Why cant we get pregnant? | IVF Journey #1

our Channel my name is Kaylee and this is my husband hey everyone my name is Troy and this is the first of many videos to track our IVF process we want to put some videos yeah they're put on YouTube so our friends and family can follow along my family in Australia can follow along and hopefully this helps anyone else out in need like ourselves going through the same journey so we wanted to explain a little bit of our journey that and how it all started obviously we've been trying for a bit and didn't get any results for a while so then we decided to go to the doctor and they did some blood work and some checkup it's in blood tests blood tests and then I had to do an HSG testing and he had to do some some semen analysis and pretty much we found out then that my tubes were blocked in his yeah so my I went in for an and semen analysis my first one came back quite low I think I had 1.5 million and the normal reading or a good reading is 15 million so that kind of threw some red flags up there so there's a few little lifestyle changes of my and just taking daily vitamins losing the underwear so that was a fun fun part as well and then I went back what three or four weeks afterwards mm-hmm and surprisingly enough the second one was a lot better than the first one so that was good that kind of got me out of the clear but then we were you know looking into the deeper ends of what you know our issue was and and then you know you can explain your stuff to be further so then I had to do an interest retesting which is kind of a test that looks at my uterus area in fallopian tubes and there's like an x-ray above my stomach I'm on a table and they put a fluid in and you can kind of see the outline of my uterus and my fallopian tubes but nothing was going through my fallopian tubes so normally or sometimes there's one blockage but both mine were blocked so that was kind of a emotional yeah so when when she found out the both chisme block we pretty much got the verdict that you know hey it's pretty much impossible for you guys to fall pregnant naturally so that was a big hit the guts for us obviously you know we've been trying for a long time we really want a young family and we've been we've been super excited to get into it so that was a big kick in the guts so we took a few weeks a month or so and just process it all in and then we went and met with a specialist an endocrinologist and they pretty much told us that the only way we can get pregnant is through IVF so then here we are we researched about it we talked to the doctor about it and we jumped on YouTube as well that's why we want to do this too we were following on with a lot of people doing the same thing as Austin and that helps a lot because the August provocative process is it's a lot of steps there's a lot involved it's a big stress all together on the couples so we wanted to kind of get a bit more info on it so if you stay tuned we'll fill you in on how our price knows what the next steps are and if you keep following them yeah hopefully we'll have a little munchkin running around so base what we're doing is we're going to put a video up on every step throughout it all if you have any questions I don't know delete I think it's they say comment below down below down below so let us know but anyway stay tuned hey guys this is Kaylee and this is my Troy you

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