Why am I being screened for gestational diabetes? | Tiffany Richason, MD, OB/GYN | UCHealth

do you know why you're being screened for gestational diabetes it's important to test you now so we can give you the proper treatment for a healthy pregnancy in pregnancy the placenta releases hormones that make people resistant to insulin this can cause you to have higher blood sugars which is associated with high blood pressure larger babies newborns with low blood sugar and the possible need for caesarean delivery we screen women for gestational diabetes in the first trimester if they have certain risk factors if they do not have risk factors we screen in the second trimester between 24 and 28 weeks the glucose challenge test involves drinking a sweet liquid containing sugar followed by a blood test one hour later if the first test is too high the repeat test involves three hours of blood sugar checks if you test positive for gestational diabetes treatment begins with diet and exercise modifications if your blood sugars remain high we will start medication either oral or injectable insulin with treatment women with gestational diabetes have safe pregnancies and healthy happy babies so it's important that you get tested now you

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