Why Do Chinese People Eat Babies? (& Cats)

Keynesian videos may contain content some viewers offensive you have been warned what's up guys the Torah question I know what's up your dicks cousin EC ons here right anyway today we're in a search for why did Chinese people eat babies and cats yes people are actually searching for that shit why do Chinese people fuck at least they keep it real and use chopsticks oh my fucking god I'm with you dude I like watermelons too because fuck killing it and cooking it first I just let it die in my teeth these look like carnivore teeth few motherfuckers we've walking with taught it I saw this bitch is need some kind of squid shit but at least it's not a baby or a cat I guess do people even babies in China here it says 99% of Chinese would never heat babies apparently it's illegal and disgraceful okay here's the thing there's like over a billion people in China right 1.35 seven billion so if my calculations correct that leaves thirteen million seven hundred fifty thousand Chinese people willing to eat babies you did say 99% a little China has laws prohibiting the eating of human fetus regimes forced abortions to ensure the one-child policy is strictly adhered to thereby creating many opportunities for these acts hooker gross make sure Fox News doesn't hear about those forced abortions holy shit would they freak out on China and get us new some Chinese people are known to be eating babies fuck Chinese folks there are enjoying baby herbal soup to increase overall health and stamina and the power of sexual performance in particular alright so that's why Chinese people eat babies so just a reminder we're only talking about a small group of Chinese people let's get to the cats Chinese people really eat cats I'm very curious person responds with we certainly do so China the Catanese actually have a dish called battle between the tiger and the drag of the ingredients cat and snake so why don't you just be fucking on as they call it cat snakes ooh nine countries they eat cats and dogs barely happens in Hawaii you said countries not States they're saying yes even in some parts of the US you'll find people that are completely okay with eating puppies I don't know if you guys figured this out by now but I'm a vegetarian so seeing all the fucked up things that meteors eat is just me saying see this is how I view you many American meat eaters view people who eat cats as abominable which is funny cuz cats often actually attack people they also often kill creatures that are smaller than them they're very carnivorous where's the people have almost no sympathy for animals that basically don't do anything bad to anybody except for the ozone cuz cows fart a lot with the mass force breeding we apply to them I'm just asking you guys to save your fins for when you're not as big of Hippocrates as you are now this person is talking about how delicious cats and dogs are just saying don't knock it till you try it once again one of the many reasons I don't eat meat when you eat meat you kind of lose your right to say what it is and isn't okay to eat like somebody smokes crack criticizing someone to use his mat you're in the shit together fuckers wake the fuck up these people are saying that the Chinese wound up eating cats and dogs because they were low on other foods which is the same excuse many people use for cannibalism anyway long story short the reason a lot of us eat a lot of things that we eat is in a big way due to our culture that to me seems like common sense for instance if you adopted a Chinese baby brought them to America and raised them on an American diet wouldn't expect you to have to worry about them around the house cat it's all culture basically the same answer applies to religion someone born in a primarily Christian culture is more likely to wind up being a Christian someone born in a primarily Buddhist culture it's more likely to wind up being a Buddhist a lot of people live their lives without truly reflecting on their own reality they see what their father and their mother does they often follow suit without really giving it any thought essentially they are slaves to the culture without even really knowing it their culture is the programmer and they are the robots regardless I hope you have a wonderful day goop squeeze banana nation

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  1. This just bring up a memory in my head… something my mom showed me about Chinese people eating babies, it scared and scared me for 2 years. Why. I'm going vegan

  2. Says something when this genration cares more about a fucking cat being eaten more than a aborted BABY. bloody cat-loving-vegan-hippie-prochoice-genderconfused MESSED UP SOCIETY

  3. There are cannibals in every society. But chinese people with photoes of fetus being eaten were all fake and debunked by the FBI.


    And it got the attention of the FBI and other agencies to quickly find the truth and debunk the whole thing But Onision is just redigging up the racially charged sterotypes again.

  4. People getting mad at Chinese people for eating babies is like getting mad at an actor who played an evil person in a movie.. it's fake bro

  5. ….. I'm not Chinese but im Korean and this video is just…ughhhhhhh……I thought this sterotype was gone

  6. NO NOT CATS!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 IM ACTUALLY CRYING RIGHT NOW!!😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  7. Why do people make such a big deal about eating cats and dogs, but will gladly eat cow, pig, crocodile, kangaroo and rabbit? They're all animals, but because cats and dogs are what most people have as pets, it's bad. Smh

  8. Around 2:20 rando person: cats and dogs are delicious. Don't knock it until u try itMe: MY PATRONUS IS A CAT.

  9. You Know the animals in the meat industry are baby's but they are forced to grow 2x faster than they should

  10. Hi there, I've raised a cat for 3 years now, the chinese around have already been involved in cat slaughtering and eating, I can't find my little buddy Alfi since 3 days, I'm kinda sur it has something to do with them…. wait to confirm…. an idiot is gonna get killed and slaughtered…. mean it damn

  11. I used to be a homophobic Christian but then I realized I was being brainwashed and I'm now a part of the LBGTQ community, and a supporter as well.

  12. I'm kinda glad I was adopted but I don't really agree with what my legal guardians do so I have my own expectations and standards

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