Who’s the Father of Rilah’s Baby? | Unexpected

What’s to say, God forbid,
the baby wasn’t yours? Then what? About a year ago, me and my
family moved 30 minutes away. And Rilah didn’t like the move. We were far away
from each other. So we broke up. And, you know, when
me and Rilah broke up, she had sex with,
like, another guy. But, um, shortly
afterwards, I got a phone call that I was gonna be a dad. I’m not 100% sure. But I know I was with
Rilah around that time. So I hope I’m the father. Let’s say– Uh-huh. –when she went and slept
with somebody else, right, by any chance, if somebody
else was the father, what would you do? I wouldn’t be there. You wouldn’t be there? It would have to be my
kid for me to be there. When I found out
Rilah was pregnant, um, I was in, you know, shock. Because they were not
together at that time. Then there was somebody else. And she probably doesn’t
wanna talk about it. Because who wants to talk
about something like that? But any guy is gonna feel
that way if you’re with them, and then you’re
with somebody else. Like you even
finding out Rilah was with somebody
else, that ain’t never made you feel no type of way? Like, damn, what
if this baby’s not? Do I believe the baby’s not his? Mmm, I’m gonna go with
25% says no, 75% yes. Anthony wasn’t with nobody. But she went out, and she
slept with somebody else. OK. Who’s to say they used
protection or not? The only ones that
know are them. You know what I mean? So let’s say they
didn’t use protection, and his semen just stay in. And then finally,
she [INAUDIBLE].. And then she doesn’t
know the baby’s not his. I’m telling you everybody’s
gonna go crazy if that baby come out black or something. Have you ever asked
her, hey, Rilah, is this a possibility
it’s not mine? Nah. I don’t really ask her
questions like that. Because like– You– you need to. Because this is your life
we’re talking about, kid. Just going off the
timing of the break and Rilah sleeping
with another guy, it could mean that
I’m not the father. That’ll piss me off. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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  1. "30 minutes away is too far"
    Ha.. OKAY
    I wish I lived only 30 minutes from my girlfriend, but then I remember that these are just a bunch of losers and/or kids who cant afford a car with their unemployed ass or a gallon of gas

  2. Boy, don't you sign your name to anything without proof! Get a DNA test soon as that kid hits air! As a potential grandmother, it's more than your future on the line.

  3. pause . . thirty minutes is too far away? that's actually really sweet because that's not far at all for most adults

  4. Someone was to do my son like that 1. We will do a DNA test and 2. If that is not my sons kid , someone is getting their ass kicked.

  5. Theres a reason her mother packed up and moved out of town. She wants to act like they so high and mighty living in a big glass house. 🤔

  6. These shows are fun for the same reason Springer was, because if these people are real I don't feel so bad about my mistakes.

  7. What’s interesting is some will accuse the black guy of sounding harsh or loud.

    Nevertheless…he’s got wisdom, very valid thoughts he had.

  8. Y’all need to stop trying to be your child’s friend and be a parent. Your daughter and son shouldn’t be sleeping around at 15/16

  9. WTF Is His Mom Talking About .. Her Nasty 🐴 Has 6/7 Kids All By Different Men .. She Has No Reason To Talk & Should Hang Her Head In Shame 😕 .. Your Bodies Your Temple Simpleton .. Not A Damn 7 /11 .. An Embarrassment To Women Everywhere .. 😷 Just 😷

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