23 Replies to “Why Do Female Hyenas Have Pseudo-Penises?!”

  1. Watch the video that inspired this one! Why It Sucks to Be a Male Hyena https://youtu.be/PBCNWmU5apE

  2. 50% of the comments are about the length (ಠ_ಠ)
    30% of the comments are about how it sucks for hyenas
    20% other
    there, now you can see what the comments are like so you don't have to scroll

  3. Female hyenas are similar to a human female who has abused steroids as their clitoris morphs in to an elongated one also

  4. Theory:

    Female hyenas evolved this genatalia as a way of natural selection. The female can herself select what male has the attributes – strength, speed, charming to insure her male cubs can woo other females in the future.

    /A twelve-year-old at 11 o'clock who should just sleep

  5. Update: Scientists have found a way why females have pseudo-penises. Congenitally, female spotted hyenas produce more testosterone and as a result, they've evolved to where they end up developing pseudo-penises. If you look at how FTM transgender people develop while on HRT, one of the noticeable things you'd see is their clitoris enlarges due to the amount of testosterone received over time.

    And when it comes to having two X-Chromosomes, Females tend to develop much stronger than males when testosterone is involved.

  6. Too many people project their dickgirl hentai rape fetishes on the poor animal, and spread their "truth" around. And people never check.

    As to why? Well, here is my brave theory: nature is not always perfect, and some evolutionary changes are kind of dumb.

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