27 Replies to “Why childbirth in America is so dangerous”

  1. can't blame it 100% on the hospitals, there's growing number of anti-vaccine movements and alternative/snake oil treatments people turn to that also contributes to the statistics.

  2. I think the country wide mentality is what is hurting everything!! A police office can shoot someone who is naked with no weapon and SOMEHOW the outcome is that cop did "nothing wrong"!! So if that is they way you justify taking someone life…..it stands to reason that human life doesn't mean that much to the country!!

  3. Is it makes this guy or anyone else feel better, white women have a very high increase in fertitility problems and getting pregnant in the first place, which I'm sure contributes to the high number of blacks dying during childbirth.
    Blacks and non whites tend to be more fertile than whites to begin with.

  4. I know this guy is in pain, and it sucks but the video should have at least given him more time to explain why he thinks that there's racism involved in his wife's death.
    and if he really believes that, maybe he could sue the actual hospital.
    People that were involved with the delivery are different teams than those that deal with postpartum.

  5. I suppose this is another example of how wonderful private health care and private insurance really is.

    Living in a country that has universal health care, I can imagine a contemporary government would fall with this sort of stuff happening here. It would not be tolerated.
    Your medical system is not properly organized, it makes fatal mistakes on a regular basis, and yet it is the most expensive in the world. You are not getting what you are paying for.
    Universal health care is cheaper than the alternative, as represented by America.
    Too many investors, corporate entities, and well placed individuals, are making obscene amounts of money on a captive market.

    It is particularly disgusting to note that the number one cause of personal bankruptcy in the US, is medical expenses. That fact is genuinely shocking to most people in the western world.

  6. Post-partum haemorrhage is a medical emergency requiring immediate surgical intervention.

    Earlier intervention can mean saving the mother and not having a hysterectomy. The US is a basket case. Pay to have your babies in Canada, anywhere but the US with its ugly racist policies.

  7. its not just black women.. It's women in general I almost died giving birth to my son. His shoulders were too wide to pass through the birth canal but they waited too late to give a cesarean. Both mine and my son's heart rate skyrocketed they had to knock me out with morphine. I had an out of body experience where I was in the hall while the doctor was talking to my mother and my husband of my impending death. My step daughter;s son died moments after birth because the placenta detached from the uterine wall. She went to the hospital twice in severe pain and they sent her home. Then she started bleeding everywhere and by the time she made it to the hospital and they performed and emergency cesarean it was too late. the baby was born dead. they did resuscitate him only for him to stop breathing again. He was brain dead. She held that baby in her arms for almost 2 days before she would let him go. It was sad. If more people would sue these hospitals for malpractice then maybe they would care more, since the money is all they care about any way..

  8. Its simple. Billionaires like the owner of the Washington Post, Jeff Bezos, don't want to pay more tax so Americans can get universal healthcare. Millions of Americans have no health insurance or very inadequate insurance.

  9. Guess Bezos wont be having kids with his soon to be exwife. Say goodbye to half your empire because u sent a hoe dick pics.

  10. Is it any wonder why women of color are more likely to die from childbirth when there is rampent racism in our medical schools?

  11. What is the US infant mortality rate when you take out the crackheads and feral humans? This poor man and his wife are the exception, not the rule.

  12. Doctors and Nurses are so dismissive of people. It is disgusting. I remember reading about how Serena Williams had an embolism after she gave birth. She had them before. She knew the signs. Doctors and nurse still brushed her off. She almost died. If they treat her like that, it is scary to think about how they treat others. Every woman I know has a story of dismissive nurse/doctors while they where giving birth. Studies have shown that medical professionals don't take women as seriously.

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