Why childbirth education leads to a better birth

and actually outside today so enjoying this beautiful morning so as Ursula said I'm the founder and director of the prenatal yoga center labor support doula and mother up to mas teacher and absolute prenatal yoga teacher so I want to talk a little bit about how childbirth education can lead to the satisfaction of one's birth so not that long ago I remember having a student and she actually went through our second pregnancies together and our due dates are really close since she talked to me a lot about how she was really scared about birth which is quite normal a lot of women had a lot of fear around the birth and so I started talking to her like you know what have you done have you taken childbirth education classes you know what the preparation have you done to help calm your fears she said sooner has been thought the best thing I could do is just kind of listen to everything their doctor says and they're not going to take the class should put a hundred percent of their trust and their hair provider so i was really interesting because this came up a right before class so there was a part of it want to jump on my soapbox and be like childbirth education let's talk about that and why it's so important so instead of doing that I actually opened it up to my students we had about 20 students that day and many were second time long so i just opened a casual conversation saying so out of the moms that have given birth how many took childbirth education classes in fact all looking pad and i said you want to give any feedback of what that class did for you and so many of the mom said it create a sense of confidence some of the moms said that it helped them connect to their partner and help there partner relieve some of their fears around it and help their partner feel get like more involved so overall it was a really great impact that the childbirth education has had on the couples and in their mental preparation what was ahead so then after my class I went home and I want to do a little bit of studies on have there been aided formal studies on this so I researched a bit and I came across some very interesting information so one came from the Lamaze Institute and it was called the patient's perspective on the role of prepared childbirth education and decision-making now granted this particular article had a lot about the decision-making for elective induction but I still think it's informative to see how the childbirth education help the women prepare and if they felt more confident with their choices so it started to explore is that from 2005 and 2000 2001 there is a major shift in how many women actually took childbirth education classes so in 2001 about seventy percent the first time moms tube childbirth education and then now in 2005 grandpa that's still 10 years ago some peers with the numbers are now only fifty six percent the first time moms to childbirth education the article also explored where the women were getting their information that they weren't taking formal classes where were they getting it a lot we're getting from friends and family just kind of antidotal information a lot we're getting from they'd react and a lot we're getting from their care providers and what the article was starting to say that the women are feeling less confident in their decision making because they didn't really have that education they'd have the background to make informed choices and so a lot of the women were feeling that from the lack of information there's a lot of fear around the choices they were making so I actually pulled some statistics from that article that I thought would be really interesting so ninety percent of the women who did not take childbirth education felt ill equipped to make decisions that's compared to the eleven percent who did take classes fifty-seven percent of the women who do not take classes wish they had more specific information and instruction so that's a really that's 50 cent percent that's a lot of women that didn't take childbirth at had wish they had compared to the sixteen percent of women who did take last wish they had more information so just on that article alone we can already see that more women that were taking classes felt that they had more satisfaction and more information one more article I want to talk about was from the Journal of perinatal education it's called lived experience of knowing childbirth education so it's really about women trusting their instincts and I think that's one thing that education can help I think it can really help women to say well I have this information I'm learning about my body I'm learning about the process I'm really learning to trust what my body's capable of because when the education is given women often just feel more confident so with childbirth education dropping women are solely relying on their doctors and they may feel that they're not involved in the decision making and when they're not involved and there's kind of going along on the roller coaster of birth they could often feel unheard after they often feel that they didn't really know it was happening to their bodies happening to their birth and they were more just a piece of equipment happening instead of the mom birthing her baby so just from those two articles kind of our little informal study of in our class I feel confident that when women take childbirth education they're going to feel more involved in their birth you're going to feel more satisfied with the outcome even if it went unplanned so it may not be exactly how perhaps you pictured it but when a woman's more involved with decision-making she's off more SAT smoking birth which is more satisfactory for birth the issue that's an easier Road into motherhood so I hope those moms out there or that we're may be on the fence find a way to take childbirth education if you can't actually get to a class there's wonderful online classes that you can still take to educate yourself and enjoy your pregnancy and enjoy your birth happy birthday have a wonderful morning take care

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