Why Hypnobabies Childbirth Education? How Might it Support You During Pregnancy & Birth?

hi Mamas and Papas I am so excited to finally get to do this video and I want to talk to you today about hypno babies childbirth education I just became certified this year and the reason I decided to take this course is because this course Hipp the baby has the core philosophy of what I believe and it sets up which is let me just go here that childbirth has to do with how a woman believes her birth to be what she believes about pregnancy and birth and if she has the ability to trust herself to be able to birth her baby naturally and all of this has to do with what she's holding in her consciousness what her perceptions are about pregnancy and birth and I believe that every woman has the ability within her to birth her child in alignment with her innate intelligence because the body knows how to burn the body knows how to birth I'm sorry I get a little distracted there so anyway what I was saying is hidden away be hypnosis for childbirth allows women to birth in a more relaxed calm and peaceful state of mind and this is done by all women being able to listen to hypnosis tracks pregnancy affirmation tracks and it's about a consistent practice during the entire your entire pregnancy and also during your birth process and your husband also your partner also gets to listen to these tracks as well which helps to strengthen the inner nodes and the fears and the negativity that can come up about childbirth and can I do it naturally it is about truly reprogramming all of those thoughts that don't support your clear birth intention so if you want to have a natural birth it's in your core you want to have it i really suggest you check out hit the baby now i've been a dual for over 14 years and I've seen many women birth in many ways and what I have seen a consistent pattern is the women that have hired me who were taking hypno babies they birth more relaxed calm and more peaceful and it was a lot less work for her for partners and as well as for me as a doula so this impressed me a great deal because these women were literally breathing internal listening to the tracks during the birthing time it was amazing I'm still impressed with this I have a 98% rate of women having natural birth using hip the ladies and every time I have a birth and someone has the birth that they truly want I'm absolutely amazed and even if women don't have that bird that the ideal birth that they want it's because it's not for lack of belief it's just that sometimes things turn out differently so what I just want to say to you is that I love this course I hope you would be willing to research it please go to my website doula loves creation.com and there you can find out more information we have classes coming up in July and in August in Huntington Beach in Orange California and I just believe that women can change the course of how their birthday by reducing the noise of the here and the opinions of others and really take ownership of their own birth alright thank you so much for watching this video again go to do the left creation.com thank you

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