Why Do Periods Sync Up?

morning what's up everyone today we're gonna search for why two girls periods sync up because you know that's kind of fucking weird like as far as evolution how is that even remotely useful on physically agitated bitch with another physically agitated bitch equals uh God why do women have periods because they deserve them son we lost Susan smiling over there a little bitch you're gonna get one one day two people be crazy everybody be crazy stop saying white people be crazy and maybe stop choking your girl too that would that would be good oh my period I'm gonna go bond with Jessica about this maybe you and Jessica consider while ejecting blood all over each other why did you do this to me God you can blame the pain of your pregnancy on men but the monthly bleeding thing haha that's just fucked up science well there has been multiple reasonings as to why minstrels synchrony it's actually pretty unlikely that this phenomena exists at all have you ever been a woman with friends it exists bitch I've known various people who have experienced menstrual synchronous yes shit is legit researchers found social interaction was key to match cycles and close friends more likely to sync up than women who merely lived in proximity to each other facts think cycles may not make sense evolutionarily what did I just say I just said it didn't fucking make sense maybe there is a God and he hates women maybe that's why syncing up in a hunter-gatherer tribe for example would mean that for a week no women would be able to get pregnant that's not true someone can't get pregnant on their period this happened but it's less likely so you have a point fortunately there isn't a definitive answer to the science of syncing yes there is you just haven't found it others curious why do women spend lots of chai with each other to stick up for the berries mother nature likes it that way smiley face fuck you how is that the best answer here's another best answer they don't it's a commoner bin' legend well Jamie sorry you don't have any close female friends that you bond with on such a deep level that your periods sink however I happen to know people who aren't socially fucking retarded who have friends that are very close there's periods they also regularly sync up with fucking Jamie and your fucking sad pathetic antisocial bullshit life fuck you do I have anger problems man do women who live together men's straight together it's a classic girl planting scenario while moaning – your roommate about uterine cramps premenstrual syndrome or some other such periodic inconvenience you realize she unlucky girl is having her period – hahaha so far I'm beginning to realize that people who say barely anything about it implying it's all fake in a myth whereas people who go in-depth research wise I've concluded based on the research they gathered that it's not a myth and it's actually fucking fact there's a study that was done on 135 college girls living in dorms over time their periods got closer and closer together then again how close are people who live in dorms together fact most every dorm scenario I've ever seen voles two people that barely like each other I don't see how that study would be accurate here they're saying odors from breast feeding alter the timing of cycles and LH surges and childless women I've heard of women's breasts starting to fill with milk even though they've never had a child just because they're around babies shit's like magic these people are implying it's all about hormones and I generally seem to come to a conclusion that I agree with you see being in a human body isn't just about the five senses there's more to it there's a sixth sense and I'm not talking about the one that just sees dead people I'm talking about this instinctual primal connection to other human beings who are close to call it an unseen tribal formation people you're mentally / emotionally connected with bonding on an unseen level almost becoming one in your bodily sensations and functions these a certain lack and reasoning of this specific function it may just be an evolutionary glitch like wisdom teeth but I feel like a logical conclusion as to why women do this must involve some kind of trigger when they feel comfortable you surround yourself with people you truly care about you're going to experience more comfort than if you surround yourself with someone that you don't connect with so as I see it it must be in this comfort zone that there's some kind of unseen communication between women whether it be a sense emitted from their bodies or another invisible form of communication something about that comfort triggers change in their immediate environment so yeah I think that's why women's periods sync up just like how women get wet when they're aroused just like how many women naturally emit smells to attract a mates the reproductive organs naturally react in these ways to their surrounding environments how could they not also react in syncing up other women's periods who they're comfortable with Carla sweets with animation

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  1. First week of eighth grade
    All the girls in my friend-group were synced we probably will be synced this month too

  2. I've never really gotten the exact same period days/week as friends, I always get mine first then they follow. They all say I have the bossy hormones ๐Ÿ˜‚

  3. oinision cool that he can even talk about it a lot of guys act like its the end of the world to even say anything about it

  4. me and my friend when she and me where roommates/before hers was in mid of 30 days my in first 10 days of 30 then after the first year of being in some home we both end up with the end of 30 days but other girl who lived with us stayed her sometime as before moving in/period thing yea it sucks/tho I never had it at sometime as my mom/sync

  5. I believe that women who are closer together subconsciously recognize each otherโ€™s hormone cycles. I mean, we may not realize it, but there are differences. Not only in the way we look and act, but in the way we smell when on our periods. Syncing up may be a result of our bodies recognizing each other as part of a pack. Or a group. And making it possible so that we are fertile at the same time.
    This may also be why women are more likely to fall for people in their Friend group. Even if they donโ€™t have much in common. Because being a mate with someone in your โ€œpackโ€ makes it easier to raise children and travel together.

  6. Me and my rlly close friend synced up to the exact date and it's hilarious. My other friends are syncing up to eachother as well.

  7. This is 100% TRUE! My mom and both my sisters and I would always have our periods at the same time! Once we all got to the point of all having periods! Iโ€™ve experienced it dirt hand! Itโ€™s true!

  8. I'm synced with my mother and with my sister… along with two of my besties… It is all about those hormones we emit. Sigh

  9. I think the syncing would be evolutionary beneficial, because there would be more competition between them to see who could get their genes passed on. Now, it may not have any benefits today, but when we were still very tribal it could help.

  10. you should really ask a girl about periods instead if the internet, because not everything is accurate on a few websites :-:

  11. Me, my best friend, her sister and mom, and like 3 of my other friends were all synced up for like 2 months

  12. Most people's parents on their period- "Oh no! Well that's unfortunate, get comfy and try not to die."

    My parents-
    I'm crying and screaming from cramps.

  13. periods are often based on stress and diet(which IS why sometimes a period is earlier or later than usual) and when women live together they have similar stress and diet therefore having their periods at close-the same time.

  14. Its because when your period happens it varies like you can have 25 days for one period to happen or 35 days for another and because of this variation of days it will sync up with your friends once in a while. And because you are close with someone your body will adjust to that person you are close with. just how some couples look alike, because thier body adjusted to be similar to the people /person they are close with to understand that person better.

  15. my friend told me yesterday . " can i tell you a secret? i think i have a 5 sense!"…. i was like boo

  16. There are about 4 other girls that work with me at our job and we sync up all the time. It gets interesting lol but we always have tampons and pain pills

  17. Wouldn't it be so men could just.. well, to put it bluntly, so they could have sex with a bunch of women at once to make the most children?

  18. "I've heard of women's breasts filling up with milk even though they've never had a child just because their around babies. Shits like magic" ~ Onision 2014

  19. if it's just a common urban legend that women who spend time with each other will have synced periods, then how did me and my friend start our periods no more than 3 days apart on each cycle?

  20. Does this mean I should hang around with heaps of girls who just finished their periods when I'm nearly on mine??

  21. Once me and my two female friends synced up and we got really confused because we didn't even realize that was possible

  22. "Fucking Jamie and your antisocial generic bullshit."

    Hey, hey, hey. Lets not go there, friend. On behalf of all Jamie's, I apologise for him or her, whichever they may be. Not all Jamie's are like that.


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