Why Do Some Women Suffer From Post Natal Depression?

describe posters of depression in three words dark it's horrific suffocating lonely confusing and can be really debilitating what were your symptoms of postnatal depression an overwhelming feeling of just being an absolute failure like I was failing my children by being their mom I couldn't fulfill what they needed of me that I just didn't have the resources to kind of just function in a way that I was used to I didn't think I had postnatal depression I just thought I was really tired I had a cesarean so I thought it was part of that I slept a lot and I didn't really want to be around people I would have very disproportionate reactions to to very little stress like dropping something would just send me into a bit of a spiral of I just can't I just can't Kate I think mainly didn't bond that quickly with with my baby and I kept comparing myself unfavorably to other people and I couldn't stop I couldn't stop when did you know you needed help for postnatal depression when my daughter was about six weeks old I just couldn't stop crying one day when I noticed I wasn't I was avoiding things I was avoiding going out outside with the baby because I was frightened I think when I was crying from pretty much on and off from when I wake up to when I went to bed when the voices in my head that told me I was failing were more powerful than any of the voices that I was trying to retaliate with no you've got this you're okay I think that's when I realized that it was time for me to go and get some some help one day someone said to me how much there's a baby way and I said I don't I don't know hadn't been to take him to the health visitors for about three months so the last time I had him where he was a newborn that's when I knew I had to and the fact that I wasn't was probably down to some sort of mental health problem and she only realized in retrospect that I had postnatal depression with my first so quite late on when were you diagnosed and postnatal depression and I was three months postpartum when I was diagnosed I was diagnosed on my daughter was nine weeks old being a psych therapist I had kind of already diagnosed myself but I formally went to the GP on my birthday when Charlie was four months old I had symptoms and I went on the mini pill and sometimes the mini people can make you quite depressed so my symptoms of post no depression are quite masked I went to the doctor and I basically had to force a diagnosis of postnatal depression with it being my second child I knew there was something that wasn't quite right in the way I was feeling thankfully the doctor agreed with me and I was put on a course of medication which really helped me it took me three months to realize that the kind of negativity and sadness that I was feeling was actually out of the norm because I'd never had a baby before I didn't know how you're supposed to feel and so yeah it took that long to get help mainly because even once I'd noticed I didn't want to seek any because I didn't want to admit I was failing it was a really positive step for me to take and it was the beginning of things improving what treatment worked for you three sorts one was though I went to this crafts group which was really just just a way of getting mums the pacemaker and out of the house I called it sad ladies club it's not called that but yeah it was just a salute activity group especially set up for moms of depression the medication room really really helped and I was on medication for 18 months and I couldn't have got over pnd without medication there was already on antidepressants because I have depression anyway but they upped my days I think it doubled my days and that really helped as well I've gone back down now I started trying to talk back to that voice in my mind that I was a failure that I was rubbish that I couldn't do this so I just started to try and practice and kind of self-compassion I started trying to introduce himself care just taking a bit of time for myself thinking about what I needed which was really hard because I just kind of lost the voice of my own needs I'd lost sensitivity to what I needed I wasn't even drinking enough water talk therapy really helped talking like that every week with a therapist that really helped I had CBT therapy and it was a total GameChanger morning

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  1. I had it and struggled it was horrible, there's a vlog about it on my channel. Hugs to all the mums out there whom have struggled or are x

  2. Nurture. Thank you so much for this video. I knew something was wrng with me the minute my son was born but me being the strong woman that I am ignored it. I thought I could fight it. After feeling like dying everyday and having really bad thoughts of hurting me and my baby I sought help. I’m glad that I’m not the only one going thru things like this. Thank you so much

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