25 Replies to “Who's More Pro-Choice: Europe or America?”

  1. European restrictions should be simply reasonable. Aborting a 8-9months fetus is a complete aberration, if not murder

  2. Europe is Paradise to baby then America no wonder America is told as land controlled by the devil.

    Abortion is evil it should only be aloud if is danger to the mother even then we should ask her for permission if she want to carry one with the process.

  3. I wonder if abortion is the result of promoting mass immigration in America and Europe because of the population decline. Who knew that feminists are promoting this because they are fear of the overpopulation.

  4. In France a doctor has the right to claim the "consciousness clause", allowing him to refuse an abortion or any medical act going against his consciousness, except in emergencies.
    Of course the senate is trying very hard to delete this clause. 🤡

  5. Because north America as a whole does not have strong family values . Everyone is getting divorced and the gays are running our political parties. Aging parents are thrown into homes so adult children can chase the mighty buck. Grandkids go to daycare and mother's resent being mothers. Cold people. It's about the individual and narcissistic money chasing. Europe is about family. Europeans value children much more. Its about culture.

  6. I hate it when USians (because America is not a country, but a continent) compare their country to Europe. Because even if we are united, we ARE NOT A SINGLE COUNTRY. It's very easy to just take the countries that go your way.

  7. My problem is no one even looks at it from the man's primal perspective. If i found a woman that I loved and she loved me but she had a kid by another man why should i be forced to raise another man's kid?

  8. In many European countries we have welfare to support the mother if she gives birth.
    There is a lot of sympathy for single mothers.
    With a welfare system, it would be better (for society) to terminate the pregnancy. Morally both abortion and a welfare system of that magnitude seems immoral to me.

  9. When people say that we must allow a baby to be aborted to due rape, I ask "what did the baby do?" After all, that baby is of zero blame to the terrible crime committed against the mother. It would be like blaming a two year old for something that their parent did 5 years prior.

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