciousness, except in emergencies.
    Of course the senate is trying very hard to delete this clause. 🤡

  31. I wonder if abortion is the result of promoting mass immigration in America and Europe because of the population decline. Who knew that feminists are promoting this because they are fear of the overpopulation.

  32. Europe is Paradise to baby then America no wonder America is told as land controlled by the devil.

    Abortion is evil it should only be aloud if is danger to the mother even then we should ask her for permission if she want to carry one with the process.

  33. European restrictions should be simply reasonable. Aborting a 8-9months fetus is a complete aberration, if not murder

  34. 中絶、それは無実の人を殺すナチスの死の収容所です。医者はつまりナチスの医者です。彼らは赤ちゃんを引き裂いて、ばらばらに切り刻みます。手足を切り離さなければならないのです。それがアメリカで彼らのやっていることです。これはナチスの死の収容所のようなものです。


  35. Because both the right and left in 'Murica are retarded. Thats why here in Europa we Actually use science and Facts, thats why its around 18-22 weeks cut off point around Europe except where it is Banned.

  36. My brother born in the 36th week of pregnancy. If my mother wants, he could be killed in America. United States isn't a Christian country. It's the country of the liberalism, drugs, atheism and abortion

  37. No "educational" video that can't even draw the maps of the areas they talk about correctly should be trusted…

  38. because america has reach 300 milion of citizen and they want it to stop growing for the good sake. . . . i mean their good sake

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