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  1. I have mestruation at the age of 10 and it is ..a lot of blood are …..
    to me ..it is a menstruation..??
    or i think i have a uterine Bleeding

  2. I am sindia 27yr old n i am having period since 6august till now it's normal or any problem is going ??

  3. how about if 13 My sister is 13 Yrs old and her period is almost 3weeks for now but it is just like a normal Period

  4. Hi Dr! I'm 41 years old. 3months no I'm experiencing prolonged period. Last June I had it for 20days but this September I've almost have it the whole month. So, I am worried cuz this is the first time happened to me since I started to have a period. Do you think, what I'm experiencing now is a symptom of peri menopausal period?

  5. "The periods will behave themselves." OMG. Hahaha. Thanks Doc! It's only when I am extremely stressed that I experienced a period for almost a month. This is the first time it happened to me. I would like to observe it first because it is not heavy bleeding. It is light bleeding like it's a never ending first day of mens. It's not even painful. I will also try to lose weight. I am overweight. If this persists I will get in touch with a doctor to control my unruly periods.

  6. I am 9 and my first menstruation was Saturday. It was dark red, happened the same at the second day. Now I'm in the third day of menstruation. I checked my napkin. It was really red and almost whole of the napkin was covered with blood. I expected it to be brown. Why is it so red?

  7. I'm 12 and use 5 super plus tampons everyday. so annoying. and some girls in my year actually want their period….!!!!!

  8. Hello Doctor I have been on my period for 2 months…I had an ultra sound and blood work done last week and am currently waiting on the results. I saw that one of the solutions you possibly suggested was have a mirena put in but I already have a 10yr IUD in could this possibly be the cause???

  9. My advice, don't use the Mirena! It causes seizures and many other life-threatening side effects that Bayer Pharm did not make known to the public on purpose. Don't get it. It will cause major disruptions in your life.

  10. Why do I have heavy or prolonged menstrual periods and how to treat it?

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